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Why VoIP solution is necessary for BPO business

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With more and more companies realizing the advantages and potential of VoIP, they are researching into the possibilities of using new applications using the VoIP platforms. Interactive chat is the new buzzword in most companies. With this VoIP solution in place, companies are looking to employ more advanced applications like interactive live chat support, intelligent dialer systems and unified communications.

Lower Costs

The primary advantage is of lowered costs. With business VoIP, enterprises can bundle together data networks and autonomous voice networks, a move that helps them to save money. When a single high speed line will do for all communications rather than multiple ones, the network equipment does not use up much money.

Unlike conventional voice devices like automated call devices or ACDs and private branch exchanges like PBXs, VoIP equipment are less expensive and call for easier maintenance. Apart from helping to save money, VoIP delivers other supplementary benefits too. One such benefit is that more companies are putting into place CRM systems even for small work forces. VoIP call centres in remote locations are an off-shoot as companies find that VoIP brings in more flexibility in operations.

More Efficient Operations

Apart from lowering costs, there are other attractive features like a faster connect function that appeal to firms. This is how it works. Abandon rates are reduced by linking the call, before connecting to the customer, with the agent. This helps in removing the long pauses that are a feature of dialer generated calls that many people connect with sales calls that are incoming.

Another function that is pertinent to business VoIP is the ability to record automatically so that companies are able to retrace all the calls that have come in. Disputes are a common feature of businesses that depend on calls. It is possible to resolve these as calls can be recovered for reference.

Other Benefits

VoIP solutions can be used to automate internal processes and the customer intelligence that is captured can be utilized to better customer services and sales programs. Recordings made can be used for training purposes to increase supervisor productivity.

The reason why call centers are being now referred to as contact centers is that they have moved away from just voice calls. Emails and chat have opened new paths of communication. These new age BPOs are assisted by special software like VoIP voice control and call distribution systems! A VoIP call center extends to its client’s value added services. One such service is one call resolution.

Business VoIP uses the internet to route calls using the packet switching technology. Very soon they will be able to offer more extensive email services, instant messaging and telemarketing facilities too. With prices falling, it will not be just the large corporations that will use these. Different remote locations can also be controlled by a centralized office. Employees will be able to work from homes or certain remote locations allowing companies to reduce overheads. Intelligent call-routing will enable the employee who is best suited to attend to specific calls.

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