Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ways to Compare Third Party Data Center Services Provider

data center services
Data Center

Today there is a great demand for outsourcing data services from data center. To manage such a center, is a very complex business. You need to get involved with processes, people and technology. It will cost a company a lot of money to manage it in-house. There are 3rd party data centers that will provide you their services by buying the equipment on your behalf. They will charge you for the usage of the equipment. Such a centre will be equipped with a dedicated team of people who will manage your equipment based on SLAS.

If you try to manage systems internally, it will be less cost effective to source the same. Third party providers spread their cost across a large number of customers and thereby pass on a large portion of the savings to their customers. It is better to rent a space rather than spend millions in building your own centre.

Services Provided To Customers
Enterprises get many benefits when they weigh what they get for their requirements from their service provider. The cost savings can be separated as indirect and direct cost. You save on owning the IT equipment based on the tenure of the project, cooling systems and building power backup. The collocation site will possess the facility to be connected via various network providers.

Your network redundancy, your percentage of space utilized, rentals, power consumptions and the entire infrastructure will be professionally managed. You will not need to take any stress as your business begins to grow. Service providers provide their customers value added services enabling them to run their businesses smoothly. Such services include shared services, storage options and securing the infrastructure completely.
No Issue of Data Breach or Downtime

A third party data center service provider will abide by the standards to avoid any data breach or downtime issue. Such an issue can also arise in an internal system. You can always control downtime by having a DR contract for your primary site. If you have a primary site in your city you can opt for a DR setup in your provider’s other city location. This is the benefit of taking on third party services.
Only you will know which provider will meet your needs better, if you look across for different suppliers. You should negotiate with them; scrutinize their history, especially regarding downtime. Only intelligent negotiation will earn you the best services.

How to Select the Right Company
When you are selecting a data center company, you need to look into several factors. Factors such as data base requirement, ram, processor, choice of server operating system, hard drives, number of server units etc. Even if you are setting up the hardware and software for your web server, you need to look into the same factors.

Before you handover everything to the company whose services you wish to hire, you should review their overall track record. You should check their customer service and service feature. A service provider who provides you prime features such as overall server security, data backup, sufficient bandwidth and continuous power backup will be perfect. He should also be professionally managed.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Evaluating a Reliable Internet Leased Line

There certainly has to be a reason why a lot of people are considering leased lines on the internet these days. When it comes to selecting a dedicated solution to internet access, a number of options are available with a number of enterprises. One of the solutions, most effective to consider is the internet leased line. 
leased line connection
Leased Line Connection

What exactly is a leased line connection? It is a solution for communication of the most advanced type. A fibre optic cable of permanent nature is placed between two distinct geographical locations. Efficient transmission or transfer of data is possible between the two destinations online by using this cable.  

High Speed Internet Connection
The leased line connection is most important in aiding businesses to manage a platform of smooth communication in the most effective manner. The internet connectivity offered is of the highest speeds possible. Leased line connectivity offers a range of benefits but the main thing is that it also offers services on the internet of different kinds. 

If you are looking towards connecting to the web in the fastest possible manner then the leased line service is the quickest method. Installation of a separate router is done for ensuring connectivity with a leased line. The router is installed at the location which serves as the internet connection’s gateway. 

No Sharing With Other Users
There are a lot of advantages to an internet leased line connection especially those that need internet services in the highest speeds. In the market there are numerous internet connections available but out of all those there couldn’t be a more competent one than the leased line internet connection

It is dedicated to just one single server. On the network there is no sharing with any other user. Internet users can make the most of the bandwidth guaranteed in a leased line connection. Security of data provided is of exceptional quality. 

Configuration as Per Requirements
As per the user’s specific requirements, configuration of the dedicated connection is possible. Exceptional SLA or the Service Level Agreement as well as support are provided by the leased line connection from providers offering this kind of service. The only main drawback of an internet connection of this type is its very high cost. 

A significant amount of investment needs to be made in installing a service of this type in businesses. In the present times, having an internet connection of a leased line is a very common thing. Importance of such a connection is best understood by a large number of organizations these days. 

Evaluate Your Requirements
Due to this, installation of this connection is being done on a very big scale. There may be huge costs involved in having this internet connection but all this gets offset due to the various advantages it brings in. Users of leased line connections are making the best use of unprecedented efficiency and reliability which is of significance for businesses in today’s times.  

If you are planning to have this connection then have your requirements evaluated first and then opt for the connection. Conducting a thorough research will help in narrowing down to one of the best leased line connection and internet service provider.

How Can I Upgrade My Server To Cloud Server?

To upgrade your server into a cloud server India there are a few things that will need to be considered. When an active server is moved from one host server to another host server without losing any connection to the important services then, you have a cloud server.
cloud hosting company
Cloud hosting

To customize a cloud server is very easy. They provide full access to the root of the Administrator Access or the Linux distribution, to the Windows version requested. Depending upon the server purchased, the price could vary.

Fault Tolerant Platform
The platform is a fault tolerant one and complete access to run anything is provided by the cloud server in the same way as in a dedicated server. You may wonder if you still need to pay for the server even if you are not using it. The cloud services provider may not allow for a mode offline. The server uses some of the resources even if the power is not on. 

Full Access to the Operating Systems and Applications
Cycles of billing need to be discontinued and cancellation of the account is necessary and accordingly the server gets deleted. Dedicated servers of the standard variety and the dedicated cloud servers do not have many differences. The applications and the operating systems both can be fully accessed by the dedicated servers and the cloud servers.

Hardware of server grade type is used for running both the servers. Virtualization is used by cloud servers for sharing hardware with other servers on the cloud server and for providing availability of a high platform. VPS or the Virtual Private Servers are not the same as dedicated cloud servers.

Use of High Availability Feature
A cloud server is a network and hardware tolerant of faults and use HA or High Availability feature to keep services available and online. On one single hardware platform that is independent, your server is homed by many of the VPS offerings.  Resources that had been promised are reserved by the cloud server.

Resources that are being paid for are not guaranteed by most of the VPS offerings. This is an indicator that there is always availability of resource whenever they are needed. If a demand is made then the resources in addition will be made available.

All Plans for Scaling Are a La Carte
Another question you may feel concerned about is whether the data can be transferred between cloud servers without any charges related to bandwidth. This is possible if network adapters of the secondary type are added and between servers, IP address range that is private is used. It does not matter what kind of plan you need to scale since all of them are ‘a la carte’. Upgrading of each item is possible to the options available.

Quad core processors are contained in host machines of the cloud server. A single CPU is virtually assigned in the cloud server hosting as configuration to the minimum extent. On an ‘a la carte’ basis assignment of additional CPUs is also done. In the cycling process the same priority is given to every CPU. 

On systems of cloud servers, upgrades and maintenance is routinely performed transparently and without having impact to cloud servers individually. With migration of a cloud server the associated downtime is less as compared to that of an update of the host. In a migration process the IP address does not change.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Top 5 Reasons That Why You Should Go For a Data Center Service

Initially when computers were introduced, they were stored in a cold, dust free, secured place. At present computers do not require such a place for storage. If you have many servers, you may need more or less a similar place but not at the same location. A place where you keep your servers and can manage and monitor them professionally is called a data center.
Data Center Services

When you have just one server, it is not so difficult to look after the same and keep it running 24x7. If you have many servers, then you need to be well equipped to manage them. For this very purpose, you need a separate strong center for the same. You may hire services of a professional hosting company that can manage your server or may keep the same in its premises.

The Need
You need the data center services because it helps irrespective of how small your business is. If you do not utilize servers then you may not go for the same. If your business is medium or large, this type of service will be perfect to help your business in its growing stage. A well-managed data center will ensure that your business will not suffer for any failure in any one of the servers.

These problems will not defer the functioning of your business in any way. Further it will offer much support as and when your business needs to change. The center will provide you with physical and network security and a high bandwidth internet connection. If you want to set up your own computer room, then it will cost you a lot.  

Cost Effective
It will be sensible to outsource this service to a neutral data center. You can house your server along with the servers of other companies. Your server will be secured inside a cabinet separate from other company’s equipment. You will be provided flexibility in your requirements and technology depending upon how your business grows. 

You will not need to invest any further capital; your annual fee will be much less in such an arrangement. This type of servers helps you to reduce your overheads. It allows you to focus on your main business operations without worrying about your IT infrastructure. By taking on rent these services you will be provided with increased connectivity and maximum up time without the prohibited cost.

Continuous Power Supply
Such centers have powerful generators to maintain the power supply continuously even in times of power outage. This will assure you that your data will not get corrupted in case of power outage. Your data will be safe guarded with the help of anti-virus solutions, private networks, firewalls, etc.

Any unauthorized advances will be detected and arrested with latest IDS system. The security systems will be updated as and when needed. You will be able to enjoy the fruits of their services without facing any functional problems. You will not be incurring heavy capital expenditure on your long term business. These service providers will supervise your entire computer operations and keep them free from any disaster.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: Enhance Your Business Productivity with Effective Communication

Organizations these days require flexible and cost effective tools for communication purposes. With the kind of features the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 has, performance and reliability can be achieved at new levels these days. 
hosted exchange server
Make Better Communication

The features help in simplifying the administration process, communications are protected and users feel satisfied since the demand for greater mobility is also met with great ease. Microsoft’s Unified Communications has come out with a cornerstone solution call the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 a platform for messaging which is completely reliable and flexible and helps in lowering costs of messaging by a huge fifty to eighty percent. 

Best Access to Communications to Increase Productivity
In turn it helps in increasing levels of productivity with the best access to communications in business and at the same time with compliance and protection capabilities it safeguards the business and manages risks in turn. The Microsoft Server Exchange also helps lowering costs related to information and technology. In any business, infrastructure of IT needs to be optimized for improving conditions of business, attaining greater agility etc. 

This server offers the flexibility to have the deployment tailored to suit your unique needs.  A simplified method is provided to ensure that email is made available to users continuously. Innovations have been made to the core platform that built on the Exchange leads to communication availability that is simplified and flexible.  

Advancement In Terms Of Performance, Reliability and Scalability
Many advances are delivered in terms of reliability, scalability and performance. As far as disaster recovery and high availability is concerned a unified and new approach has been made to reach new reliability levels since complexity is reduced and expenses of delivering continuity of business goes up to eighty percent almost. 

The other features include online box moves, Database Availability Groups which help in confident and easy implementation of resiliency to mailbox with database level failover and replication with management tools that are familiar with the Exchange. 

Infrastructure Tailored As Per Needs of Business and Technology
For options related to storage hardware, there is a greater choice, since it allows tailoring the infrastructure of Microsoft Exchange as per specific needs of technology or the business. Storage costs see a reduction of around fifty to seventy percent. Options for storage range from support to cheaper DAS or Direct Attached Storage from, SAN or the Storage Area Networks. 

With the large sized mailbox the employees are able to access the information required to conduct jobs in an efficient and quick manner without dedicated too much of time in inbox management and deleting the messages in the effort of remaining under the limit imposed.  The burden on the IT staff gets reduced due to the Exchange 2010’s administrative advances. Operational costs get reduced by fifteen to twenty percent. 

Delegation of Common and Specialized Tasks
The security model, the Exchange control panel that is web based and the capabilities of self-service have played a new role allowing you to delegate specialized and common tasks to users.
This provides them with fullest rights towards administration or increase call volume of the help desk. This new exchange server has been extended to the realm of voice mail thus enabling the most effective communications for business productivity.

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