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Friday, 8 February 2013

5 top reasons why your business needs MS Dynamics CRM

In your search for effective CRM solutions for your enterprise, you may have overlooked the obvious. The MS dynamics CRM is an effective solution for enterprises looking for a good CRM system. It has many advantages. Therefore, presented here are 5 top reasons, why an MS CRM online would be the best for you.
microsoft dynamics crm

1.      Integration with MS outlook and MS excel: Both MS outlook and MS excel are inevitable tools for business operations. With the MS dynamics CRM, you can extend the services of both these platforms to be more effective. MS outlook becomes a tool for managing customer info as the vital data like marketing pitches, sales call information, and lead information is put into one central location for your staff. The MS hosted exchange services feature a pertinent excel connection by which you can instantly convert your customer information into neatly arranged excel sheets. This makes the work smooth, office friendly and clean.

2.      Selective distribution of information: Certain employees need certain information and certain employees do not need certain information. Keeping this in mind, the CRM is an effective tool for filtering and providing selective information to different employee groups. The CRM administrator can see who is provided with what information. Even when an employee is offline, the data can be transferred. Therefore, your employees are productive even when they are on the road and not connected to a network. This increases the productivity of the company and reduces costs.

3.      Streamlining your marketing campaign: Formulating an effective marketing strategy that will increase your sales is an important part of any business. For proper streamlining of your marketing campaign, you need the Microsoft hosted exchange. There is a dedicated marketing automation module simplifying marketing tasks like developing lead lists and customer lists, specific targeting of individual customers, analyzing the follow up campaign and deciding the next strategy based on the analytics presented by the MS CRM online. This is a great tool in deciding the next best direction your marketing campaign should take.

4.      Creating analytical business reports: One of the foremost benefits of a MS dynamics CRM is the analytical part. The CRM provides proper analysis of the various components of business functioning through the SQL engine for server reporting services. The reporting engine coordinates effortlessly with the SQL server to generate highly effective data reports that can be further structured in MS excel for better viewing. Once you generate the reports through the MS hosted exchange services, you can distribute it selectively to your employees for better functioning. This coordination of services is a key feature of the MS dynamics CRM. 

5.      Simplification of service scheduling: You can effortlessly simplify service scheduling in Microsoft hosted exchange. You never have to miss out another important service call from a specific customer as all the customer data is specifically present in the CRM. The service scheduling tasks can be therefore easily managed by the professionals without unnecessary delays. The CRM categorizes service calls into various types for easy actions.

Monday, 19 November 2012

7 Ways How MS Exchange can transform your Business

So you’ve decided to go with MS Exchange as a webmail provider for your business. While many people may suggest otherwise, this is actually a good move. With an exchange server, you will be getting the advantages of not just speedy and efficient communication, but also security which is equally important to any business. Here are 7 ways how MS Exchange can transform your business effortlessly. 
Hosted Exchange Server
Hosted Exchange Server

1.       Maintenance: Obviously, having a webmail server that takes care of your needs will involve maintenance costs. With the Exchange Server 2010, you can be at peace about having to run around managing your finances. The complexities involved with such servers are also kept at bay, making it an apt means of business communication. 

2.       Complete access from anywhere: Another advantage of hosted MS Exchange email solutions is that you can choose to stay connected from anywhere and everywhere. It allows you to communicate efficiently with clients and colleagues, making online access of webmails a breeze. MS Exchange communication allows large organisations to meet their needs of wider communication without worrying about too many things. 

3.       Security: Communication security is clearly one of the top priorities of businesses. In that respect, they can be assured of MS Exchange helping them keep their integrity intact. Accommodating itself to various sensitivity levels, users are provided with enough security what with emails being run through the server for identification of any breach. The incorporated security mechanism ensures that emails and content that need protection aren’t exchanged without the administrator’s consent. The server has a filter in place on most occasions for all this and more. 

4.       Save Money: Among the various features to watch out for, obviously saving money is what most businesses require first. A hosted MS Exchange server can really keep your expenses within a specified budget. Well, a simple means of business communication can add that much more value to your organisation, bringing down your IT costs by a large amount. Thus, professionals will spend less money on hardware, storage and other disaster management resources. Businesses can also keep at bay the need to manage an expensive VPN for security and communication separately. 

5.       Control and flexibility: Obviously, with more security and affordable cost management, administrators gain a fairly large control over the communication means their business is using. This further allows them to be flexible in terms of the services being offered to clients. It also gives them an upper hand to plan and efficiently manage their business without really having to worry too much about the details. 

6.       Save time: With the ability to modify the uses of the Exchange Server as per the particular needs of your company, you actually save much time. The software offers all-in-one management by taking care of everything including set up. By allowing businesses to prioritise emails, effective management of your inbox becomes a norm. So you don’t end up wasting much time in sorting your emails. In addition to this, even with a basic internet connection, you know that you can access your mails. What’s more Exchange has the ability to organise messages as threaded conversations, helping you keep track of information without any hassles. 

7.       All-in-one communication: With Exchange Server 2010, you get smooth access for all your communication at one single point. This includes email, instant messaging and voicemail. Without really switching between different software, you can stay connected now.

Thus, putting to use an MS Exchange host to manage your web communications can have many upsides. Security and efficiency are among the key benefits businesses can watch out for.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: Enhance Your Business Productivity with Effective Communication

Organizations these days require flexible and cost effective tools for communication purposes. With the kind of features the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 has, performance and reliability can be achieved at new levels these days. 
hosted exchange server
Make Better Communication

The features help in simplifying the administration process, communications are protected and users feel satisfied since the demand for greater mobility is also met with great ease. Microsoft’s Unified Communications has come out with a cornerstone solution call the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 a platform for messaging which is completely reliable and flexible and helps in lowering costs of messaging by a huge fifty to eighty percent. 

Best Access to Communications to Increase Productivity
In turn it helps in increasing levels of productivity with the best access to communications in business and at the same time with compliance and protection capabilities it safeguards the business and manages risks in turn. The Microsoft Server Exchange also helps lowering costs related to information and technology. In any business, infrastructure of IT needs to be optimized for improving conditions of business, attaining greater agility etc. 

This server offers the flexibility to have the deployment tailored to suit your unique needs.  A simplified method is provided to ensure that email is made available to users continuously. Innovations have been made to the core platform that built on the Exchange leads to communication availability that is simplified and flexible.  

Advancement In Terms Of Performance, Reliability and Scalability
Many advances are delivered in terms of reliability, scalability and performance. As far as disaster recovery and high availability is concerned a unified and new approach has been made to reach new reliability levels since complexity is reduced and expenses of delivering continuity of business goes up to eighty percent almost. 

The other features include online box moves, Database Availability Groups which help in confident and easy implementation of resiliency to mailbox with database level failover and replication with management tools that are familiar with the Exchange. 

Infrastructure Tailored As Per Needs of Business and Technology
For options related to storage hardware, there is a greater choice, since it allows tailoring the infrastructure of Microsoft Exchange as per specific needs of technology or the business. Storage costs see a reduction of around fifty to seventy percent. Options for storage range from support to cheaper DAS or Direct Attached Storage from, SAN or the Storage Area Networks. 

With the large sized mailbox the employees are able to access the information required to conduct jobs in an efficient and quick manner without dedicated too much of time in inbox management and deleting the messages in the effort of remaining under the limit imposed.  The burden on the IT staff gets reduced due to the Exchange 2010’s administrative advances. Operational costs get reduced by fifteen to twenty percent. 

Delegation of Common and Specialized Tasks
The security model, the Exchange control panel that is web based and the capabilities of self-service have played a new role allowing you to delegate specialized and common tasks to users.
This provides them with fullest rights towards administration or increase call volume of the help desk. This new exchange server has been extended to the realm of voice mail thus enabling the most effective communications for business productivity.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How Hosted Exchange Server Works and Benefits Your Business

Microsoft exchange is a hosted e-mail service service provider which is a popular email platform for businesses the world over. Today’s world is email and digital centric and organizations need to optimize their operations and turnaround time; hence a hosted exchange server having the most robust functioning is an advantage. 
As of today, many of the small sized and medium sized businesses are making the best use of exchange servers. One of the biggest benefits of having the hosted exchange is that the employees in the organization and the business owner can enjoy maximum flexibility in terms of operating from almost anywhere in the world and yet at the same time, remaining connected. Access to the web is easy and allows you to get all your important data, calendars, email contacts and folders.

Everything Available Right at Your Fingertips
Everything that has been set up in the Microsoft outlook is available right at the finger tips. It does not matter where you are since all this can be accessed with greatest ease. The other feature of the hosted exchange server is that it works well with smart phones. It gets integrated well with smart phones and mobile devices like Android, Tablet, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc. 

While you are not online you can continue to work when you consider exchange hosting. Updating gets done automatically when on the web you get plugged in. Collaboration with other partners in business, the customers and employees is possible with a hosted exchange server of this type. With ease and convenience interacting with each other is possible.

Lots of Time and Money Saved
If you want to schedule a meeting within the shortest time possible then all that you need to do is view the calendar and make relevant appointment changes and modifications if any are required. There is no need for making calls or sending emails due to which lots of time is saved. With the hosted exchange server, calendars, files and hosted exchange mail can be shared and tasks can be assigned to the others. 

Employees involved in a particular project are able to access the shared to do list that is created by you. This information can be accessed even by all those included in the loop as well.  One of the other benefits of having the hosted server exchange from a reputed hosted exchange provider is that it helps in economizing expenses. All the numerous emailing boxes are well managed by the employees with the help of exchange hosting.  

Adequate Security of Data
There is no need for logging out and logging in back again. Various emailing addresses can be switched to one location. Scanning of spam emails is done, considered as junk mail due to which a lot of time is saved. Besides this, lot of money too can be saved with a hosted Microsoft exchange as compared to having your own setup. 

People managing the hosted exchange are professionals in the field which leaves you with lesser headaches. Your data is kept well secured at the hosted exchange and you do not have to put in any extra effort for the same. Everything from taking backups every night, protection from spam, virus protection and advanced firewall is offered by the hosted exchange server.

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