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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

10 Tips for Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider

The way of doing business has undergone tremendous changes in the recent times. This is the age of outsourcing. People do not all the work required for the business but give some part of the work to other agencies. For example the work of network operations is outsourced at some cloud server hosting.  

cloud hosting servicesEvaluate your requirements before outsourcing cloud hosting services: Cloud server hosting services has become a very popular option with the business houses now days because they are a lot cheaper. The business houses cannot make heavy investments and purchase the costly software but can have all the tools that can be provided to the employees. Most of the cloud services in India bunch many services in one package. Therefore before outsourcing cloud hosing India the business house should clearly estimate what services are actually required by them. But most cloud hosting India services would not allow you to do this because their packages include many such services which have no takers. If you want that you are not cheated by them you should take some precautions. Here are 10 tips for choosing cloud hosting services in India.

 Do some research: Doing some research on the internet effectively helps you. There are a large number of providers of cloud services in India and after some search on the internet you will find the most suitable provider for you.

Compare the prices: This is also very important because different providers of cloud services in India charge different rates for the same set of services. Therefore it is essential that you compare the prices of the various providers before you make a deal with any one of them. You are outsourcing your services because you want to save on costs. Therefore, why end in paying higher rates?

Check your hardware: It is also important to check your hardware before choosing a cloud computing service. The service should be compatible with the hardware you already possess. If both the things do match it will result in double expenditure for you because you will have to replace your existing hardware. 

Choose a flexible package: There are many companies in the market that also provide customized packages. Always try to choose one from them with the services bundled as per your requirements.

Read the contract thoroughly: It is equally important to thoroughly read the contract papers after you have selected the service provider. Many times it happens that the service providers add some tricky lines in the contract which may be harmful to your interests later.

Add a maintenance clause: Maintenance is always important for the smooth running of the services. Therefore always include a maintenance clause in the contract to ensure who will be responsible for the maintenance if such need arises.

Clarify about the ownership of the data: You should ensure that the information about your concern is not disclosed or sold to some other. You should also include this point in the contract paper.

Check up the security set up of the provider: You should ensure that your service provider is the member of the Cloud Security Alliance.

Decide when to outsource: Time you choose to go remote has a bearing on your business. So outsource the services at the right time.

Backup of your data: Finally, check whether your selected service provider has enough facilities to keep and provide back up of all your data in case of any mishap.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Top Reasons Why Your Business need Cloud Server

The competition in the market is tough and a fairly wide number of businesses are now making the most of cloud service providers. Taking your enterprise online with cloud servers enables you to keep a tab on not just your expenses but also your company’s operations. All this and more is possible with wasting too much time. It is specifically the amount of time and energy that you would typically spend on business accounts that you can track with a good cloud services provider. Listed below are the top reasons why your business may need a cloud server.
Automatic updates: A cloud server pool resources online which translates to all data being stored on the cloud on one dedicated server. Thus, you can make the most of auto-updates on a routine basis. What’s more, you end up spending hardly any money for this service.
Security: Business owners no longer need to be stressed about restoration and backup of data. A cloud services provider will do all that and more, and that too in a rather safe and secure manner.
Flexibility: Without batting an eyelid, we can tell you that flexibility is one of the top most benefits of incorporating a cloud service provider for your business. No longer will you be stranded at one location to complete all accounting tasks. A simple internet connection will enable you to complete all tasks at hand from any remote location. More often than not, the provided software is password-protected.
Simplicity: There’s no denying that managing a server can sometimes be a task in itself. Cloud servers are however rather simple to use, and offer guidance all along, making daily tasks an effortless affair. The user interface of these servers is likeable and very user-friendly.
Single point of communication: With almost every employee in your firm gaining access to the integrated cloud server, provided you give them access, your management and operational tasks become very smooth. All users can connect to one server in the cloud irrespective of their location and the time, further making work seamless.
Costs: The fact that you don’t end up paying upfront for a bunch of services obviously has its advantages. Cloud service providers allow you to make payments only for the features you would use, bringing down your expenditure by large amounts. With the evolution of internet-based technologies, it only makes it inevitable that service providers offer affordable bundles.
Efficient results: Rest assured that with a server in the cloud, you will get maximum benefits by putting in much less effort, obviously an upside. Innovative software allows you to make correct information available at all times while also boosting productivity. Besides, scalability is always an option that can be easily considered.

Organised information: A cloud service provider lets you organise all your information and knowledge without any hassles. You can also take help from a number of online forums to solve various queries. 24*7 customer support is an added benefit too.

So if you still haven’t considered a server in the cloud for your online business, it’s time to do so now.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

5 things to figure out before opting for Cloud solutions

You’ve pretty much decided that you would prefer cloud solutions to host and manage your websites. But have you really done a background check. With a large number of companies scurrying for space, the cloud services marketing is packed to the gills. We’re jotting down 5 things to figure out before option for cloud hosting below for this very reason:

Cloud Hosting
  1. Cost: Ask any business owner, and he/she will be upfront to tell you how effective cost management means lower stress levels. The cost of the service is without doubt what you must check and compare with other providers before you jump the gun for cloud server hosting. Analyzing the contract and going through the fees that range from one-time, monthly, etc., are a must. 
  2. Technical know-how: The fact that seamless connectivity to cloud server goes without saying makes it all the more necessary for your provider to be right on top of its game as far as technical proficiency is concerned. Your host must be capable of keeping your business running and connected at all times, minus any interruptions or lags. Complementing this feature is the assurance of uptime from your service provider. You must know beforehand the frequency of an outage your online business is likely to face, even if not accurately. Go through customer feedback before you opt for a cloud host as far as this factor is concerned.
  3. Migration and other tools: Transferring processes, data and applications is more often than not a tedious job. Before you decide to go in for a cloud host, ensure that your provider offers you enough backup and support to ease the entire migration process. Alongside, you should have also checked the tool set packaged by the company on the whole. Is security covered? How does data management with the host work? What are the analytics that can help you keep your IT costs to bare minimum? All these questions should have been answered.
  4. Performance and Security: Don’t just nod in to particular cloud solutions solely on the basis of uptime assurances. Everyday performance is also what must be kept in mind. You must be in the know of a guarantee by your provider for performance. Inspect the server, different types of processors involved, network bandwidth, disc access speeds much in advance. Accessibility of SSDs is another pointer that should feature on your checklist. There’s really no reason why you may want to ignore security, if you’ve kept a tab on everything else. It is by and large the provider’s duty and responsibility to safeguard not just your data but also the applications you employ. Complete security on this front is a must.
  5. Customer Support: One of the most important factors that you must check all through before making a pick from among the various cloud service providers in the market. What happens when your system or online business has crashed down? Will your service provider manage a debilitated application? There’s a reason why 24*7 customer care all-round the year is so precious.
Read through reviews on the web and ask questions on various cloud hosting forums to ensure that you don’t make the wrong choice and regret it later. After all, a good provider does mean that the backbone of your online business is going strong.

Monday, 21 January 2013

5 Reasons why you should move Your Small Business to a Cloud server

Data breaches are sometimes unavoidable and even large companies fall prey to the hazard. Security of data for an online business is thus of utmost importance. Most business owners are hence wary of their data online with cloud servers. Reports however suggest that cloud providers are far more secure than managing data on your own on a physical server. Cloud server India is definitely an option that you can consider. Find below 5 reasons why you should move your small business to a dedicated cloud server:
Cloud Hosting Server

 1.    Stronger security: Going by the current ecosystem on the cloud, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a series of global networks have data centers online. The available cloud providers offer to host applications with security being the backbone. Video surveillance allows most users to gain complete control over their data, a key benefit for small business owners. Onsite data is far more vulnerable and unsafe. 

2.    Smarter technology: While keeping hacks and threats at bay, the technology incorporated by most cloud servers is intelligent to say the least. With innovative encryption, you can look forward to enhanced intrusion with minimum intervention. 

3.    Compliance: The fact that you no longer spend money on getting hardware and security that is compliant with each other, is definitely a feature to watch out for. You don’t end up spending as much money on maintenance of hardware too. For most small and even mid-sized businesses, this can make work far smoother. 

4.    Cost-effective: The fact that a dedicated cloud server is much more cost effective than having a physical device on location goes without saying. With the right equipment and the internet, you can save much on your finances. It’s important for you to know that managing employees is far easier too. All your employees can work remotely with access from the server, helping you save on valuable time too. 

5.    Focus on your business: The fact that you won’t be tearing your hair over mundane issues will help you really center all your attention on, well, your business. You won’t be fretting over IT issues and other hardware problem. You can rest assured about all your documents being completely safe in the cloud. Besides, unpredictable circumstances like a fire or electrical surge will not see you stressing out.

With adequate amount of research, getting an efficient cloud provider for your business is no longer a dream. Weigh the pros over the cons, and you will clearly see yourself veering towards the cloud. There is a sea of options that you can choose from and you don’t really have to spend too much time over it too. An online business can reap maximum benefits from such providers. Online research should let you make a choice from among a range of affordable bundles. All you need to do is get a fair idea and clarity on the kind of requirements your business would see. And yes, there are services for every kind of business. Additionally, the fact that you can keep your data in one central location is without a doubt a great upside.

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