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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Key Benefits of business VoIP

voip phone system
VoIP Services in India

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol enables a user to make long distance calls by means of a simple broadband connection from any given location. Business VoIP services are analogous to traditional residential VoIP services that provide small and medium business ventures with certain added features that help their development. VoIP services in India are growing steadily and every major city has VoIP service providers. The question arises as to why a small or medium business should switch to a VoIP service. Here listed are a few key benefits of VoIP services in India:
1)    Cost effective: The first criterion that most business ventures look for prior to conversion of any system is the cost involved. The cost of using a VoIP service is much cheaper than using a conventional telephone service especially while making long distance or international calls.
2)    Convenience: Convenience is a crucial factor in any major policy change as if convenience is compromised then the cost saving becomes redundant. VoIP services have the major advantage that they are portable in the sense that the only requirement is a broadband connection. All one needs to do is connect their VoIP phone or laptop to any accessible internet connection and get the dial tone immediately. This is essentially useful while travelling. In airports one can simply access the free Wi-Fi connection to make international calls.
3)    Flexibility: VoIP service providers India allows you access to certain features that are not possible or highly complicated with traditional phones. Some are listed below:
·         VoIP service providers India allows you to make telephone calls via your laptop. One needs to just connect a headphone with a microphone to the laptop and they can make and receive calls. So even while sitting in a cafe one need not miss calls from important clients.
·         VoIP services India also offers you the convenience of having your voicemails and faxes directly to your mailbox, allowing you to access everything in one location.
·         A voice call can be rerouted to different phones such as your mobile, landline, laptop, office line etc. This has proven to improve productivity saving up to 4 hours a week per employee.
·         Power cuts and system crashes are no longer a problem with VoIP services. If while talking your system crashes you can route your calls to another device immediately. Power cuts are a frequent problem in many Indian cities and the increasing VoIP services India are ideal for such offices.
4)    Multi-functionality: This is perhaps one of the prime benefits of VoIP services. VoIP not only allows you to make phone calls but also organizes telephone and video conferences. So while travelling one need not miss out on office meetings that would need their input and consideration. From an airport or taxi or even a hotel room, a video conference can be organized. With Indian companies taking their business abroad this is highly useful.
Keeping in mind all these pointers it is evident that VoIP services are perfect for developing businesses and also to improve quality of established businesses. They ensure customer satisfaction by eliminating any time delays and simultaneously maintain cost efficiency and management. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

10 Reasons Why to select VoIP for small business phone systems

As time has passed, VoIP services or Voice over Internet Protocol have also evolved. There are a number of companies that offer this phone system in affordable bundles. First and foremost, this technology keeps at bay the hassles of poor quality. Additionally, a VoIP service provider nowadays offers a sea of features which if nothing else, will surely help you boost your business. If you haven’t already given this technology more than a thought, we’re telling you precisely why you should. Here are 10 reasons why to select VoIP for small business phone systems.

VoIP Service connection
VoIP Services
  1. Cost-Efficient: Without a doubt, cost is the most important factor for any small business. A VoIP service provider will ensure that this very need of yours is catered to efficiently. You no longer have to worry about extensive phone bills that run into pages. VoIP calls to India in particular are rather cheap. You can easily choose from a range of packages that can help you keep your finances in check
  2. All – in –one: When you install a VoIP phone, you are automatically integrating a number of services into one neat bundle. So all your communication needs can be taken care of through one simple phone system. Whether it is voicemail, video calls, email, text messages, fax or simply transfer of images, you no longer have to worry about installing different hardware for each of these functions. Phone systems with VoIP competently manage all of these in one.
  3. Voicemails through email: One of the most sought after features for most business users is the ability to receive voicemail seamlessly. Yes, VoIP takes care of that too. Imagine your convenience at having your voicemails being received in your email inbox, and that too as a WAV file for simple access. No longer a dream! This is possible with VoIP technology.
  4. Network integration: VoIP phone India or for that matter any service provider offering this technology lets you effortlessly integrate you current network within the phone system. This can be really a boon when you are migrating from one phone system to another, VoIP in this case.
  5. Relocation: The next time you shift your office / business location, you no longer have to follow up with your telephone company to restore your services. With VoIP, you can keep the same number irrespective of your location in a completely stress free manner. The main reason for this is that the technology is powered by the web. So, simply have your internet connection in place and you’re ready to go.
  6. Effortless Call Diversion: Sometimes, even a simple task of getting your calls diverted can be a task for a small business, if the telephone provider is a laggard. But this will no longer be a issue, should you move over to Voice over Internet Protocol. Have your calls diverted to any phone, no matter where it is located across the globe.
  7. Management & Installation: Not only is a VoIP telephone system easy to install, but also effortless to manage. You gain complete control and flexibility over your business communication thus. What’s more, you can rest assured about the disaster recovery options being a breeze too.
  8. Access: A good service provider for VoIP will make it simple for you to access your digital recordings as and when you need them. The comprehensive report process should keep you smiling for parts too.
  9. Contacts: Maintaining, managing and accessing your contacts is now possible irrespective of the device at hand. Whether you have a desktop or a phone, you can easily gain control over contact accessibility.
  10. Remote Assignments: Probably the biggest advantage of VoIP is that it lets you deploy all your tasks remotely.
As seen above, VoIP services can really have umpteen benefits for small business phone systems.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

5 Reasons why your BPO business needs a VOIP

A growing number of companies are now opening up to the benefits of VoIP. Employing newer applications and better technology, BPO businesses in particular are making the most of VoIP platforms. Whether it’s an interactive chat application or simply being available all the time, the technology can be really useful. It offers users a unified means of communication which can be really useful in the long run. If you still haven’t given it a thought, here are 5 reasons why your BPO business needs a VoIP. 

voip connection1.      Lower Costs: The basic advantage of VoIP is that you get an international calling card at really cheap rates, a definite upside for business owners. Enterprises can look forward to packaging autonomous voice and data networks efficiently which really lessen the burden on the finances. It’s only obvious that having one single high speed network line for all means of communication instead of multiple ones will see that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

2.   Hardware: Cheap calls from India with a VoIP service provider are no longer a dream. Much in contrast to traditional voice devices, a VoIP-enabled device will make it easier for you to maintain calls. BPO businesses for that matter can effortlessly have CRM systems put in place, irrespective of their workforce. If your contact center is located remotely, this feature will definitely offer more flexibility for smooth operations.

3.      Efficiency in Operations: International calling cards India thanks to VoIP will allow BPO businesses to make the most of speedy connections. This can be a boost for call centers which primarily derive all their traffic through efficient communication means. You can rest assured about the call abandon rates coming down drastically courtesy of the call linkage feature. Most dialers have long pauses, forcing consumers to make a connection with sales calls, a put off really. 

4.  Automatic Recording: Another benefit of a VoIP-enabled internet calling card is that calls can be recorded automatically. This allows companies to trace back calls even if they have been missed for some reason. 

5.      Automation of processes: In addition to the above, incorporating VoIP technology in call centers can also allow users to automate their internal processes. The provided customer intelligence makes it easy for providers to not just up the quality of their services but also their sales programs. What’s more, productivity can be supervised minus any hassles thanks to the calls being recorded.

Most BPOs today are more than just voice calls. Interactive chats and email is an imminent feature and making the most of them with VoIP will definitely boost their business. Better call distribution systems, voice control and call resolution are some added advantages. Allowing the internet to route calls is definitely more than a helping hand. Imagine being able to seamlessly control various remote locations through a centralised office. The coming years will definitely see this technology being adopted at a better rate. It holds benefits for not just the employer but also the employees. Yes, international calling cards India is the way to go.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Top 5 Reasons to go for VOIP

VoIP Services
VoIP Connection

Over the past few years the number of business users opting for VoIP has seen a tremendous rise. As an overview, VoIP for business is a great way to save on money and time using enhanced technology. And the hullabaloo isn’t just about nothing. Obviously, this new and emerging trend has much support and various advantages speaking in its favour. We’re listing out the top 5 reasons why you should go for VoIP: 

Simple Set-up: As much as you’d want to ignore easy set-up of call making devices, this is really something that can’t be overlooked. Much in contrast to PBX systems business VoIP services come minus the baggage of costly hardware. They aren’t too difficult to handle and operate too. With a plain internet connection that’s dependable, you are pretty much ready to get started. The options on offer are also varied – cloud PBX configuration, PC-connectivity, data transmission or IP handsets, you can easily make your pick. After choosing your option, you simply need your log in credentials from the ISTP. Even if you are using the services across a wide area in your office, setting up the hard lines will be effortless. 

Affordable: This is among the top reasons why business VoIP services are a hit. Imagine making not just long distance but international calls every day at an affordable rate. With calls to traditional phones costing you as less as a fraction of what you would be paying conventionally, VoIP-VoIP calls are more often than not free. So irrespective of your location, with a simple VoIP number at hand, you can make cheap calls and engage in endless discussions with both clients and colleagues. 

Function: Clearly, when it comes to functionality, business owners settle for nothing but the best. And there’s really no reason why professionals should compromise on something as basic as making voice calls. Generally, all VoIP for business services are feature-rich. You can personalise the plan you decide to go for while also customising the features on offer. You can choose a plan that meets your business requirements just right, instead of resting the buck on a fixed plan as seen traditionally with telephonic communication services. 

Choice and Development: Choice of providers on offer is very important when you are picking a voice calling over the internet service. In this respect, you are assured of being able to choose from among a sea of providers, allowing you to pick the company that meets all your business needs. Believe it or not, every VoIP service provider is hence upping its game to offer business owners nothing but the best. At the end, it is consumers who benefit from such practices. Bonuses, promos, subscriptions etc. are among the handful of goodies on offer. With support from a VoIP call center, professionals can sleep in peace over this new technology evolving at a really fast pace. Every new move in the technological department is only witnessing the quality of services offered by various companies moving a notch above the earlier offers. Upgrades to applications and server developments mean a positive road ahead. 

Security: With internet calling, users are provided with multi-layered security, much the need of this hour at affordable prices. Much unlike in traditional phone systems, businesses are safeguarded from attacks and breach to privacy.

There are many other reasons why business users, if they haven’t already should switch to VoIP. The aforementioned five should however, help you decide better.
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