Saturday, 6 August 2011

Leased Line: A boon for businesses

For a business to have continuous growth and expansion, they need specialized services. One of the services that companies are in need of is Internet Service Provider. These service providers usually offer the services of a dedicated Leased Line to companies. Leased line is a permanent fiber optic cable set up between two points and is managed by a telephone company. A Leased Line Connection is a type of telecom line that connects two distant locations. It may also be referred to as a data line or a private line that is used by businesses to join far-away offices. These lines are generally for businesses or people who have heavy usage.

Leased Lines, which are designed to offer higher network and internet speeds for its users, are provided by most of the internet service providers. The service is continuous and is aimed at to offer an infrastructure assuring its user to connect to its host server or internet directly at any time. Businesses that need 24/7 dedicated and uninterrupted communication usually goes for these private line services. Though the service is usually considered expensive, this type of connectivity offers a highly secure, private, and congestion free transfer of data and information.

Net4 offers these specialized services in partnership with its ISP partners across 11 major cities in India, including Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Its network is multi-redundant and fully meshed, with connectivity to FLAG, i2i, SEAMEWE-4 and NIXI in all PoPs (Points of presence).

The world of Data Centers

The importance of Data Centers in businesses has reached new heights in the last few years. A Data Center can be defined as facility where all the vital and significant data, computer systems and other associated components of a company are stored. In technical terms it can be referred to a room that facilitates the storage and management, of servers and other computing equipment of any company in a precision-controlled environment. These centers enable companies and businesses to continue and sustain its operations without any hiccups and delays. These centers have continuous power supplies, several data communications connections, various environmental controls and security devices to avoid any disruption. These centers generally have routers and servers on wall mounted data racks that stores data through its own server machines.

A Dedicated Server can be referred to a single web server or computer on the internet that a web hosting provider leases to his/her customers. These servers are solely dedicated to one customer or a business and hence prohibit its use by any other third-party. These servers, who have their own processor, hard drives(s), Random Access Memory (RAM) and bandwidth capacity, are usually recommended businesses that have critical data or need a level of security.

Net4 manages state of art Data Centers in India. The centers give all levels of availability, scalability and security to its customers. Net4 provides server collocation, rack space, cage space, backup & recovery and a lot of other services at its ISO 27001 certified (information security) centers.

Friday, 5 August 2011

What is a leased line? How does a leased line work?

A Leased Line is a permanent fiber optic cable established between two points to connect them. It is a type of a communication line set between two remotely located places. Leased lines can also be referred to as a dedicated line, a private line or a data line. These high-capacity private lines are exclusively dedicated to a single user or a business, allowing them the user to connect to his/her host server or internet speedily every time. These dedicated lines are usually used by companies or even individuals to get access to the internet as they offer also offer a guaranteed level of service and speed, offering fast data transfer over a completely secure connection.
The service needs a fixed line to be linked at the place for which the user makes a yearly payment to the Internet Service Provider. The speeds on these lines differ from 64 kilobits per second (Kbps) to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), while the bandwidth depends on the size of data used, amount of users using the line and the number of programs running at same time. These private lines not only give speedy and consistent data transfer, but also offer an unmatched level of security to keep the data protected.
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