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Friday, 22 February 2013

Leveraging the benefits of VoIP for your BPO business

Leveraged Technology VoIP is an all-inclusive IP network solution, which provides clients a single point of contact for all sources like telephone, data, and Internet services. It also includes internet phone, internet calling etc. This communication solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of each and every client and it is bundled for the best value. It allows businesses to use a communications solution that was previously only available to Fortune 500 companies or other big corporations with limitless IT financial budgets. 

voip companyLeveraged Technology's mission is to offer the most reliable Hosted IP Phone Solution coupled with friendly, continuous and effective customer service. With our hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) solution you never need to purchase expensive telephone equipment again.

Leveraged Technology VoIP a comprehensive networking service provides you with everything that you need to use hosted IP solution – Internet, phones, hardware, features, and free ongoing support and upgrades. One can enjoy enterprise-level functionality at a fraction of the cost. 

The VoIP in India which was first introduced by a state owned telecom major in India in the form of calling cards from India has revolutionized the face of calling. It has made calling cost-effective in the form of internet phone and internet calling where the caller has to pay only a fraction of the usual amount. Some of the major benefits of this technology are
  • It has the ability to consolidate telephone and internet line charges
  • Flexibility
  • Increased efficiency as it integrates all the sources very efficiently
  • It's a reasonable way to keep pace with technological change
  • Save Money - drastically reduce local and long distance phone bills
  • Reduced Total Cost of business due to minimal upfront investment and low monthly fees
  • It increases Productivity
  • Seamless business telecommunications for companies operating from a single location or satellite office - e.g. offices at different locations or  home based employees
  • Reliability: The user can completely depend on the confidentiality of data and information.
  • Scalability - scalable to the growing business, very quickly and inexpensively in an effective way
  • Web-based features like email notification of voicemails and ability to listen to voice mails via the web are also provided by this technology.
  • Professional Automated Attendants (Operator): The customer service executive is properly educated and periodically trained in the areas of improvement and new subject to handle various types of customers and their queries
  • Conferencing thus small meetings are very convenient and effective way
  • Four-digit extension dialling
  • Intelligent Call Forwarding
  • Music-on-hold when the customer service executive is retrieving data to answer the queries of the caller
  • SmartMove - Portable Extensions
  • Toll Restriction
  • Unified messaging to a large database allows standard message is sent to all at one point of time , thus important messages can be circulated without delay
  • There is no limit for local and long-distance calling
  • Advanced Voicemail
  • Web-Enhanced Controls - Web-based Portal
  • And much more.....
This prevailing new service offering is built upon Leveraged Technology's years of experience and unsurpassed commitment to providing outstanding support.

Friday, 18 January 2013

5 Checkpoints to make your VoIP migration right

voip services
VoIP System

The IP or Internet Protocol Telephony and the VoIP or the Voice over the Internet Protocol has become very popular. This service is excellent in a phone call over the internet. The cost of making phone calls over the internet is surprisingly insignificant but its reach as well as dependability is very high. If you have the VoIP phone in your business there are a few things which you need to keep in mind. It is best if you avail viable advice from the one who utilizes this service to avoid mistakes.  

People consider Internet Protocol communication for making cheap calls to India. This advanced technology helps in gaining better returns for the investment. It helps the business in short and the longer term. The PBX system no longer tempted after the innovation of IP telephony system. This new generation solution, voice over IP for communication, has reaped innumerable benefits to many businesses. However, the 5 essential checkpoints to make your VoIP migration flawless are:

·         Ensure that that vendors do not befool you
·         Conduct an in depth analysis of networks
·         Ensure that there are no short cuts
·         Assure that the VoIP service and the IP PBX system are well managed
·         Assure that these services are organized confidently in an effective manner by your staff.

Some business has saved a lot of money on bills and enhanced their communication system with the help of VoIP. The internet speed remains the same in spite of the increase in traffic. You can make VoIP calls to India from across the world. You can add multiple lines with the help of VoIP and send multiple phone calls without any connectivity issues or interruptions across your IP network. Utilizing this system you will save plenty of time that you can devote to focus upon vital matters of your business.

Few VoIP India firms allow you up to 800 incoming call numbers at fixed monthly charges and your callers don’t have to pay any charges. Some other services also can be opted with this efficacious kind of calling. Plugging it into a high speed internet connection you can make regular calls and also receive calls in any part of the world and you will be charged the rate for local calls from your home location.

In view of the above advantages many organizations are using VoIP services in place of mobile and smart phones.  Armed with this tool a user has an upper hand over his competitors. This latest communication tool not only provides security for your valuable data but also facilitates the use of the company’s network by its employees. Therefore VoIP services have become the choice of millions of business houses.

Business houses these days are using high speed internet connections called VoIP services in place of mobile phones. It is a very good tool that provides an edge to a business over others. The advantages of this communication tool are truly unique providing an optimal ease of operation to the users. Therefore VoIP phone India services are becoming exceedingly popular.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

10 Tips to Select VoIP for Small Business Phone Systems

voip service providers
VoIP is the abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a protocol used for communication and transmitting techniques that are involved in delivering sessions of multimedia and communication. It is also transmission of voice over a protocol which is the internet. The term Internet Protocol has been given many more names which have association with VoIP. For example names like broadband phone, IP telephony, broadband telephony and internet telephony.
Over wireless connections, SMS messages in text form are sent or calls are placed on internet devices and smart phones in a VoIP service. Devices used are not phones but they are of the portable type. VoIP service was introduced in the year 2004 in the market utilizing broadband access to the internet. Here the users can receive phone calls; place phone calls in the very manner in which they would use the public telephone network.
  • It is best to consider phone companies that offer VoIP outbound and inbound services, with inbound dialing that is direct. A flat subscription fee is to be paid for domestic calling on an unlimited basis.
  • Efficiency of bandwidth is higher and costs related to the VoIP technology are lower. Due to this businesses migrate to the VoIP system from the telephone system in which the copper wire has been used. The new system helps in reducing telephone costs every month.
  • In such a subscription calls can also be made internationally to certain countries. If the VoIP providers are the same then the phone calls are generally free when there is unavailability of a flat fee service. 
  • Just one single network is run for both data and voice communications which reduce costs of infrastructure significantly.
  • Configuration of this internet calling system can be done in a simple way, since the user interfaces are intuitively simple in the VoIP devices.
  • Different kinds of communication services like web conferencing, phone calls, emailing, faxes and voice mail are offered by VoIP providers.
  • Technologies of other kinds are offered by VoIP providers like competitors of two kinds which compete for space. VoIP for enterprises from large to medium size is focused by one set while medium to small enterprises are targeted by another set.
  • This technology helps in attracting a large number of customers most essential for any business enterprise. Depending upon the requirements of business, the most suitable equipment and technology can be used for communications.
  • VoIP is an updated technology in communications which is very necessary in a growing market where lots of competition prevails between business owners.
In addition, VoIP technology is one of the best internet calling alternatives to a traditional phone being used in the current times. The VoIP technology offers excellent quality in phone calls, failover routes and backup on an internet connection outbound facility and free services for number portability. Auto diverts in phone call failure, virtual international numbers, etc. are also offered. Make sure one of the best companies providing the VoIP service is considered for better results.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Why VoIP solution is necessary for BPO business

Business VoIP India
Business VoIP Services

With more and more companies realizing the advantages and potential of VoIP, they are researching into the possibilities of using new applications using the VoIP platforms. Interactive chat is the new buzzword in most companies. With this VoIP solution in place, companies are looking to employ more advanced applications like interactive live chat support, intelligent dialer systems and unified communications.

Lower Costs

The primary advantage is of lowered costs. With business VoIP, enterprises can bundle together data networks and autonomous voice networks, a move that helps them to save money. When a single high speed line will do for all communications rather than multiple ones, the network equipment does not use up much money.

Unlike conventional voice devices like automated call devices or ACDs and private branch exchanges like PBXs, VoIP equipment are less expensive and call for easier maintenance. Apart from helping to save money, VoIP delivers other supplementary benefits too. One such benefit is that more companies are putting into place CRM systems even for small work forces. VoIP call centres in remote locations are an off-shoot as companies find that VoIP brings in more flexibility in operations.

More Efficient Operations

Apart from lowering costs, there are other attractive features like a faster connect function that appeal to firms. This is how it works. Abandon rates are reduced by linking the call, before connecting to the customer, with the agent. This helps in removing the long pauses that are a feature of dialer generated calls that many people connect with sales calls that are incoming.

Another function that is pertinent to business VoIP is the ability to record automatically so that companies are able to retrace all the calls that have come in. Disputes are a common feature of businesses that depend on calls. It is possible to resolve these as calls can be recovered for reference.

Other Benefits

VoIP solutions can be used to automate internal processes and the customer intelligence that is captured can be utilized to better customer services and sales programs. Recordings made can be used for training purposes to increase supervisor productivity.

The reason why call centers are being now referred to as contact centers is that they have moved away from just voice calls. Emails and chat have opened new paths of communication. These new age BPOs are assisted by special software like VoIP voice control and call distribution systems! A VoIP call center extends to its client’s value added services. One such service is one call resolution.

Business VoIP uses the internet to route calls using the packet switching technology. Very soon they will be able to offer more extensive email services, instant messaging and telemarketing facilities too. With prices falling, it will not be just the large corporations that will use these. Different remote locations can also be controlled by a centralized office. Employees will be able to work from homes or certain remote locations allowing companies to reduce overheads. Intelligent call-routing will enable the employee who is best suited to attend to specific calls.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Benefits of Business VoIP

VoIP provider India
VoIP Systems
Voice over internet protocol is an innovation in telecommunications which is quite simple and profound. It is capable of transmitting voice over a data network unlike the normal telephone systems. Normal telephone systems are dependent on circuits connected to the public switched telephone network by the private branch exchange. This new technology transmits voice over the company’s existing data network by bypassing the conventional telephone hardware.
Signals are converted digitally and sent by voice data packets through an IP. It is similar to a corporate intranet or a standard broadband connection. This technology can excess the public switched telephone network and conveniently allow the calls to reach the conventional landlines. PSTN is compatible with VoIP and thereby allows businesses to change to it in a gradual manner retaining their original system.
Productive and Easily Accessible
The traditional wire phones are much less agile than internet calling. People who are telecommuting from home, businesses that have their employees stationed overseas or are in transit can benefit from this technology. It can be easily accessed via any internet connection. Users with the help of a single communication device can call any place, check email, voice mail and access project data.  
The technology of voice over internet protocol has the ability to integrate with other communication technology, like outlook and CRM software. These are commonly known as customer relationship management software. The sales department is able to automatically retrieve customer data on an incoming call. They can even track a customer’s order status. 
Flexible To Changes
This technology can be changed to adapt to the changes in business needs immediately without having to rely on IT support. The user can make the changes to the system himself. Users, with the online interface can install new phones, set call routing preference and if needed add new functionality.
VoIP providers will provide you with advance features such as skills, based called routing, video conferencing, 3-way conferencing, custom auto-attendant electronic messaging and advanced call forwarding. This technology will allow you to cut your telecommunications cost by at least 1/3rd of your total expense.
How the Expenditure Is Reduced
When you install a voice over internet protocol system, the initial expenditure that you will incur for hosting the service will be much less. This when compared to PBX. For small businesses monthly subscription can be designed to a minimum amount. All you need is a set of IP phones and a voice gateway connected to the router. Your communications will be consolidated into a single network and this infrastructure will bring about a considerable reduction in maintenance cost.
Circuitry and phone lines are more expensive to maintain than a data network which is also more flexible. The host service providers will provide you user friendly web interfaces on the premises and of premises, will take care of the system’s hardware. Your long distance call costs will reduce to the minimum as they will travel over the broadband connection. Your monthly telecom bills will be reduced to 1/4th of what it was before.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

VoIP Created To Deliver Some Benefit to the Masses

VoIP Provider in India
VoIP Services India                                   From- Gettyimage
Your voice can be delivered to the four corners of the globe over telephone lines. Today the same can be done via internet. Do you know from where you get your sports scores, weather reports, horoscopes and genealogy fixes? It is through the real time transmission of the voice, in telephone quality, using internet protocol.

You need some kind of device that delivers telephone quality over the internet. May be some good microphones that can allow you to put someone on hold on the internet or call forward, or take a voice message just like they do in businesses every day. You have to pay a price to get access to such a facility. These charges will be minimum as the providers will recover through these charges from you, to cover up the cost of signaling, routing, protocol and interface technologies.

Savings in Networking Maintenance

The goals of VoIP implementation are to achieve significant savings in network maintenance and operation cost and rapid rollout of new services. Whatever savings the provider makes, is passed on to the consumer through cost reduction. Voice over IP is often the winner as new VoIP services come over time. That will be even more evident to the regular business person.

This service is a great alternative for the traditional telephones. The common people have to pay a minimum amount for long distance calls and businesses too benefit from the same. Communication is very essential for all types of businesses, whether small, large or medium. It is very vital to communicate with employees and clients. There are companies that have branches all over the world.

Convenient and Economical

VoIP India permits you to call from overseas or from India to any part of the world at very low cost. You can use this service on any android appliance, iPhone or even use Skype. You can avail of features such as manual recharge via IVR and Web and also auto recharge. Some advance features are also available at very low cost.

You can dial India, via Dial which allows you to communicate in India and overseas at very cheap rates. All you have to do is to enter your pin only once. This service is of high quality and the billing is systematically done without any errors. The VoIP India features calling card and is a very economical and convenient mode of communication.

Can Communication Even During Power Failure

The traditional telephones function on electricity. But Voice over Internet Protocol, telephone, adapters and IP phones can function with battery backup and assure uninterrupted service. VoIP Provider India implements services to route calls to other telephone services of the subscriber that may be a cell phone. This happens when the customer’s device is inaccessible to terminate the call.

VoIP Provider India provides services that treat web conferences, email, voice mail, faxes, phone calls and other communications as discrete units that can be delivered via any means and to any handset, including cell phones. This service is provided to large and medium enterprises.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

VoIP and its biggest benefit

Almost all businesses today are dependent on telephones for facilitating effective communication. While some businesses use this service scarcely, some use them extensively as it forms the basis of their businesses, such as a call center. As making long distance calls is no longer cheap, most businesses have started to look for other cheap alternatives. One option that businesses now have is Internet Calling. Wondering what exactly it is? These services are known as VoIP Services.   
VoIP is known to be very different from traditional telephone services, as it uses an internet connection to transmit signals instead of conventional telephone lines. The service quality of this Internet Phone is very similar to any normal telephone connection that is available in the market. Along with this the biggest advantage of using VoIP in India is that it enables its users to make huge savings on their telephone bills.
As there are several companies that offer dedicated VoIP solutions, finding the most suitable company will not be a difficult task. One company, which is known to offer high-quality VoIP solutions, is Net4 India. The company is renowned worldwide to offer exceptional VoIP solutions to its customers at affordable rates. The company also offers tailor-made VoIP plans to its clients through which they can make cheap long distance calls.
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