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Friday, 8 February 2013

5 top reasons why your business needs MS Dynamics CRM

In your search for effective CRM solutions for your enterprise, you may have overlooked the obvious. The MS dynamics CRM is an effective solution for enterprises looking for a good CRM system. It has many advantages. Therefore, presented here are 5 top reasons, why an MS CRM online would be the best for you.
microsoft dynamics crm

1.      Integration with MS outlook and MS excel: Both MS outlook and MS excel are inevitable tools for business operations. With the MS dynamics CRM, you can extend the services of both these platforms to be more effective. MS outlook becomes a tool for managing customer info as the vital data like marketing pitches, sales call information, and lead information is put into one central location for your staff. The MS hosted exchange services feature a pertinent excel connection by which you can instantly convert your customer information into neatly arranged excel sheets. This makes the work smooth, office friendly and clean.

2.      Selective distribution of information: Certain employees need certain information and certain employees do not need certain information. Keeping this in mind, the CRM is an effective tool for filtering and providing selective information to different employee groups. The CRM administrator can see who is provided with what information. Even when an employee is offline, the data can be transferred. Therefore, your employees are productive even when they are on the road and not connected to a network. This increases the productivity of the company and reduces costs.

3.      Streamlining your marketing campaign: Formulating an effective marketing strategy that will increase your sales is an important part of any business. For proper streamlining of your marketing campaign, you need the Microsoft hosted exchange. There is a dedicated marketing automation module simplifying marketing tasks like developing lead lists and customer lists, specific targeting of individual customers, analyzing the follow up campaign and deciding the next strategy based on the analytics presented by the MS CRM online. This is a great tool in deciding the next best direction your marketing campaign should take.

4.      Creating analytical business reports: One of the foremost benefits of a MS dynamics CRM is the analytical part. The CRM provides proper analysis of the various components of business functioning through the SQL engine for server reporting services. The reporting engine coordinates effortlessly with the SQL server to generate highly effective data reports that can be further structured in MS excel for better viewing. Once you generate the reports through the MS hosted exchange services, you can distribute it selectively to your employees for better functioning. This coordination of services is a key feature of the MS dynamics CRM. 

5.      Simplification of service scheduling: You can effortlessly simplify service scheduling in Microsoft hosted exchange. You never have to miss out another important service call from a specific customer as all the customer data is specifically present in the CRM. The service scheduling tasks can be therefore easily managed by the professionals without unnecessary delays. The CRM categorizes service calls into various types for easy actions.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Use Exchange Server for Small Businesses

Ms hosted exchange
Exchange Server

A great solution for collaboration and sharing contacts, emailing task and calendar is Microsoft hosted exchange Email with Outlook Web Access and Outlook. For using the hosted exchange there are ten top reasons. Hosted exchange services have enabled a large number of businesses in terms of improving practices of working and efficiency. A few years back if in case you owned a small business server or exchange, then this was available.

Without having to worry about costs and complications of owning a server of your own, the benefits of the MS exchange can be gained with hosted exchange solutions.  Both the software and hardware are looked after well by the company offering the solutions. All that you need to do is get connected to the internet and make the most of it.

Costs related to hosted services have seen a reduction due to the competition prevailing in the market. This indicates that for considering a hosted solution there couldn’t be a better time. What are the 10 reasons behind selecting an exchange server over a server solution onsite, for small businesses?

Simple Setup

For a solution onsite, a configuration, installation and setup are needed and have to be done by a professional which can take a day or two.  All that is required in a hosted solution is user account creation via the control panel and no server for setting up. There are no hassles to face, no time for engineering or obtaining licenses.

Affordable Budget: The monthly payments are very easy to make thus simplifying your budget as compared to an onsite server where there are costs related to downtime, etc.


To run the small business server or an exchange of your own, expenses will need to be incurred on the hardware and license besides hidden costs, related to racking, administration, power, etc. In comparison the hosted exchange server costs less, thus offering great value for money.

Disaster Recovery: As far as disaster recovery is concerned, there is no issue faced with the Microsoft online hosted exchange. Data centers of this exchange are geo redundant. This means that if data is lost at one data center, then it can be recovered from another data center since data storage is not limited to just one single location. Uninterrupted services can be enjoyed besides making your data as safe as possible.

Security: MS hosted exchange by default also offers anti-spam and antivirus as well, so there is hardly anything for you to worry about.

Best Connectivity: The best options possible for connectivity are offered with MS hosted exchange at no extra cost.

Superb Uptime

The uptime offered is about 99.9%. To reach this uptime on an onsite server, it would definitely cost a lot of money.

Scalability: It does not matter, how many accounts you need since the MS hosted solution allows creation of as many accounts needed.

Go Green: This hosted solution is a superb choice to make the environment greener. Both the hardware of the server and power are used in an efficient manner.

Trained Experts for Setting Up: Certified and trained experts help in setting up the MS hosted exchange solution. Any kind issues, if faced, are dealt with by the experts.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Optimizing Business Productivity with Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Client Management software is hosted then business growth can be ensured. In any business, the customer is the lifeblood and to make the customers happy, professionals in the sales force need to put in all required effort.
Microsoft hosted CRM
Just as maintaining all the current customers is important in the same way, to maintain a full sales funnel, there is need to identify news customers. To help turn prospective clients into customers and improve your efficiency in customer service it is very necessary to consider client management software called Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
 Ensure business growth
 This tool is powerful enough to ensure business growth and in the process helps in increasing the margin of profit. This software has one aspect which is important and that is attracting prospects. Talking to a significant list of prospective customers is a very important thing for the sales team. Activities of clients can be monitored and better clients get added to the list of existing customers with good quality software.
 Without such software it is difficult keeping up with the company’s opportunities that keep coming up. An analysis of prospects can be made and campaigns for marketing can be created to help generate revenue with software of such a kind. This software helps you in creating a huge customer list which is keen in the kind of services and products your organization has to offer.
 Good software in place
 One of the best ways to take customers to the next step is the Microsoft dynamics CRM software. Real opportunities can be identified and a plan for closing those opportunities can be developed. Better sales are ensured due to the processes of sales involved. On a regular basis, details related to sales can be attended to when good software is in place.
 It is possible to pay greater attention to interested customers due to this software. Appointments can be scheduled and calls can be followed up which can help deliver service to customers at a winning level. Interface of the MS dynamics CRM software is truly an impressive one especially the one offered with mobile devices. Mobility in computer applications has been best understood by Microsoft in the world of business which has been developing rapidly.
 Dynamic CRM software
 Any of the information related to contact management can be accessed by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. All the information required can be obtained in a split second on the mobile devices and decisions for the company can be made accordingly. Some of the biggest contracts can be nailed down and all the main clients of the business can be made as happy as ever.
To get Microsoft CRM 2011 software it is very necessary consider one of the topmost providers. If it is considered from a premium company then by maintaining an effective customer list, growth in business can be fully assured. To find a good provider, one of the best ideas is to conduct an extensive research on the internet and look up sites dedicated to Microsoft Dynamic CRM software.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Methods of Ensuring Business Growth with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

ms dynamic crm
MS Dynamics CRM
For any kind of business, it is the customer who is the lifeblood. Happiness of every customer is best ensured by the sales team in any company.  Just making a few customers and retaining them is not at all sufficient. To ensure a successful business enterprise, efforts need to be put in to also increase the number of customers over a period of time with appropriate business applications.
The sales full need to be kept filled up to the brim at all times.  One of the best software that is being used is software for client management termed as Microsoft dynamics CRM. This software helps in ensuring efficient service to customers and help in turning a prospective customer into a real buyer. The tool is a powerful which is most effective in ensuring growth for any business.
Increase Profit Margins
In turn your profit margin can also be increased to great lengths. Many prospects get attracted to your business with MS dynamic CRM, which is one of its most important aspects. Having a good client list is very essential to identify potential clients.  It is extremely difficult to not only quality but monitor activities of clients if good software is not in place. The company too will not be able to benefit or keep up with the opportunities as well without effective software.
Prospects can be best analyzed with the Microsoft Dynamic CRM software and generate revenue by creating a marketing campaign that is effective enough. With greatest ease, clients can be identified and lots of time can be spending in communicating with them to get them interested in your company. If you are looking towards taking prospects to the next level then considering this MS dynamic CRM software is a must.
Identify Real Opportunities
Real opportunities can be identified and accordingly a plan can be developed to close opportunities. More sales are generated if a detailed processing of sales is followed. The software allows users to attend to details on a regular basis which also helps in indicating to customer that they have your attention. Timely submissions of proposals are made and complete information is ensured.
Appointments are scheduled in due time and calls related to follow up are made. This proves to be helpful in delivering customer service at winning levels. The kind of interface provided by Microsoft dynamics CRM software is truly impressive especially for use in mobile devices.
Allows Making Split Second Decisions
The importance of mobility in computer applications is understood best by Microsoft. In the world of business applications have been evolving rapidly in the past few years. It does not matter what kind management information you require since this software allows easy accessibility to all desired information.
The software allows users to make split second decision which is useful in nailing down some of the biggest contracts. Most of the major clients of the company can be kept happy in their association with your company. There are a number of providers for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software on the internet and you can find a good one after conducting an extensive research on the same.

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