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Friday, 8 March 2013

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Business to VoIP Services

Business houses these days are using high speed internet connections called VoIP services in place of mobile phones. It is a very good tool that provides an edge to a business over others. The major advantage of this communication tool is that it avails a viable security for your data and an easy access of the company’s network to the employees. Therefore VoIP phone India services are becoming exceedingly popular. 

Business men and employees can make video conferencing by using VoIP services. This allows many persons to take part at a time. The persons can directly be called from the mail box.  This has also made VoIP calls to India from abroad via the international clients’ very popular and economical means of communication. Looking into the popularity of the VoIP calls many service providers are available and you easily can hire a suitable VoIP service provider.  There are many advantages offered by these elite services of VoIP. Top 10 reasons why you should switch your business to efficacious services of VoIP are given below:

No missed calls:  The calls on VoIP systems can follow you anywhere. The calls are followed automatically redirected on any gadget may be a mobile phone or voice mail.  This feature is very important because a missed call may be your potential customer whom you may lose.

Working together becomes easier:  If a call is not attended by one person it can easily be forwarded to the next one in the queue. Due to this facility the work of the organization does not suffer due to non availability of one person on his seat. Your clients are also not annoyed because their calls are not attended.

Automatic routing of your calls: You can decide which call is to be diverted to which desk. Similarly you can manage where the calls received after office working hours are to be sent to. This increases flexibility of working.

Free calls: VoIP service provider in India allows your already existing IP infrastructure to route your calls. This is a great benefit from VoIP phone India because you can use one network for your calls as well as data. This also allows your telecallers to use company’s infrastructure from their homes. If your company has more than one work site anywhere around the globe then VoIP calls to India can make much difference to your business because you are always connected to the company’s network without any communication cost.

Lowest call rates: At present there are many internet telephony service providers available in the market. This has created fierce competition and therefore the lowest call rates are now offered by the VoIP service provider. In fact combination of traditional and IP calls can be very cost effective in the present scenario.

Integrated voice mail, fax and email facility:  This makes a single point of contact for your business. Further not only saves your paper cost but also assist you to create a greener world.
Easy to use: Easy to use web interface which is available with these VoIP services makes the work easy. The commands are easy and use can have all the features of a PBX on your web interface.

You can call everywhere using your phone or computer: This feature allows unlimited flexibility to your work and your phone or laptop becomes an effective business tool. 

Your existing applications can be integrated: All your applications can be integrated with the VoIP system which dramatically is your capacity to handle calls.

No lock in period: You are free to buy whatever you want. You do not have any lock in period or initial investments to make.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Key Benefits of business VoIP

voip phone system
VoIP Services in India

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol enables a user to make long distance calls by means of a simple broadband connection from any given location. Business VoIP services are analogous to traditional residential VoIP services that provide small and medium business ventures with certain added features that help their development. VoIP services in India are growing steadily and every major city has VoIP service providers. The question arises as to why a small or medium business should switch to a VoIP service. Here listed are a few key benefits of VoIP services in India:
1)    Cost effective: The first criterion that most business ventures look for prior to conversion of any system is the cost involved. The cost of using a VoIP service is much cheaper than using a conventional telephone service especially while making long distance or international calls.
2)    Convenience: Convenience is a crucial factor in any major policy change as if convenience is compromised then the cost saving becomes redundant. VoIP services have the major advantage that they are portable in the sense that the only requirement is a broadband connection. All one needs to do is connect their VoIP phone or laptop to any accessible internet connection and get the dial tone immediately. This is essentially useful while travelling. In airports one can simply access the free Wi-Fi connection to make international calls.
3)    Flexibility: VoIP service providers India allows you access to certain features that are not possible or highly complicated with traditional phones. Some are listed below:
·         VoIP service providers India allows you to make telephone calls via your laptop. One needs to just connect a headphone with a microphone to the laptop and they can make and receive calls. So even while sitting in a cafe one need not miss calls from important clients.
·         VoIP services India also offers you the convenience of having your voicemails and faxes directly to your mailbox, allowing you to access everything in one location.
·         A voice call can be rerouted to different phones such as your mobile, landline, laptop, office line etc. This has proven to improve productivity saving up to 4 hours a week per employee.
·         Power cuts and system crashes are no longer a problem with VoIP services. If while talking your system crashes you can route your calls to another device immediately. Power cuts are a frequent problem in many Indian cities and the increasing VoIP services India are ideal for such offices.
4)    Multi-functionality: This is perhaps one of the prime benefits of VoIP services. VoIP not only allows you to make phone calls but also organizes telephone and video conferences. So while travelling one need not miss out on office meetings that would need their input and consideration. From an airport or taxi or even a hotel room, a video conference can be organized. With Indian companies taking their business abroad this is highly useful.
Keeping in mind all these pointers it is evident that VoIP services are perfect for developing businesses and also to improve quality of established businesses. They ensure customer satisfaction by eliminating any time delays and simultaneously maintain cost efficiency and management. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

10 Reasons Why to select VoIP for small business phone systems

As time has passed, VoIP services or Voice over Internet Protocol have also evolved. There are a number of companies that offer this phone system in affordable bundles. First and foremost, this technology keeps at bay the hassles of poor quality. Additionally, a VoIP service provider nowadays offers a sea of features which if nothing else, will surely help you boost your business. If you haven’t already given this technology more than a thought, we’re telling you precisely why you should. Here are 10 reasons why to select VoIP for small business phone systems.

VoIP Service connection
VoIP Services
  1. Cost-Efficient: Without a doubt, cost is the most important factor for any small business. A VoIP service provider will ensure that this very need of yours is catered to efficiently. You no longer have to worry about extensive phone bills that run into pages. VoIP calls to India in particular are rather cheap. You can easily choose from a range of packages that can help you keep your finances in check
  2. All – in –one: When you install a VoIP phone, you are automatically integrating a number of services into one neat bundle. So all your communication needs can be taken care of through one simple phone system. Whether it is voicemail, video calls, email, text messages, fax or simply transfer of images, you no longer have to worry about installing different hardware for each of these functions. Phone systems with VoIP competently manage all of these in one.
  3. Voicemails through email: One of the most sought after features for most business users is the ability to receive voicemail seamlessly. Yes, VoIP takes care of that too. Imagine your convenience at having your voicemails being received in your email inbox, and that too as a WAV file for simple access. No longer a dream! This is possible with VoIP technology.
  4. Network integration: VoIP phone India or for that matter any service provider offering this technology lets you effortlessly integrate you current network within the phone system. This can be really a boon when you are migrating from one phone system to another, VoIP in this case.
  5. Relocation: The next time you shift your office / business location, you no longer have to follow up with your telephone company to restore your services. With VoIP, you can keep the same number irrespective of your location in a completely stress free manner. The main reason for this is that the technology is powered by the web. So, simply have your internet connection in place and you’re ready to go.
  6. Effortless Call Diversion: Sometimes, even a simple task of getting your calls diverted can be a task for a small business, if the telephone provider is a laggard. But this will no longer be a issue, should you move over to Voice over Internet Protocol. Have your calls diverted to any phone, no matter where it is located across the globe.
  7. Management & Installation: Not only is a VoIP telephone system easy to install, but also effortless to manage. You gain complete control and flexibility over your business communication thus. What’s more, you can rest assured about the disaster recovery options being a breeze too.
  8. Access: A good service provider for VoIP will make it simple for you to access your digital recordings as and when you need them. The comprehensive report process should keep you smiling for parts too.
  9. Contacts: Maintaining, managing and accessing your contacts is now possible irrespective of the device at hand. Whether you have a desktop or a phone, you can easily gain control over contact accessibility.
  10. Remote Assignments: Probably the biggest advantage of VoIP is that it lets you deploy all your tasks remotely.
As seen above, VoIP services can really have umpteen benefits for small business phone systems.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Benefits of VoIP in your business

If the budget for your business is tight, VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol serves as the best means of communication. Basically, VoIP is a technology that enables users to call others with the help of the internet by transforming sound into digital voice. It keeps at bay the traditional phone calling system. In other words, using the services of VoIP providers will employ resources from your existing broadband and won’t see you spending separately for communication.

Business users can find a large number of advantages of using VoIP services. A handful of benefits have been listed below: 

Transportability: The best part about internet calling is the portability it offers. Since you won’t be working with a traditional device, you can rest assured of connectivity irrespective of your location. Calling through the internet gives the convenience of being in touch with users with the help of a simple broadband connection. All you have to do to make the most of this service is log in to your internet voice calling id and make calls. Cost is taken care of too while also being assured of accessibility over email. An additional accessory is a headset that should serve your purpose just right. 

Multi-Functional: One of the reasons why making voice calls wins hands down over the traditional phone system is the multi-functionality on offer. While voice calls are an important feature of this service, business users can also set up video conference calls within no time. Whether you’re touching base with your clients or colleagues, discussions, meetings, agendas and sending files can all be done seamlessly. You no longer have to worry about not being in touch with everyone or missing important meetings if you’re travelling out of town.

Cost-effective: Ask any business owner, and he/she will be more than prompt to tell you how important staying in a budget is for any company. With the ability to make voice calls across the internet, you are saving much money as compared to the traditional phone system. The cost incurred in frequent long distance calls is also taken care of with this technology, one of the most important reasons why business owners prefer switching over to this system. Companies that generally depend a lot on calls on a routine basis can in particular make the most of this service to expand their business.

Scalability and Flexibility: Whether it’s adding new phone numbers or simply using extensions, VoIP services allow you to do this with much ease. It doesn’t involve any extra money or time to set up all of this. What’s more, business owners have the flexibility to still use their traditional phone system along with an adapter. Similarly, a converter to make voice calls over the internet can be plugged to your computer to use this service. You also have the option to make calls with your very own voice calling number over the internet.

In this highly connected age, it only makes sense to adapt to advancing technology. Voice call services over the internet are just one among such growing tends. By employing the services of internet calling, you should not only be able to stay within your budget for your company, but also be tension-free in terms of connectivity.
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