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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

5 Reasons why your BPO business needs a VOIP

A growing number of companies are now opening up to the benefits of VoIP. Employing newer applications and better technology, BPO businesses in particular are making the most of VoIP platforms. Whether it’s an interactive chat application or simply being available all the time, the technology can be really useful. It offers users a unified means of communication which can be really useful in the long run. If you still haven’t given it a thought, here are 5 reasons why your BPO business needs a VoIP. 

voip connection1.      Lower Costs: The basic advantage of VoIP is that you get an international calling card at really cheap rates, a definite upside for business owners. Enterprises can look forward to packaging autonomous voice and data networks efficiently which really lessen the burden on the finances. It’s only obvious that having one single high speed network line for all means of communication instead of multiple ones will see that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

2.   Hardware: Cheap calls from India with a VoIP service provider are no longer a dream. Much in contrast to traditional voice devices, a VoIP-enabled device will make it easier for you to maintain calls. BPO businesses for that matter can effortlessly have CRM systems put in place, irrespective of their workforce. If your contact center is located remotely, this feature will definitely offer more flexibility for smooth operations.

3.      Efficiency in Operations: International calling cards India thanks to VoIP will allow BPO businesses to make the most of speedy connections. This can be a boost for call centers which primarily derive all their traffic through efficient communication means. You can rest assured about the call abandon rates coming down drastically courtesy of the call linkage feature. Most dialers have long pauses, forcing consumers to make a connection with sales calls, a put off really. 

4.  Automatic Recording: Another benefit of a VoIP-enabled internet calling card is that calls can be recorded automatically. This allows companies to trace back calls even if they have been missed for some reason. 

5.      Automation of processes: In addition to the above, incorporating VoIP technology in call centers can also allow users to automate their internal processes. The provided customer intelligence makes it easy for providers to not just up the quality of their services but also their sales programs. What’s more, productivity can be supervised minus any hassles thanks to the calls being recorded.

Most BPOs today are more than just voice calls. Interactive chats and email is an imminent feature and making the most of them with VoIP will definitely boost their business. Better call distribution systems, voice control and call resolution are some added advantages. Allowing the internet to route calls is definitely more than a helping hand. Imagine being able to seamlessly control various remote locations through a centralised office. The coming years will definitely see this technology being adopted at a better rate. It holds benefits for not just the employer but also the employees. Yes, international calling cards India is the way to go.

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