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Thursday, 14 March 2013

How does a leased line connection offer such high speeds?

Leased Line Connection
High Speed Internet Connection

Most business users today are on the lookout for internet connections that can live up their promise of better connections and enhanced speed. An internet leased line for website owners can be for this very purpose and more. High speed, advanced performance and seamless communication are just a handful of the upsides on offer. Besides, internet connections that are leased are also secure in nature, allow risk-free data services. Deploying leased lines to function with a router that works an intelligent component of the network is thus an effortless process. Below is a list of things that tell us just how a leased line connection actually works to offer such high speeds:

Connectivity: Robust internet speeds is just one of the many benefits of working with leased lines. Naturally the price of such connections is much higher, which in turn makes it all the more necessary that the provider delivers high quality of service. The ability to transmit data at high speeds comes naturally to an internet leased line. This allows business owners to work in an environment that is stress free and helps enhance productivity. The fact that you get complete support is also a reason to rejoice.

Instant Customer Support: In more cases than one, a leased line service provider is pretty prompt as far as customer support is concerned. Constant high speed connectivity allows the provider to connect seamlessly to users, which can be really great for an online business. Even in times of high traffic, the connection is such that issues can be sorted rapidly without much intervention. It is obviously much easier for users to get in touch with customer service staff for both tech and other queries. Troubleshooting on the whole is brought down largely due there being a singular internet connection.

Enhanced Equipment: Since nearly all equipment required for a leased line is offered by a provider, it is only inevitable that tasks are managed efficiently. A loop circuit positioned in the locality allows the router to work without any issues at high speed. In comparison to a conventional internet solution, users are offered greater advantage in terms of connectivity. Having a continuous online presence is completely easy with the high reliability the equipment provides.

Advanced performance: With leased line connection providers, users can rest in peace as far as superior performance is concerned. The media employed for communication by providers is well-rounded and detailed to the core. More often than not, it is tailored to allow sufficient guarantee of advanced performance to say the least. The fact that such lines incorporate fiber connections only makes them all the more advantageous. This by default allows users better performance along with higher speeds. In a traditional scenario, satellite or copper wires lack in this respect.

In addition to internet connection for file transfers and data transmission, leased lines also function well for video transmissions and all kinds of voice communication. And mind you, all this is offered at the highest quality possible. The service can thus benefit not just consumers but employees too since they can plan and organise their work in a better way, thanks to precious time being saved. For most expanding businesses, this kind of connection is really a great option.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Make your business communication reliable with leased lines

internet leased line connection
Leased Line Internet Connection
What is a leased line? How is it an effective tool for business communications? If you are already aware of the benefits of a leased connection, then it is well and good. However, if you still haven’t heard of this great method of effective and guaranteed business communications, then presented here is all the info you would need to know before you are using a leased connection. 

A leased connection is a permanent symmetric telecommunication line joining two geographically distant locations. The rate of operating a leased line is fixed charge that the operator receives from the customer. A leased connection does not have a telephone number as it is a direct private line exclusively for carrying data from a single customer. Unlike conventional telephone lines where various users use a single line by a process known as ‘switching’, in leased communications the line is meant to be exclusive, therefore quality service is guaranteed. India is one of the few countries where leased communication is available for customers. Customers connect to the leased connection by either telephone lines ADSL, Wi-Fi or through OFC. You can have optimum uptime guarantee coverage of about 99% by the use of leased connections, therefore making sure that you never have to suffer from a lapse of communication. However, the network termination equipment for the leased line connection, like the data service unit and the channel service unit must be managed by the customer.

The systems of leased lines are extremely useful to maintain direct communication between two offices located at different locations. This system offers peer to peer VoIP connection, and users can also share videos and voice calls through the system. High speed broadband internet connection can also be established through a leased connection. However, the cost of accessing the internet through leased connections is significantly more than dial up connections, but the cost remains fixed despite heavy usage of the internet. This system is highly beneficial for businesses who would like to have an uninterrupted and direct communication line between different offices.

Apart from the direct guaranteed service between two offices through a permanent secured line, there are other benefits of using leased connections as well. For instance, heavy users of the internet benefit from the fixed rent they have to pay, therefore making cost calculations of internet easier. For frequent communication between the two offices too, the customer does not have to count every call charge because of the single monthly payment. Leased lines are available in different packages. Each package signifies different speeds. The T1 connection (1.544 Mb/s) and the E1 connection (2.048Mbit/s) are commonly preferred by heavy users. There are low speed connections as well like the 128Kbit/s, 512 Kbit/s, 1 Mb/s etc. High speed connections like the 8Mbit/s and the 16 Mb/s are also preferred by high end users. 

The leased line connection is beneficial for companies who share a lot of data between distant office locations. Also, companies who want a VoIP service at a fixed monthly rate increasingly prefer leased lines.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Top 5 Benefits of a Leased Line Service

For a business, without a doubt, an uninterrupted internet connection can male all the difference. With the evolution of technology, there are many ways in which you can access the internet. Among the many options, a leased line service certainly scores brownie points for the various benefits offered. At least, if you compare it with broadband connectivity, you’ll find that if you run a large business this type of connection has many advantages. Following are the top 5 benefits of a leased service.

Leased Line Connection
  1. More often than not, a broadband service provider will share the connectivity offered to you to with many people in a particular locality. Your connectivity thus boils down to the best bandwidth you can avail of instead of a promised bandwidth level. A leased line on the contrary offers fixed bandwidth. The dedicated connection will ensure that you aren’t sharing services with any other company/ business.
  2. Primarily, everything in an online business boils down to the internet speed offered. With a broadband connection, the optimisation of internet speeds is mainly tuned for downloads and uploads work much slower. A leased line connection on the other hand coughs up download and uploads that work at pretty much the same speed, adding to your connectivity. Obviously, you benefit for services like mail servers, video conferencing and hosting your website which can be rather critical to your business.
  3. Another upside of a leased line connection is that you can choose from a range of bandwidth. The choices are varied. Dependability on the connection is also much higher and you can rest assured about the performance of your website. While being to effortlessly monitor the connectivity, internet latency and jitter too should not be much of an issue. An efficient service provider includes SLA in the package too.
  4. An internet connection that is leased in nature also guarantees higher quality service at least in comparison to broadband. Organisations can thus function in a more effective manner and tasks that require high internet usage are no longer a hassle. With businesses that employ a huge workforce, a leased provider can help build a fully functional virtual private network. This will allow smooth operations between various branches of the company.
  5. Broadband connections generally don’t have much in terms of high bandwidth to offer. A leased service will however pretty much take care of this aspect effortlessly. The unlimited plans offered by the latter will help you make more economical choices in terms of the bundle you choose. Besides, whether you wish to run your own web server or simply applications that are important, permanent IP address provided by a leased connection will see you smiling more often.
Dedicated internet connectivity that gives you direct access to the web should only be more beneficial to your business, if not anything else. What a leased service does is that it gives you connection to the internet through their nearest nodal point via cable or wire. Some companies may do so through an internet link.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

10 Points to remember while selecting a dedicated internet leased line services

For most small and medium sized businesses, a dedicated leased line can be more of a saviour than anything else. Yes, the internet service provider and kind of services you choose can really be quite important for your online business. A committed line for internet helps you keep a check on smooth running of web applications even at extremely high levels. What’s more, you can rest assured about advanced security across the web too. Accompaniments like speedy data transfers and just basic connectivity never hurt anyone in particular. Here is a list of 10 points to keep in mind when picking a committed leased line provider:

1.      Those on the lookout for fast bandwidth can breathe easy about this one aspect with a dedicated leased line. Efficient providers will assure you speedy connectivity across the web while also being extremely professional about the services they provide.

2.      Choosing the right package as far as leased line services are concerned can make or break the situation. You must check that the provider you choose gives internet availability at all times by default.

3.      A really considerable service will allow incompetency in services to be compensated in monetary terms. It’s a good thing to check that your package includes an SLA so that you can rest in peace about a lot of things. 

4.      Cost-effectiveness in a packaged offered by your internet service provider is another important aspect. You should ideally be paying for no more than the bandwidth you are using in real-time. You have the choice of letting the provider include a wide array of IPs and static domains.

leased line services
Leased Line Service Provider
5.      Checking the dependability of the provider you choose to go with can help you in the long run. This is mainly because the provider will be offering features like secondary and primary servers along with DOS migration. Hence always check the details of the provider carefully, and it’s best to have gone through a couple of reviews regarding the company too.

6.      In the event you need added support, a company that has a service account manager at your beck and call will be a good thing, even if it’s something as basic as reaching out to the said company via phone or a helpdesk.

7.      Backup services if put in place appropriately can mean a lot to any online business. That’s precisely where customer service comes in place. Taking full responsibility in times of outage, handling disaster situations well can mean a lot for your business. A provider with great customer support will keep you updated with alerts for issues. On this front, ensure that you keep the point of view of both past and present customers of the provider in mind.

8.      A little bit of research can do you much good and also help you stay confident about your service provider. Select a committed line only after you’ve gone through customer feedback carefully. After all, you would be paying for the service and you would definitely want to make the most of it. 

9.      Comparing service levels of various providers can really help a lot. A committed line can help you keep multiple offices hooked together effortlessly or even VPN along with seamless connectivity. Accessing the internet thus becomes a breeze.

10.  You mostly need to figure out beforehand the number of users connecting via the provider along with the applications that will be employed. The lease line size should help you ascertain whether it meets your requirements or not. 

Staying in touch and communicating often like everything else in life can matter a lot as far as a committed internet provider is concerned. Voice opinions, ask for advice and get your queries solved with the helping hand of a good company. Most of your requirements should thus be taken care of.

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