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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Top 5 Reasons to go for VOIP

VoIP Services
VoIP Connection

Over the past few years the number of business users opting for VoIP has seen a tremendous rise. As an overview, VoIP for business is a great way to save on money and time using enhanced technology. And the hullabaloo isn’t just about nothing. Obviously, this new and emerging trend has much support and various advantages speaking in its favour. We’re listing out the top 5 reasons why you should go for VoIP: 

Simple Set-up: As much as you’d want to ignore easy set-up of call making devices, this is really something that can’t be overlooked. Much in contrast to PBX systems business VoIP services come minus the baggage of costly hardware. They aren’t too difficult to handle and operate too. With a plain internet connection that’s dependable, you are pretty much ready to get started. The options on offer are also varied – cloud PBX configuration, PC-connectivity, data transmission or IP handsets, you can easily make your pick. After choosing your option, you simply need your log in credentials from the ISTP. Even if you are using the services across a wide area in your office, setting up the hard lines will be effortless. 

Affordable: This is among the top reasons why business VoIP services are a hit. Imagine making not just long distance but international calls every day at an affordable rate. With calls to traditional phones costing you as less as a fraction of what you would be paying conventionally, VoIP-VoIP calls are more often than not free. So irrespective of your location, with a simple VoIP number at hand, you can make cheap calls and engage in endless discussions with both clients and colleagues. 

Function: Clearly, when it comes to functionality, business owners settle for nothing but the best. And there’s really no reason why professionals should compromise on something as basic as making voice calls. Generally, all VoIP for business services are feature-rich. You can personalise the plan you decide to go for while also customising the features on offer. You can choose a plan that meets your business requirements just right, instead of resting the buck on a fixed plan as seen traditionally with telephonic communication services. 

Choice and Development: Choice of providers on offer is very important when you are picking a voice calling over the internet service. In this respect, you are assured of being able to choose from among a sea of providers, allowing you to pick the company that meets all your business needs. Believe it or not, every VoIP service provider is hence upping its game to offer business owners nothing but the best. At the end, it is consumers who benefit from such practices. Bonuses, promos, subscriptions etc. are among the handful of goodies on offer. With support from a VoIP call center, professionals can sleep in peace over this new technology evolving at a really fast pace. Every new move in the technological department is only witnessing the quality of services offered by various companies moving a notch above the earlier offers. Upgrades to applications and server developments mean a positive road ahead. 

Security: With internet calling, users are provided with multi-layered security, much the need of this hour at affordable prices. Much unlike in traditional phone systems, businesses are safeguarded from attacks and breach to privacy.

There are many other reasons why business users, if they haven’t already should switch to VoIP. The aforementioned five should however, help you decide better.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Five Questions to Answer before Moving To VoIP

There is no need to accept limits when it is possible to reach new scalability and availability levels these days. A few years back the volume of transactions were not as large as they are in today’s times. For every kind of organization, the volume of electronic transactions is seeing an explosion. 
voip company India
VoIP Services India

Transaction systems seem to be under more pressure and are more intense these days. One of the aspects most unacceptable for businesses is the downtime which can lead to loss of loyalty among customers and at the same time cost the business huge monetary loss. The VoIP system enables businesses to function at their fullest capacity and at the same time reduce costs for running the business. The solution offered by VOIP is competent enough which does not involve tuning of data base or changing of codes. 

For businesses today, VOIP is an important four letter word for ensuring efficient communication within businesses. The most important thing to keep in mind is selecting the right provider of VOIP services. The service comes along with a number of added features that are significant which help in saving a good deal of money and improves quality of VoIP calls.  

Before selecting the right VOIP provider you will also need to dedicate time in planning and preparation so that mistakes that took place in the past are accordingly avoided. 
There are five key areas that need to be importantly considered by small businesses keen on making the move to a VOIP service.  

Has The Network Been Assessed Thoroughly?
The first thing is conducting a thorough assessment of the network. The VOIP service runs over the internet and is designed accordingly so that there is smooth running of the voice traffic on the web.  The LAN or the Local Area Network is used for running the LAN system. All that is required is a proper interoffice cabling type with switches which are deployed within a network of customers. 

Do You Have Call Routing?
The other aspect to consider is the complete flow of business design at the time of VOIP installation for proper routing of calls. Employees within the organization should be contactable with utilization of the VOIP service.

Has Planning Been Done?
The next thing to consider is implementing a plan for transition that is appropriate enough. If the planning is properly done the transition can be completely painless and free. A few things to look into include, having the existing numbers ported from the provider of the old service at least one or two weeks in advance. The two main things to look out for in a transition to VOIP is the tuned on access to the internet, and porting.

Has Staff Training Been Done?
The next thing to do is have the staff educated about the features newly available. In an effective implementation this is one of the key variables which are human in nature. Communication between employees should be a well thought of one. Proper training and manuals for use need to be provided to the employees which in turn makes the employees keen to learn. Besides this, they will also support the change that has been made. 

Do You Have A Top VOIP Provider?
Before making a transition of business to VOIP there are a few things that need to be understood. Last but not the least; get a top tier VoIP provider India to have the VOIP plan installed.

Friday, 5 October 2012

How Switching to VoIP connection can Save You Money

A lot of research is being done in the market to find out whether switching over to a VoIP connection can help make savings or not. The findings indicate that one of the biggest reasons a lot of people are making this phone service switch over to the VoIP service from the standard method of communication, is the price drop. 
For providing the basic phone service many of the large telephone companies are charging exorbitantly for providing the phone services. In comparison the VoIP service providers on an average charge just about a fraction of that cost. Besides, many exclusive features are also provided by the VoIP service India
voip provider india 
Get Value for the Money Invested
If you want to get value for the money invested in this phone service, then it becomes important that you select one of the best companies providing VoIP. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all affordable companies provide excusive services you are looking for. Hence first conduct adequate research first, identify a good company and accordingly make the final decision.
Besides this one aspect of being able to save money by switching over to VoIP, there are many more benefits to it as well. A good thing is that each month, international minutes are offered free of cost by the VoIP companies. The standard companies providing telecommunication services do not offer such free minutes to make international calls.

Free Minutes Offer
Some of the companies give their customers around sixty minutes each month for international calling free of cost. It does not matter what kind of plan has been chosen since these companies offer free minutes for any plan type selected. This kind of feature proves to be worthy enough and favored by families having their relatives abroad, students who have moved to another country for higher studies and international businesses.
At time, the international minutes provided are not sufficient and in such a case, some of the best VoIP companies provide unlimited calls to certain countries. Once you consider service of a VoIP provider, you need not worry about whether it is a long distance call, a local call or an intermediate distance call. One of the biggest reasons for considering the service is the offer of making unlimited cheap calls to India

Special Features
Many of the VoIP services India offer the service with standard features, like visual voice mail, voice to email, find me follow me features. Otherwise in the standard communication service, people are used to call waiting, caller ID and voice mail. Features of a VoIP service make it superior and customers are not charged extra for it. People who order such a service from phone companies locally find this expensive but not the ones who are making the best use of VoIP.
As far as businesses are considered, it does not matter what makeup or business size you have, the options offered by VoIP are indeed incredible. The auto attendant, faxing online, after hours and holiday greetings, on hold music, advanced routing of calls and dial by name directories, features are also provided by a large number of leading VoIP providers in India as part of the package.

Monday, 1 October 2012

VoIP Buying Guide for Small Business

voip India
VoIP Services

Businesses, in India, are replacing their phone lines with high speed internet connection, which they call VoIP, broadband phone or IP telephony. This is a powerful tool that helps to maintain a competitive edge. The company increases its productivity by simplifying and combining communication tools. VoIP services India secures your data and voice and enables the employees of your company to have easy access to the company’s network from anywhere.
People these days use video phones, wireless, desktops and pure IP based phones. Employees and businessmen make conference calls and a number of people are able to take part in a conference at the same time. They also make use of voice mail for these purposes. You can even get each voice mail emailed to you as an audio file attachment. You can directly call from your email, the person back or track miss calls.
Overseas Communication
By using VoIP you reduce your communication cost a lot. Both your personal and business as basic VoIP plans start at a very low monthly rate. You will not be required to pay any extra cost for additional features. You will be able to make local and long distance unlimited calls at very low cost. You will be benefited with features like call blocking, caller-id, 3 way calling and call forwarding.
The modem for VoIP comes free of cost as you will be reimbursed, its cost by the phone. The phone may charge you less for the services or may credit your account. VoIP providers can provide you overseas communications in the plans and make all your incoming calls free of cost. You don’t need a computer; you can plug the same into your phone or base station from your VoIP box.
No Charges for the Caller
Any VoIP service India allows 800 numbers of incoming calls for which you may pay a very low fix monthly rate. These callers need not pay any charges. The other service that this phone provides is a system that will call a few other numbers if you don’t respond to the call. It will finally reach your voice mail if there is no response from you.
You can carry the VoIP modem along with your home or office phone when you are traveling. If you plug it into a high speed internet connection, you can make and receive regular calls from any part of the world. You will be charged on local call basis. 
Convenience and Quality
Many businesses have saved a lot on their bills and enhanced their communication system with the help of VoIP without sacrificing on convenience and quality. Irrespective of the increase in traffic your internet speed remains the same.
You can make cheap calls from India to any part of the world. You can add as many extra lines with the help of VoIP and send multiple phone calls without any connectivity issues. There will not be any interruptions across your IP network.  This system will allow you to save plenty of time that you can devote to focus on what really matters for your business.
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