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Thursday, 14 February 2013

10 Reason Why to select VoIP over PSTN Systems

For those who may not be aware, VoIP translates to Voice over Internet Protocol services. PSTN on the other hand means Public Switched Telephones Network. There are many reasons why the former has an upper hand over the latter. A growing number of businesses too are fast making the transformation from PSTN to VoIP. Obviously, they aren’t doing so for nothing. So here are 10 reasons why to select VoIP over PSTN Systems:
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  1. VoIP service India, most business users would agree is a much affordable alternative at least when you compare to landline. The internet is one of the best mediums these days to make calls and a VoIP provider India, one of the best options around. You can make the most of some of the best features and technologies with this type of connection at a value-for-money price.
  2. Cheap VoIP telephony is probably one of the biggest advantages of this technology. A good VoIP provider India will allow you to make calls anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. The best part is that you don’t have to pay any extra charges for any of the calls you make or receive.
  3. A VoIP service allows all communication to be streamlined and centralized. Right within your mail box, you can get access to emails, faxes, voice mails and more. Yes, tight integration of all communication is possible.
  4. In addition to local calls, with VoIP, it’s also possible to conference international calls for almost no price at all. At least, the service is way cheaper than other means of communication and you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket for video conferencing at least. And you can make video calls as when you please to keep up with the needs of your business.
  5. VoIP services employ one number for communication along with one single voice mailbox being required. You can also assign particular numbers to be directed straight to your mailbox, if you please without any hassles.
  6. Incorporation and integration of existing applications is further a seamless process with VoIP. You can now have your CRM or ERO applications linked in a jiffy. The process of customer information retrieval is also a breeze. On the outbound, users have the option to simply click to dial on Outlook to render affordable international calls.
  7. Another upside of VoIP is that you gain much better control and flexibility thanks to an efficient management interface on the internet. You can make modifications and changes to the phone system effortlessly too, with the help of the user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  8. Irrespective of whether calls are attended or not, the task of forwarding them and having them collaborated is not only easier but also speedy. Imagine no call queues!
  9. Missed calls will be an issue of the past with VoIP. Your calls literally follow you wherever you are. It is also possible to redirect calls automatically to a mobile phone or voicemail system.
  10. Most VoIP services work on wireless broadband. To get started with calls, all you need is internet access and a wireless hub hooked. No further hardware maintenance at all.

Business users who wish to minimize their costs and optimise their productivity should without a doubt go in for VoIP service India over PSTN.
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