Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Key Difference between dedicated server and a virtual private server

When you start your website, you may spend much time deciding the kind of server you want to use. And it’s only obvious, given the array of options you can choose from across the web. Your choice should mainly depend on your business requirements. The following points should help you understand the key difference between a dedicated server and a virtual private server.

Dedicated Server
A common mistake among various business owners is that they refrain from upgrading their server due to enhanced expenses. It is however important to understand that the pros are much more than the expenses that will be incurred. With a committed server at hand, you can have complete control over your website. In each click, you get a complete know-how of various functionalities. Common problems like script not loading quickly or something as big as website being down are taken care of in a jiffy. 

VPS Server
Dedicated Server
What’s more, users who have many websites can host all of them on one committed server. This is definitely more economical. Traffic demands are thus no longer a hassle. In addition to this, website designers also gain immediate access to their client’s websites if they are hosted on their committed server. This makes fixing problems or simply implementing changes an effortless process. 

Virtual Private Server
The most common alternative for small or medium businesses for hosting is VPS. With this kind of a server, users can rest assured about having a committed IP address along with easy admin access. Among the various other services, business owners will no longer have to worry about being penalized with laggard traffic. Yes, much a relief in contrast to a conventional hosting account. The biggest advantage of this type of a server is that you can look forward to speedy page loading on your website without really having to do much. 

Capable of allocation higher CPU and RAM values over tradition hosting, this type of server makes expanding of space easy too. While allowing you to upscale or downscale your storage as per your business requirements, it is also a secure option. Online businesses can rest in peace and not worry too much about safety on the web. 

What you may want to keep in mind, irrespective of the type of server you choose, are the upsides and downsides of both types. Consider carefully on the basis of not just your business size, but also the kind of expansion you see for yourself in a month or so. The more efficient your website, the more will be the number of subscribers to it. And this is really where a good server can make all the difference. When you choose a server, you must keep a tab on future demands too. Will you be working with many open projects? If yes, what are its needs? Will your website be inclusive of a fairly large amount of applications and content?
Only once you get satisfactory answers to some of the above questions, should you have zeroed down on your server choice.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

5 Reasons why your BPO business needs a VOIP

A growing number of companies are now opening up to the benefits of VoIP. Employing newer applications and better technology, BPO businesses in particular are making the most of VoIP platforms. Whether it’s an interactive chat application or simply being available all the time, the technology can be really useful. It offers users a unified means of communication which can be really useful in the long run. If you still haven’t given it a thought, here are 5 reasons why your BPO business needs a VoIP. 

voip connection1.      Lower Costs: The basic advantage of VoIP is that you get an international calling card at really cheap rates, a definite upside for business owners. Enterprises can look forward to packaging autonomous voice and data networks efficiently which really lessen the burden on the finances. It’s only obvious that having one single high speed network line for all means of communication instead of multiple ones will see that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

2.   Hardware: Cheap calls from India with a VoIP service provider are no longer a dream. Much in contrast to traditional voice devices, a VoIP-enabled device will make it easier for you to maintain calls. BPO businesses for that matter can effortlessly have CRM systems put in place, irrespective of their workforce. If your contact center is located remotely, this feature will definitely offer more flexibility for smooth operations.

3.      Efficiency in Operations: International calling cards India thanks to VoIP will allow BPO businesses to make the most of speedy connections. This can be a boost for call centers which primarily derive all their traffic through efficient communication means. You can rest assured about the call abandon rates coming down drastically courtesy of the call linkage feature. Most dialers have long pauses, forcing consumers to make a connection with sales calls, a put off really. 

4.  Automatic Recording: Another benefit of a VoIP-enabled internet calling card is that calls can be recorded automatically. This allows companies to trace back calls even if they have been missed for some reason. 

5.      Automation of processes: In addition to the above, incorporating VoIP technology in call centers can also allow users to automate their internal processes. The provided customer intelligence makes it easy for providers to not just up the quality of their services but also their sales programs. What’s more, productivity can be supervised minus any hassles thanks to the calls being recorded.

Most BPOs today are more than just voice calls. Interactive chats and email is an imminent feature and making the most of them with VoIP will definitely boost their business. Better call distribution systems, voice control and call resolution are some added advantages. Allowing the internet to route calls is definitely more than a helping hand. Imagine being able to seamlessly control various remote locations through a centralised office. The coming years will definitely see this technology being adopted at a better rate. It holds benefits for not just the employer but also the employees. Yes, international calling cards India is the way to go.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Understanding How Outsourcing Data Centre Operations can transform your Business

The business environment today is very competitive and you may hence want to understand how to make your company all the more efficient. Whether you want to cut down on costs or simply wish to optimize your resources, outsourcing your data center operations can be helpful in many ways. After all, handling resources can sometimes be one of the most restricting factors for any business. 

Understanding data center services:
data center servicesData center India as an outsourcing resource is picking up pace for obvious reasons. The company you outsource your data to must be accountable for not just the implementation of services, but also their discovery and assessment. Being able to recognise and monitor inefficiencies right at the start can be helpful for obvious reasons. 

When a company also consolidates your data, it leads to better managed processes and lowered complexity. You can thus save on maintenance cost as well. What’s more, having virtual servers will help you bring down the amount of money spent on energy and other such things. When you outsource your data, you inevitably let your staff to maintain their focus on innovation and optimising their productivity. With a good data center outsourcing company, you have a wide array of options to choose from. Services offered include in-house maintenance, cloud services etc. 

Transforming your business:
Data centers inevitably see you spending maximum time running around. There are many data center India services that can help you achieve efficient IT decisions without any hassles. By using their seamless transformational functionalities, productive outsourcing capabilities of a company can give you maximum returns. Thus, you have enough time at hand to strategize your business plans while also being able to prioritise the tasks at hand. Further, it will also help you implement modern technology, rendering your business operations even more efficient, safe and speedy. What’s more, you can work at economical costs. 

Boosting your business:
What you must comprehend early on is the fact that a proficient company not only gives you a secure location to manage and store your servers, but also work in a tightly integrated environment. The control over your data is also much more. Most data centers that help you with outsourcing ensure that your back-ups are complete and regulated. A high bandwidth connection with this is only an added advantage. 24x7 monitoring services bundled with wholesome technical support should also be part of your package. Network and physical security are some other add-ons. High investment cost on your capital is something that is definitely taken care of. 

Along with all the above benefits, outsourcing gives you the option of co-location. Basically, co-location translates to you renting out a particular space to reside your servers alongside some servers of other companies. This aids in the making your business more flexible. You can upscale or downscale the incorporated technology as per your requirements. In the event of a growing business, you will really save a lot of money with this feature. 

A simple understanding of outsourcing data center services can thus help you rest in peace as far as your business is concerned.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

10 Points to remember while selecting a dedicated internet leased line services

For most small and medium sized businesses, a dedicated leased line can be more of a saviour than anything else. Yes, the internet service provider and kind of services you choose can really be quite important for your online business. A committed line for internet helps you keep a check on smooth running of web applications even at extremely high levels. What’s more, you can rest assured about advanced security across the web too. Accompaniments like speedy data transfers and just basic connectivity never hurt anyone in particular. Here is a list of 10 points to keep in mind when picking a committed leased line provider:

1.      Those on the lookout for fast bandwidth can breathe easy about this one aspect with a dedicated leased line. Efficient providers will assure you speedy connectivity across the web while also being extremely professional about the services they provide.

2.      Choosing the right package as far as leased line services are concerned can make or break the situation. You must check that the provider you choose gives internet availability at all times by default.

3.      A really considerable service will allow incompetency in services to be compensated in monetary terms. It’s a good thing to check that your package includes an SLA so that you can rest in peace about a lot of things. 

4.      Cost-effectiveness in a packaged offered by your internet service provider is another important aspect. You should ideally be paying for no more than the bandwidth you are using in real-time. You have the choice of letting the provider include a wide array of IPs and static domains.

leased line services
Leased Line Service Provider
5.      Checking the dependability of the provider you choose to go with can help you in the long run. This is mainly because the provider will be offering features like secondary and primary servers along with DOS migration. Hence always check the details of the provider carefully, and it’s best to have gone through a couple of reviews regarding the company too.

6.      In the event you need added support, a company that has a service account manager at your beck and call will be a good thing, even if it’s something as basic as reaching out to the said company via phone or a helpdesk.

7.      Backup services if put in place appropriately can mean a lot to any online business. That’s precisely where customer service comes in place. Taking full responsibility in times of outage, handling disaster situations well can mean a lot for your business. A provider with great customer support will keep you updated with alerts for issues. On this front, ensure that you keep the point of view of both past and present customers of the provider in mind.

8.      A little bit of research can do you much good and also help you stay confident about your service provider. Select a committed line only after you’ve gone through customer feedback carefully. After all, you would be paying for the service and you would definitely want to make the most of it. 

9.      Comparing service levels of various providers can really help a lot. A committed line can help you keep multiple offices hooked together effortlessly or even VPN along with seamless connectivity. Accessing the internet thus becomes a breeze.

10.  You mostly need to figure out beforehand the number of users connecting via the provider along with the applications that will be employed. The lease line size should help you ascertain whether it meets your requirements or not. 

Staying in touch and communicating often like everything else in life can matter a lot as far as a committed internet provider is concerned. Voice opinions, ask for advice and get your queries solved with the helping hand of a good company. Most of your requirements should thus be taken care of.

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