Thursday, 21 February 2013

Top 5 Benefits of Leased Line over a Broadband connection

There are scores of ways to access the Internet, and going by the usage, broadband as a line of connection is far more popular. While broadband works fine for home requirements, organisations and businesses demand better connectivity options. A large number of business users are now thus opening up to the benefits of leased lines. The fact that a lease line provides direct connectivity to the internet in a dedicated manner is without doubt one of its best advantages. Listed below are the top 5 benefits of leased line internet provider over a broadband connection:
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  • 1. An internet service provider offering a leased line allows users to work with the same upload and download speeds, generally known as symmetric connectivity. In contrast, broadband connections are better optimised for downloads over uploads, making them inconvenient for business users. Activities like file sharing over a remote location, web hosting etc. are well taken care of with the former. While on speed, you may also want to know that leased line internet connection providers offer communication that is not shared amongst multiple users, giving you optimised bandwidth. Broadband on the other hand is designed to offer the best bandwidth available and not the promised bandwidth. You also have a better choice of bandwidth options in the former, while the latter is restricted in terms of packages. Moreover, the possibility of using and choosing higher bandwidth is only there with a leased line.
  • 2. Performance parameters like jitter, lags and latency are easily monitored with a leased line, so also the backbone network offered. Service providers can offer SLAs that are satisfactory and promise performance guarantee. They are thus more reliable. What’s more, the Quality of Service is much better with a leased line internet service provider in comparison to broadband. This makes it far more effective to work with convergent services such as video, audio and others.
  • 3. The fact that a leased line internet provider allows communication and connection via multiple media is definitely an upside. Most providers employ either a combination or any one from among fiber, copper or radio links, making network connections seamless. The provided optical media communication is much more dependable and users can look forward to enhanced fault tolerance along with better performance and monitoring. These can be really important factors when you are working with higher bandwidths.
  • 4. Most internet leased lines are bundled with the choice of unlimited usage, allowing business owners to add multiple services like VoIP, video, heavy applications etc. at their free will. The fact that broadband internet service providers make do with billing can be really restrictive in terms of usage. Leased lines also come with a pool of permanent IP addresses, allowing organisations to freely work with their own mail and web servers.
  • 5. Business owners can effortlessly leverage a leased line to create a Virtual Private Network across remote locations. This makes the line of connection much more effective.
Just like leased lines, broadband connections too pack in their own benefits like mobile access to the web, wider exposure and reduced costs. But, what really makes leased lines a preferred choice is the fact that they are committed to high performance at all costs, and rarely will you see links that are down.


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