Friday, 13 July 2012

Outsourcing Data Centre Operations Can Boost Your Business

Data Centre
Data Center Services
A Data centre is a huge computer room with a controlled environment that allows you to store and manage your entire computer equipment including servers and networks. This centre provides you electric power with a guaranteed backup in case of power outage.  Apart from this the centre provides you with full technical support and monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entire year. You will also be provided with physical and network security and a high bandwidth internet connection.

If you intend to set up your own computer room, you will have to incur heavy capital expenditure, though IT may be your core business. Further you will have to incur daily high management cost, expenses on upgrading to the latest technology and employ professionals. It will be sensible enough to this service to a neutral data room or a centre.  

Co-location Helps

You can house your servers along with the servers of other companies at a co-location, which means that your server will be secure inside a cabinet separate from other companies’ equipment. You will be provided with flexibility in your requirement and technology depending upon how your business grows, without having to invest any further capital. Your annual fee will be much less in such an arrangement.

Data Centre services help you to reduce your over heads and allow you to focus on your main business operations without worrying about your IT Infrastructure. Co-location will give you increased connectivity and maximum up-time without the prohibitive cost. The high speed lines will provide you with increased bandwidth even during peak load time.

Freedom to Choose Your Carrier

You can choose your own carrier as per your needs or can be provided with your seamless transfer to alternate carriers when needed. You can enjoy the benefits of competitive prices and services. You can be assured that your data will be sent along the most reliable part and delivered as fast as possible. With BGP 4 routing your critical data will be re-routed over a different path with an alternate provider if one provider’s connection fails.

Your network will be secured and any unauthorised advances will be detected and arrested with latest IDS systems. The co-location provider will update the security systems at very high speed as and when needed. Your entire network will switch to an alternate site in the event of down time with your primary server.

Qualified Technical Support

With an outsourced Data centre India or in any part of the world be sure to expect the highest levels of dedicated service. Their professionals will monitor your network and prevent any problems that can arise. Problems will be detected and eradicated before they can cause any harm.

By engaging the services of a co-location carrier-neutral computer room, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of the best services without facing any functional problems and incurring heavy capital expenditure for your long term business. These service providers will supervise your entire computer operations and keep it free from any disaster.

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