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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Benefits of Using a Leased Line

If you are a heavy internet user then, one of the best options that is cost effective is the leased line connection. It provides guaranteed bandwidth. Many of the businesses are going global these days and their sub offices are located in a number of locations.

Leased Line Services
While some of the locations are across the country, the other organizations have locations abroad as well. The leased line helps in connecting two destinations or locations. Even two different dealerships can communicate with each other without there being any requirement of picking up the telephone. 

Improve Cost Effectiveness and Productivity

There is no need to fax any document or dial any number when you have the leased line internet connection. Organizations looking towards improving their productivity and ensure a cost effective business will find a leased line one of the best options.  Network available is high along with greater internet speeds.

Employees within the organization become effective when they are provided with the leased line facility. There are a number of benefits of having leased lines. You can have the ability to build WANs or the Wide Area Networks and link LAN or the Local Area Networks. For operating internet protocols in house this is great option.

Huge Bandwidth Range

As far as bandwidth is concerned, there is a huge option available. The bandwidth ranges to 622 mbps from 64 kbps besides which the bandwidth connection remains accessible all twenty four hours. Voice transmission privacy, data privacy and complete security is provided by the leased line connection.

If you consider a contract, for example, for two to three years then the leased line provider also offer discounts as well. In case there is any issue arising, you need not worry since support is offered round the clock any day of the week, twenty four hours. 

Faster Movement of Data

Before considering the leased line service you will need to determine whether or not the provider is a reputed and genuine one. Alongside this, you will need to find out whether they provide adequate support as desired as well. These days the VPN and the DSL technology have gradually taken over the leased lines.

However there are certain advantages that can be found still for instance the leased lines are able to move data faster than DSL or Digital Subscriber Line, metro net or VPN Virtual Private Network. A fixed line is connected to your building in a leased line connection.

Constant Connectivity

An annual fee needs to be paid as rent. No charges for the connectivity and use of service are to be paid in addition. Connectivity is offered constantly and in great speeds to the internet or the host server at all times. Installation of a hub or a router is also done separately in the building which provides a gateway for internet access.

Staff starts functioning effectively, productivity of the organization enhanced, data is shared and connections between buildings and offices are possible with leased line connections. You can even share services, other data and have VOIP with this connection at no cost in addition and within the server.

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