Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Maximizing VoIP Benefits in the Call Center

VoIP Call to India
Business VoIP Services
There is no debate on whether VoIP has had a beneficial effect on businesses all over the world. When this is the case in a normal business, the benefits it bestows on an organization where the very work centers on calls can be easily imagined. Business VoIP is the norm of the day and many businesses have switched to VoIP or are in the process of doing it. VoIP is changing the way many businesses are being run; that is how fundamental the change is. 

VoIP vs. Landline 

A landline is limited in scope as it can be used only for making calls. VoIP on the contrary functions like a computer in miniature and it is configurable. It has special hardware, an operating system and can be programmed to suit commercial needs. It is endowed with features like conference call facility; call waiting, call forwarding voice mails, extension dialling and call recording. All these frills that come with VoIP India making it popular for use in call centres.

Reducing the Overheads

Call centers employ vast numbers of people. The overheads are understandably high with expenses on electricity, rent and water topping the list. A large building is required to house all the staff who make and receive calls round the clock. Call centers exist as a cost cutting option and they are all the time looking to trim costs. With VoIP, it is possible to configure advanced procedures in telecomm which will make it possible for staff to work from their homes there by making savings for the call center.

Weaving business communication with advanced VoIP has many advantages. They work out a lot cheaper than ordinary telephone used in offices and have the ability to independently regulate or forward calls that come in during busy periods. There was a time when VoIP calls to India were considered to be unsuitable for call centers. But the high-tech developments since has changed that perception.

This system is now being broadly used in call centers, telemarketing organizations and software development centers. A traditional telephone system functions through the use of copper wires that are connected to telephone servers. VoIP on the other hand works through the internet. On-the-move-calls are possible as providers use internet connections with specific IP addresses. All you need to ensure is that you use a compatible device.


What high speed internet gives you is the facility to make uninterrupted calls by their thousands. To make calls, you can use tablets, laptops, smartphones, computers and ordinary handsets. It can be configured to function as an active auto call attendant too. This will make automatic replies to callers. Utilizing artificial intelligence, it will respond to voice calls giving relevant replies.

In cases where fax and calls come from different numbers sending a common answer could be a problem some times. With VoIP, unified voice and fax calls circumvent this problem. All the communication that goes on in an organization can be monitored and controlled using VoIP. Outlook Integration using call recording is another big feature. This call recording service will ensure that no calls are missed as all calls are forwarded to MS-Outlook.

It has been seen that many call centers have incorporated this facility. This emerging trend is sure to be accepted by more establishments soon. The advantages are too big to be ignored. All process oriented businesses are looking for to better technology.

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