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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Data Centre?

Data Center Services
Data Center

A data center is a physical perimeter where the most critical data systems of a computer network are stored. Here the key components of a computing infrastructure are located on behalf of an organization. The servers and storage equipments of the entire computing network of the organization are stored at this center. This needs adequate infrastructure and security options, both physical and virtual for its set up. Also, there is the requirement of climate controlling and dedicated computer management professionals while you set up this center for your business. There are many data enter India services, but before you choose one of them, presented here is a rerun of the reasons why one needs this kind of efficacious center. 

Manageability: To have a personal center of India means that you have complete manageability over your computer systems. You are not depending on shared spaces anymore. You can optimally manage your data at your behest without worrying about a data breach. Besides, businesses are on a perpetual growing stage. If your business is growing you will need the better manageability of your services through this vital center. In case of an issue on the server, your dedicated data professional will be able to manage the issue to your benefit. This optimum manageability is the key benefit of having a dedicated data center in India.

Cost effective: It makes sense to give the responsibility of hosting and managing your data to a dedicated datacenter in India. You do not have to spend huge amounts in order to construct a set up for hosting your computer components. The data center India will take care of all the hassles on your behalf. The annual fee that you are paying for this center is always much less compared to when you are setting up your own center of data and hiring professionals to look after it. The infrastructure factor taken care of, you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business. 

Security: Security of your data is one other point of concern when you manage your own center. But when you outsource your services to a data center their assimilated experts become responsible for the security of your data. You save on this account.  

Continuous uptime and security management: There are several factors to consider while operating a data center. For example, this center should be up and running even in the scenario of a power outage. The data center India should have comprehensive security systems involved in the protection of your data. Any kind of data breach effort should be encountered professionally. If you are setting up your personal center of data, these would have been the headaches that you would have to pay attention to. However, by outsourcing your data center requirements to a dedicated data center India; you do not have to bear the tension of the day to day running of the systems. All you have to do is to entrust the services with the data center services and stay in direct communication with a dedicated nodal officer for your system, in case any problem arises. 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Select Data Center for Your Business

Data Center Services
Data Center
Along with processing data, its storage and management too are of equal importance for all kinds of businesses. In most centralised IT systems, data centers are offered and are meant to allow both power cooling and operation systems. What is really important is the fact that the density of cooling offered is higher for on-the-fly improvements. This in turn makes it necessary that all the existing equipment you use is better organized and can help you meet your goals in the long run. Here are 10 reasons to select data center for your business.

  1. Complementing Business Standards: The capability of a large business to manage and handle IT systems can exhaust over longer durations. Thus, it becomes all the more necessary that you choose a collocation service that is able to match the standards of your business. A detailed step-by-step approach in this respect can be really helpful.
  2. Meeting Business Requirements: For business owners, datacenters are the best way to ensure that all requirements are met. Data is of utmost importance and the more effectively you can manage it without frequent crashes, the more loyal will your customers be.
  3. Effective business approach: A good data center will obviously provide you with an effective approach towards managing your business. It will work towards offering services that are specialised in helping you seamlessly integrate your business data over a certain period of time. This includes the power to actually upgrade your company’s infrastructure without any hassles. In a larger picture this would include essential tasks like data consolidation, automation, security, virtualization and standardization. 
  4. Virtualization: It is mainly thanks to data enters offering virtualization that most users can set their focus on other key areas of their business. This feature allows them to bring their expertise to the fore without spending too much time and energy over it. Many companies today are warming up to the various benefits of this feature, and it is quite popular among online business owners. 
  5. Save money: It’s only obvious that you can save much business capital keeping at least some of the above pointers in mind about data centers. The kind of functionality offered by them is pretty sufficient for you to consider working efficiently even under constraints and a tight budget.  
  6. Security: Security of your data is another one of the key benefits offered by a datacentre. You can ensure that all your work is done in a risk-free manner and that all projects are completed on time. 
  7. Automation: Irrespective of the size of your business, data enters allow you to work with automated data without any worry. All the desired resources, technology and information are available at hand for you to complete your work minus any major interruptions. Yes, you can think of such systems as an apt alternative to complete IT teams. 
  8. Standardisation: Without a doubt, lowered cost is one of the most important benefits of having a data center. You no longer have to spend valuable money on hardware tools, and other processes that would otherwise be very important. The fact that you can consolidate data and work with a standard process gives your business a much better capacity and higher performance in terms of delivery. 
  9. Company growth: You can rest assured that as your business grows collocation as a feature will only prove to be an icing on the cake. Even as you augment the size of your business, you will no longer have to worry about the age of your equipment. This is mainly because they can be replaced and consolidated appropriately thanks to collocation. 
  10. Smooth functioning: Yes, data centers are by far one of the easiest ways to ensure smooth functioning of your business without being completely dependent on an IT team. Management is smooth and computing over networks is definitely efficient.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Data center consolidation: benefits and costs

Data center consolidation is also called IT consolidation. It is the term used by organizations for the strategy they adopt for reducing their IT assets. Some of the technologies used by datacenter services are storage virtualization, server virtualization, data colocation, cloud data center, better capacity planning and using some automation tools, etc.  For data centre India IT consolidation is very important not only to reduce the size of the data centers but also minimize IT and overall operating costs.

Data Center
Many organizations and business houses have sever number of data centers though they can manage with lesser numbers. This may be due to various reasons. One of the reasons is that with the merger of two business entities more data centers enter into the network. Maintaining these multiple data centers for some time is okay because they support the systems and processes of the company. But after some time the companies find that have multiple data centers at their disposal.

The cost of maintaining these data centers is quite high because the staffs are to be deployed in each of them. The hardware assets are also underutilized. So it advisable to go for data center consolidation since there is multiple call centers and many of them are not fully utilized.  

Data center consolidation is a very popular strategy that is employed by data centre India promoting powerful economic benefits. There are many data center services which provide services for data center consolidation and the benefits of consolidation are being reaped by many companies.  Cloud data center and data center colocation are some of the technologies and strategies that are provided by these companies.

Colocation of data center gives cost savings to the companies because they utilize the shared data center infrastructure. The companies do not have to employ staff, resources and technology for their data centers and this brings them significant savings. Colocation also frees some of the company’s resources which can be utilized for other purposes. The companies that are short of accommodation can also save significant space which can later be utilized for housing of other office equipment and personnel. Another major advantage for the companies is that do not have to incur high costs on the maintenance of their data center equipment. They also save a lot on their power bills. But the best benefit is that the companies can scale up their requirement as per their growing business needs without incurring high investments in the required hardware for the data center.

Another advantage of the of the data center consolidation via utilization of data center colocation is the security of the data. Suppose a major hazard like fire erupts and all the assets of the company are damaged. In that unfortunate event all the data of the company will be destroyed and it will be impossible to recover it. But with data colocation the data is safe on the cloud computing system and can be easily regained. 

In short the consolidated cloud data center with data colocation has the following advantages:
·         Better Security
·         Better connectivity
·         Greater network connectivity
·         Savings on unnecessary power bills
·         Increased capabilities

Saturday, 2 February 2013

7 key differences between data center and server co-location

When do you need a dedicated data center and when do you need co-location? You must be trying to find out which system is going to work best for you. To ease out the confusion, presented here are seven key differences between having a co-location service and a dedicated data center.
  1. The difference between owning and renting: In a colocation center, you own the equipment and in a dedicated data center you take the server equipment on rent from a service provider. In both the systems, you will have to get in touch with a server service provider and have a consultation to determine what kinds of server facilities are on offer.
  2. Responsibility: Ultimately it is an issue of responsibility. When you own the equipments, it is primarily your responsibility. When you rent the server space, you outsource the responsibility of maintenance to the server maintenance professionals.
  3. Affordability: The expenditure varies in both the systems. In a data center colocation you are paying only for the server space and server accommodation facilities (like temperature control, humidity control, fire suppression etc.) In dedicated datacenter solutions, you are paying for the server accommodation as well as for the management of the server systems. You are not paying for server maintenance on a collocation server; you have your in-house team for that. However, even for co-location, you will need some extent of server maintenance. So, while deciding between data center co-location and dedicated server, you will have to see the extent of maintenance that is required and provided in each scenario. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it depends upon your needs and requirements which one will be the best for you.
  4. Manageability: The manageability of the equipment is a major issue of difference. At a collocation server, you have to manage the systems yourself, while in a dedicated server, the maintenance is carried on by the dedicated staff of the server service provider. If you think, you can manage well by yourself, only then you should opt for data center colocation. Otherwise dedicated servers are better options.
  5.  Security: Security is a contentious issue while deciding between the types of hosting. Some network administrators are of the view that it is more secured to take care of the server system in a co-location server, while some prefer to leave the matter to a good dedicated datacenter solutions.
  6. Speed: Like security, speed discussions are also contentious. You have to ultimately decide on the type of server hosting that can provide you with maximum speed. While dedicated data centers have a fixed bandwidth, in co-location servers, you are the master of your own speed.
  7. Redundancy: For server redundancy management, you need to have experienced professionals who can tell you when a particular component needs replacement. For dedicated data centers, it depends on the professionals who maintain your services, but in a colocation center, you need to perform regular checkups with your in house team to decide on replacement of any component. 

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