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Friday, 25 January 2013

5 Ways how leased Lines benefit your business

Leased Line Connection
Leased Line Connection

So you still haven’t made up your mind over a leased line connection? For an online business, it’s only inevitable that owners think wisely before coming to any conclusion. You must use your money wisely and look at benefits that will boost your business in the long run. First and foremost, it is important to understand what exactly will be the returns for your business should you decide to incorporate an internet leased line. Analyse correctly the various requirements of your company and you should be good to go. Here are 5 ways how leased lines benefit your business:

1.    Remote Network Connection: In more cases than one, business users take up a lease line when they find it unavoidable to generate endpoints in different locations. So if you company is situated in one place and you have various branches scattered over a particular region, you may want to know that an internet leased line will make communication simpler for you. What’s more, you will have at hand a committed cable that can be used completely for your business. This will help you avoid unnecessary traffic congestions and the hassles of bandwidth sharing. Network speeds and performance will both see a spike. Additionally, you can also look forward to better security for your network. 

2.    Faster Speed: While broadband connections may be fast, a lease line brings with it the ability to satiate user preferences without affecting the speed of a network. A number of ISPs in the market today are a pro at offering more than 8Mbps of speed. It is essential that you understand no matter what the speed of the network you use, it is prone to interferences, drops and lags, services are of pretty much no use. A leased line connection makes it possible to work in optimum speeds in such scenarios. 

3.    Seamless upload and download speed: With broadband connections, you are by default working with asymmetrical speeds. Mainly, it is only download speeds that are worth a mention. Upload speeds offered are definitely not something that you can boast about. For a business, both upload and download speeds are of equal importance. With routine work involving factors like file transfers, video conferences, VoIP and web hosting among other things, leased lines step in as the perfect solutions for speed concerns. Companies can thus save on both time and help enhance their productivity. 

4.    Dependable technology: There’s no denying that leased connections in comparison to ADSL are far better. Technical glitches are taken care of with the former since they use sophisticated lines to function. They employ copper lines and run on fibre optics allowing far advanced data transmission along with efficiency. The best part is that your communication lines are not shared with any other user, keeping data interference and the chances of being affected by other connections at bay. 

5.    Higher consumer satisfaction: It’s only obvious that since you end up paying much more for leased connections, the providers offer better consumer service. In most cases, this is true and customer satisfaction with such connections is relatively higher. Users can rest assured about assistance and guidance all along with better service, making it effortless to solve issues. 

Research well and read reviews of providers to ensure that you pick the one with the best service. Most providers are pretty prompt in monitoring and maintaining the connections they offer. Even persistent and serious problems are managed in a jiffy. Should you be stuck, you know for sure that the provider is right at your desk, solving the problem within no time. For businesses that are highly dependent on the internet, this type of connection also proves to be cost-effective.
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