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Thursday, 13 December 2012

10 Points to remember while selecting a dedicated internet leased line services

For most small and medium sized businesses, a dedicated leased line can be more of a saviour than anything else. Yes, the internet service provider and kind of services you choose can really be quite important for your online business. A committed line for internet helps you keep a check on smooth running of web applications even at extremely high levels. What’s more, you can rest assured about advanced security across the web too. Accompaniments like speedy data transfers and just basic connectivity never hurt anyone in particular. Here is a list of 10 points to keep in mind when picking a committed leased line provider:

1.      Those on the lookout for fast bandwidth can breathe easy about this one aspect with a dedicated leased line. Efficient providers will assure you speedy connectivity across the web while also being extremely professional about the services they provide.

2.      Choosing the right package as far as leased line services are concerned can make or break the situation. You must check that the provider you choose gives internet availability at all times by default.

3.      A really considerable service will allow incompetency in services to be compensated in monetary terms. It’s a good thing to check that your package includes an SLA so that you can rest in peace about a lot of things. 

4.      Cost-effectiveness in a packaged offered by your internet service provider is another important aspect. You should ideally be paying for no more than the bandwidth you are using in real-time. You have the choice of letting the provider include a wide array of IPs and static domains.

leased line services
Leased Line Service Provider
5.      Checking the dependability of the provider you choose to go with can help you in the long run. This is mainly because the provider will be offering features like secondary and primary servers along with DOS migration. Hence always check the details of the provider carefully, and it’s best to have gone through a couple of reviews regarding the company too.

6.      In the event you need added support, a company that has a service account manager at your beck and call will be a good thing, even if it’s something as basic as reaching out to the said company via phone or a helpdesk.

7.      Backup services if put in place appropriately can mean a lot to any online business. That’s precisely where customer service comes in place. Taking full responsibility in times of outage, handling disaster situations well can mean a lot for your business. A provider with great customer support will keep you updated with alerts for issues. On this front, ensure that you keep the point of view of both past and present customers of the provider in mind.

8.      A little bit of research can do you much good and also help you stay confident about your service provider. Select a committed line only after you’ve gone through customer feedback carefully. After all, you would be paying for the service and you would definitely want to make the most of it. 

9.      Comparing service levels of various providers can really help a lot. A committed line can help you keep multiple offices hooked together effortlessly or even VPN along with seamless connectivity. Accessing the internet thus becomes a breeze.

10.  You mostly need to figure out beforehand the number of users connecting via the provider along with the applications that will be employed. The lease line size should help you ascertain whether it meets your requirements or not. 

Staying in touch and communicating often like everything else in life can matter a lot as far as a committed internet provider is concerned. Voice opinions, ask for advice and get your queries solved with the helping hand of a good company. Most of your requirements should thus be taken care of.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Get your business a Seamless connectivity with Leased Lines

There may be a number of ways to access the Internet. But for a business, seamless connectivity is of utmost importance. That’s just where leased line services score over broadband connectivity. While broadband has many benefits for SOHO and private use, when it comes to large organisations and businesses, there are many reasons why the choice of a leased line is better.

What is Internet Leased Line?

The term means a committed line that provides straight connection to the web. Most providers do this by offering connectivity to their closest nodal point through an optical fiber cable, copper wire or even a radio link. Some services even use a combination of all these types. Here are some reasons why going for a leased internet connection is better off:

1.      Internet speeds, whether it’s for uploads or downloads is the same, much in contrast to broadband connectivity. The latter is typically optimized to provide better connectivity for downloads while uploads are much slower in nature. In terms of file sharing, mail servers, hosting websites, video conference, VoIP and other such services, symmetric connectivity is obviously critical to businesses and hence preferred. 

2.      In most cases, a broadband service provider shares connectivity with a fairly large number of users across a locality. So it’s more a matter of the best bandwidth you can get rather than a fixed bandwidth level. On the other hand, when a provider offers you a leased line of say 4Mbps, that’s precisely what you get. It is committed connectivity at its best, minus having to divvy it up with anyone else. 

3.      Leased line services offer users much in terms of bandwidth choice. So, you can actually select from various options. What’s more, reliability is definitely higher with a leased internet connection, guaranteeing performance at any cost. Parameters like jitter and latency are also take care of while also being easily monitored. Most service providers further wrap in SLA by default, giving users an added advantage. 

4.      Most internet service providers offer a much higher bandwidth with leased lines, not something broadband connections can boast of. Also, their unlimited plans allow you to make the most of connectivity at affordable prices. Running your own web servers, mail hosts and other such critical applications within an organisation also becomes easy with the permanent IP addresses on offer. 

5.      Finally, when it comes to the quality of services offered, a leased connection wins any day over a broadband connection. This makes it more effective for organisations to work with various services that may require heavy usage of the internet. Large businesses that have a huge workforce can further use this kind of an internet connection to formulate a virtual private network, making seamless work across branches effortless. 

There’s no denying that each type of internet connection has its own highs and lows. But for businesses high performance is among the best feature of an internet leased line. Almost certainly professionals can sleep in peace over smooth connectivity and jitter-free internet with the latter at hand.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Evaluating a Reliable Internet Leased Line

There certainly has to be a reason why a lot of people are considering leased lines on the internet these days. When it comes to selecting a dedicated solution to internet access, a number of options are available with a number of enterprises. One of the solutions, most effective to consider is the internet leased line. 
leased line connection
Leased Line Connection

What exactly is a leased line connection? It is a solution for communication of the most advanced type. A fibre optic cable of permanent nature is placed between two distinct geographical locations. Efficient transmission or transfer of data is possible between the two destinations online by using this cable.  

High Speed Internet Connection
The leased line connection is most important in aiding businesses to manage a platform of smooth communication in the most effective manner. The internet connectivity offered is of the highest speeds possible. Leased line connectivity offers a range of benefits but the main thing is that it also offers services on the internet of different kinds. 

If you are looking towards connecting to the web in the fastest possible manner then the leased line service is the quickest method. Installation of a separate router is done for ensuring connectivity with a leased line. The router is installed at the location which serves as the internet connection’s gateway. 

No Sharing With Other Users
There are a lot of advantages to an internet leased line connection especially those that need internet services in the highest speeds. In the market there are numerous internet connections available but out of all those there couldn’t be a more competent one than the leased line internet connection

It is dedicated to just one single server. On the network there is no sharing with any other user. Internet users can make the most of the bandwidth guaranteed in a leased line connection. Security of data provided is of exceptional quality. 

Configuration as Per Requirements
As per the user’s specific requirements, configuration of the dedicated connection is possible. Exceptional SLA or the Service Level Agreement as well as support are provided by the leased line connection from providers offering this kind of service. The only main drawback of an internet connection of this type is its very high cost. 

A significant amount of investment needs to be made in installing a service of this type in businesses. In the present times, having an internet connection of a leased line is a very common thing. Importance of such a connection is best understood by a large number of organizations these days. 

Evaluate Your Requirements
Due to this, installation of this connection is being done on a very big scale. There may be huge costs involved in having this internet connection but all this gets offset due to the various advantages it brings in. Users of leased line connections are making the best use of unprecedented efficiency and reliability which is of significance for businesses in today’s times.  

If you are planning to have this connection then have your requirements evaluated first and then opt for the connection. Conducting a thorough research will help in narrowing down to one of the best leased line connection and internet service provider.

Friday, 19 October 2012

How Do Leased Line Solutions Offer Such High Broadband Speeds?

Internet users these days expect the best performance from the internet connection and this is no secret. The most superior leased line connection offers superb performance and high speed internet connection as compared to other solutions. 
Lased Line Services

Many of the larger corporations require a secure connection for the data services and voice. Between two separate points there is a reserved circuit arranged these days which is termed as a leased line service. Its deployment is done to operate with a router as an intelligent component of the network. 

Equipment Supplied By the Service Provider
All required equipment is supplied by the service provider besides which all the tasks related to management are also performed well. With a loop circuit located locally, the router works and extends to the Point of Presence of the operator from the router. The Point of Presence is the point where the internet connects the client’s line. 

Superior advantage is provided in a model connection of this kind in comparison to solution platforms of the traditional type like the VPN or the Virtual Private Network or the copper wire. When you have the leased line connectivity you can remain completely depend on it and have active presence online. 

Robust Internet Connectivity
With high speed internet services, the price tag offered is relatively higher.  It has robust internet connection speeds which are not so easy to obtain from the rest of the models. Capacity of transmission is simply superb and the organization that takes on such an internet connection is sure to benefit from the same. 

When you have a great internet connection you can also feel assured of also getting some of the most lucrative deals to enhance productivity in business later. As far as support is concerned, it is offered constantly all the twenty four hours of the day. 

Prompt Customer Support
If in case any problem arises then you can go right ahead and seek prompt customer support. Due to constant high speed connectivity your customers too are attended to promptly which in the longer run is advantageous for the business. The chance of losing out on customers is also reduced to a great extent. 

At times when there is congested traffic the internet connection provided does not give good service. Sorting out any issues in the leased line connection is easier in comparison to platforms of other types. To deal with there is just one internet line leading to lesser trouble shooting. Technical aspects of the connection can be resolved better as well. 

Superior Performance
For communication in a leased line service the media used is detailed and sufficiently guarantees superior performance. Fiber connections are used to deliver the leased lines ensuring greater speeds which otherwise the traditional approach like the satellite, copper wire or the fiber doesn’t provide. 

The leased line is beneficial in transmitting video, voice as well as data of the highest quality. Employees too feel excited on using a lucrative option like the leased line connection. If yours is an expanding business requiring a comprehensive solution for communication then this is one unmatchable leased line connection.
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