Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Functions and Benefits of a Leased Line Connection

Internet Leased Line
Leased Line Services
Internet technology has changed the way people shop, buy railway tickets, book themselves movie tickets or communicate with friends. With all this being done over the internet, there is urgent need for speedy connections. No one has the patience for slow dial-up connections which took an age connecting. Most businesses conduct much of their work over the net and they need a sure shot connection that works fast.

Where does the importance lie?

Answering the need for a faster link is the leased line connection. The companies that transact a bulk of their work online are looking for a leased line. Though people use this service extensively, not many understand how it works.  A leased line is a special or exclusive cable that is used to link two remote locations with each other so that communication flows smoothly. This internet leased connection is sought after by establishments that have several branches so that they can communicate with each other in real time.

There is no single purpose for which these dedicated lines are used. A variety of functions like sending voice signals and data are just some of the functions a leased line connection can achieve. This service can also perform the function of an internet leased connection. When companies use a leased line for internet purposes, they save on time and money. This facility ensures that companies who have heavy internet usage have sufficient bandwidth. This kind of connection is more dependable apart from being fast.

Understanding the intricacies

A leased line can also be tweaked and customized to suit the user. This is possible because the client's premises are linked to the service provider. By installing a router, these leased lines can be turned into exclusive internet service. It functions as a portal to the internet. An internet leased connection endows a business with flexibility and reliability and speed all of which a modern business needs.

A business can easily extend this service all over its network with the result all of them can use it. In order to get this service an establishment should short list a service provider. Before choosing the provider, it is a good idea to find out how good their track record is. A provider usually prepares a Service Level Agreement that the user has to enter into.

The agreement binds the provider to supply a certain bandwidth and also provide troubleshooting services if things go wrong. On their part, the user has to agree to stick with the provider for a pre-fixed period. This is one service that is most suited for establishments that are medium to large.

Leased line – the ‘hot’ line!

Small organizations that do not conduct much work over the internet may not get much value from the service as it will not be commensurate with the investment they make. An established that is new but expects growth can opt for this service as part for its long term plans. The reason why nascent establishments do not opt for this service is because of the initial outlay that does not work out cheap. All large cities have many providers of leased lines. With competition heating up among them, prices are bound to fall. Then smaller companies will also be able to afford this service.


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