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Friday, 22 February 2013

Leveraging the benefits of VoIP for your BPO business

Leveraged Technology VoIP is an all-inclusive IP network solution, which provides clients a single point of contact for all sources like telephone, data, and Internet services. It also includes internet phone, internet calling etc. This communication solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of each and every client and it is bundled for the best value. It allows businesses to use a communications solution that was previously only available to Fortune 500 companies or other big corporations with limitless IT financial budgets. 

voip companyLeveraged Technology's mission is to offer the most reliable Hosted IP Phone Solution coupled with friendly, continuous and effective customer service. With our hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) solution you never need to purchase expensive telephone equipment again.

Leveraged Technology VoIP a comprehensive networking service provides you with everything that you need to use hosted IP solution – Internet, phones, hardware, features, and free ongoing support and upgrades. One can enjoy enterprise-level functionality at a fraction of the cost. 

The VoIP in India which was first introduced by a state owned telecom major in India in the form of calling cards from India has revolutionized the face of calling. It has made calling cost-effective in the form of internet phone and internet calling where the caller has to pay only a fraction of the usual amount. Some of the major benefits of this technology are
  • It has the ability to consolidate telephone and internet line charges
  • Flexibility
  • Increased efficiency as it integrates all the sources very efficiently
  • It's a reasonable way to keep pace with technological change
  • Save Money - drastically reduce local and long distance phone bills
  • Reduced Total Cost of business due to minimal upfront investment and low monthly fees
  • It increases Productivity
  • Seamless business telecommunications for companies operating from a single location or satellite office - e.g. offices at different locations or  home based employees
  • Reliability: The user can completely depend on the confidentiality of data and information.
  • Scalability - scalable to the growing business, very quickly and inexpensively in an effective way
  • Web-based features like email notification of voicemails and ability to listen to voice mails via the web are also provided by this technology.
  • Professional Automated Attendants (Operator): The customer service executive is properly educated and periodically trained in the areas of improvement and new subject to handle various types of customers and their queries
  • Conferencing thus small meetings are very convenient and effective way
  • Four-digit extension dialling
  • Intelligent Call Forwarding
  • Music-on-hold when the customer service executive is retrieving data to answer the queries of the caller
  • SmartMove - Portable Extensions
  • Toll Restriction
  • Unified messaging to a large database allows standard message is sent to all at one point of time , thus important messages can be circulated without delay
  • There is no limit for local and long-distance calling
  • Advanced Voicemail
  • Web-Enhanced Controls - Web-based Portal
  • And much more.....
This prevailing new service offering is built upon Leveraged Technology's years of experience and unsurpassed commitment to providing outstanding support.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

10 Reason Why to select VoIP over PSTN Systems

For those who may not be aware, VoIP translates to Voice over Internet Protocol services. PSTN on the other hand means Public Switched Telephones Network. There are many reasons why the former has an upper hand over the latter. A growing number of businesses too are fast making the transformation from PSTN to VoIP. Obviously, they aren’t doing so for nothing. So here are 10 reasons why to select VoIP over PSTN Systems:
voip providers india
  1. VoIP service India, most business users would agree is a much affordable alternative at least when you compare to landline. The internet is one of the best mediums these days to make calls and a VoIP provider India, one of the best options around. You can make the most of some of the best features and technologies with this type of connection at a value-for-money price.
  2. Cheap VoIP telephony is probably one of the biggest advantages of this technology. A good VoIP provider India will allow you to make calls anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. The best part is that you don’t have to pay any extra charges for any of the calls you make or receive.
  3. A VoIP service allows all communication to be streamlined and centralized. Right within your mail box, you can get access to emails, faxes, voice mails and more. Yes, tight integration of all communication is possible.
  4. In addition to local calls, with VoIP, it’s also possible to conference international calls for almost no price at all. At least, the service is way cheaper than other means of communication and you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket for video conferencing at least. And you can make video calls as when you please to keep up with the needs of your business.
  5. VoIP services employ one number for communication along with one single voice mailbox being required. You can also assign particular numbers to be directed straight to your mailbox, if you please without any hassles.
  6. Incorporation and integration of existing applications is further a seamless process with VoIP. You can now have your CRM or ERO applications linked in a jiffy. The process of customer information retrieval is also a breeze. On the outbound, users have the option to simply click to dial on Outlook to render affordable international calls.
  7. Another upside of VoIP is that you gain much better control and flexibility thanks to an efficient management interface on the internet. You can make modifications and changes to the phone system effortlessly too, with the help of the user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  8. Irrespective of whether calls are attended or not, the task of forwarding them and having them collaborated is not only easier but also speedy. Imagine no call queues!
  9. Missed calls will be an issue of the past with VoIP. Your calls literally follow you wherever you are. It is also possible to redirect calls automatically to a mobile phone or voicemail system.
  10. Most VoIP services work on wireless broadband. To get started with calls, all you need is internet access and a wireless hub hooked. No further hardware maintenance at all.

Business users who wish to minimize their costs and optimise their productivity should without a doubt go in for VoIP service India over PSTN.

Friday, 18 January 2013

5 Checkpoints to make your VoIP migration right

voip services
VoIP System

The IP or Internet Protocol Telephony and the VoIP or the Voice over the Internet Protocol has become very popular. This service is excellent in a phone call over the internet. The cost of making phone calls over the internet is surprisingly insignificant but its reach as well as dependability is very high. If you have the VoIP phone in your business there are a few things which you need to keep in mind. It is best if you avail viable advice from the one who utilizes this service to avoid mistakes.  

People consider Internet Protocol communication for making cheap calls to India. This advanced technology helps in gaining better returns for the investment. It helps the business in short and the longer term. The PBX system no longer tempted after the innovation of IP telephony system. This new generation solution, voice over IP for communication, has reaped innumerable benefits to many businesses. However, the 5 essential checkpoints to make your VoIP migration flawless are:

·         Ensure that that vendors do not befool you
·         Conduct an in depth analysis of networks
·         Ensure that there are no short cuts
·         Assure that the VoIP service and the IP PBX system are well managed
·         Assure that these services are organized confidently in an effective manner by your staff.

Some business has saved a lot of money on bills and enhanced their communication system with the help of VoIP. The internet speed remains the same in spite of the increase in traffic. You can make VoIP calls to India from across the world. You can add multiple lines with the help of VoIP and send multiple phone calls without any connectivity issues or interruptions across your IP network. Utilizing this system you will save plenty of time that you can devote to focus upon vital matters of your business.

Few VoIP India firms allow you up to 800 incoming call numbers at fixed monthly charges and your callers don’t have to pay any charges. Some other services also can be opted with this efficacious kind of calling. Plugging it into a high speed internet connection you can make regular calls and also receive calls in any part of the world and you will be charged the rate for local calls from your home location.

In view of the above advantages many organizations are using VoIP services in place of mobile and smart phones.  Armed with this tool a user has an upper hand over his competitors. This latest communication tool not only provides security for your valuable data but also facilitates the use of the company’s network by its employees. Therefore VoIP services have become the choice of millions of business houses.

Business houses these days are using high speed internet connections called VoIP services in place of mobile phones. It is a very good tool that provides an edge to a business over others. The advantages of this communication tool are truly unique providing an optimal ease of operation to the users. Therefore VoIP phone India services are becoming exceedingly popular.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Benefits of VoIP in your business

If the budget for your business is tight, VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol serves as the best means of communication. Basically, VoIP is a technology that enables users to call others with the help of the internet by transforming sound into digital voice. It keeps at bay the traditional phone calling system. In other words, using the services of VoIP providers will employ resources from your existing broadband and won’t see you spending separately for communication.

Business users can find a large number of advantages of using VoIP services. A handful of benefits have been listed below: 

Transportability: The best part about internet calling is the portability it offers. Since you won’t be working with a traditional device, you can rest assured of connectivity irrespective of your location. Calling through the internet gives the convenience of being in touch with users with the help of a simple broadband connection. All you have to do to make the most of this service is log in to your internet voice calling id and make calls. Cost is taken care of too while also being assured of accessibility over email. An additional accessory is a headset that should serve your purpose just right. 

Multi-Functional: One of the reasons why making voice calls wins hands down over the traditional phone system is the multi-functionality on offer. While voice calls are an important feature of this service, business users can also set up video conference calls within no time. Whether you’re touching base with your clients or colleagues, discussions, meetings, agendas and sending files can all be done seamlessly. You no longer have to worry about not being in touch with everyone or missing important meetings if you’re travelling out of town.

Cost-effective: Ask any business owner, and he/she will be more than prompt to tell you how important staying in a budget is for any company. With the ability to make voice calls across the internet, you are saving much money as compared to the traditional phone system. The cost incurred in frequent long distance calls is also taken care of with this technology, one of the most important reasons why business owners prefer switching over to this system. Companies that generally depend a lot on calls on a routine basis can in particular make the most of this service to expand their business.

Scalability and Flexibility: Whether it’s adding new phone numbers or simply using extensions, VoIP services allow you to do this with much ease. It doesn’t involve any extra money or time to set up all of this. What’s more, business owners have the flexibility to still use their traditional phone system along with an adapter. Similarly, a converter to make voice calls over the internet can be plugged to your computer to use this service. You also have the option to make calls with your very own voice calling number over the internet.

In this highly connected age, it only makes sense to adapt to advancing technology. Voice call services over the internet are just one among such growing tends. By employing the services of internet calling, you should not only be able to stay within your budget for your company, but also be tension-free in terms of connectivity.
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