Monday, 16 July 2012

10 Points to Remember While Selecting Dedicated Leased Line Services

Internet Service Provider
Leased Line Services
If yours is a small sized or medium sized enterprise, a corporate business or a provider of services then for your use it is very important to consider a leased line. To run web applications at very high levels, it is very useful to have a dedicated leased line. Besides providing increased security on the internet, the leased line also provides facilities for transferring data and availability of speedy services.
If you are looking towards a bandwidth that is exclusively fast then the best source to contact is the dedicated leased line provider. Leased line services guarantee speedy internet connection. For commercial operations that are professional, both these are considered as most ideal.
The package
Availability to the internet is offered at 100% and if there is failure in delivering services then financial compensation too is guaranteed. This is termed as SLA or Service Level Agreement. Clients are able to derive some peace of mind which can be passed on to clients in the process. Payment is made for just the actual bandwidth that is used thus making it a very cost effective option. If required the package of a leased line could include a number of static domain names and IP addresses.
The leased line can supply DOS migration, secondary and primary dedicated name servers as well as resilience options.  While looking for a provider of leased lines, there are a few things that need to be remembered. One of the first things to do is check the details of the company and the reliability, besides the independent reviews.  The next thing to do to find out if a service account manager is offered by the company if in case support is needed. Just an option of a phone or a helpdesk will do in such a case. 
Customer service
Another important thing that is necessary to find out is, if the backup facilities are implemented well and set in place. If in case disaster strikes, this can be very vital for your organization.  Should there be any issues then you will need to be provided with alerts too, which you will need to find out. To find out reputation of the internet service provider you can try to get an idea or read reviews on what clients in the present and past have to say about the leased line provider.
Your confidence can be best installed by the feedback received about the customer service and reliable services offered by the provider. This is possible only if you have been able to conduct extensive research in the process of selecting a lease line provider. It can be quite an expensive affair making payment for a leased line. Make sure that you will benefit from the same.
Compare service levels
To connect multiple offices together, to use the VPN and for connectivity with an external and internal server the dedicated leased line can be used for accessing the internet. Depending upon the users that are connected and the number of applications, size of the leased line can be determined to meet your requirement.
It is best to get in touch with a good provider of leased lines to seek advice on this matter and solve any of your queries. After an extensive research is conducted you can shortlist a few providers and compare their service levels.  All your needs should be well accommodated by the leased line provider. Adequate rewards can be reaped only if investments are made in a good and reliable leased line services

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