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Thursday, 13 December 2012

10 Points to remember while selecting a dedicated internet leased line services

For most small and medium sized businesses, a dedicated leased line can be more of a saviour than anything else. Yes, the internet service provider and kind of services you choose can really be quite important for your online business. A committed line for internet helps you keep a check on smooth running of web applications even at extremely high levels. What’s more, you can rest assured about advanced security across the web too. Accompaniments like speedy data transfers and just basic connectivity never hurt anyone in particular. Here is a list of 10 points to keep in mind when picking a committed leased line provider:

1.      Those on the lookout for fast bandwidth can breathe easy about this one aspect with a dedicated leased line. Efficient providers will assure you speedy connectivity across the web while also being extremely professional about the services they provide.

2.      Choosing the right package as far as leased line services are concerned can make or break the situation. You must check that the provider you choose gives internet availability at all times by default.

3.      A really considerable service will allow incompetency in services to be compensated in monetary terms. It’s a good thing to check that your package includes an SLA so that you can rest in peace about a lot of things. 

4.      Cost-effectiveness in a packaged offered by your internet service provider is another important aspect. You should ideally be paying for no more than the bandwidth you are using in real-time. You have the choice of letting the provider include a wide array of IPs and static domains.

leased line services
Leased Line Service Provider
5.      Checking the dependability of the provider you choose to go with can help you in the long run. This is mainly because the provider will be offering features like secondary and primary servers along with DOS migration. Hence always check the details of the provider carefully, and it’s best to have gone through a couple of reviews regarding the company too.

6.      In the event you need added support, a company that has a service account manager at your beck and call will be a good thing, even if it’s something as basic as reaching out to the said company via phone or a helpdesk.

7.      Backup services if put in place appropriately can mean a lot to any online business. That’s precisely where customer service comes in place. Taking full responsibility in times of outage, handling disaster situations well can mean a lot for your business. A provider with great customer support will keep you updated with alerts for issues. On this front, ensure that you keep the point of view of both past and present customers of the provider in mind.

8.      A little bit of research can do you much good and also help you stay confident about your service provider. Select a committed line only after you’ve gone through customer feedback carefully. After all, you would be paying for the service and you would definitely want to make the most of it. 

9.      Comparing service levels of various providers can really help a lot. A committed line can help you keep multiple offices hooked together effortlessly or even VPN along with seamless connectivity. Accessing the internet thus becomes a breeze.

10.  You mostly need to figure out beforehand the number of users connecting via the provider along with the applications that will be employed. The lease line size should help you ascertain whether it meets your requirements or not. 

Staying in touch and communicating often like everything else in life can matter a lot as far as a committed internet provider is concerned. Voice opinions, ask for advice and get your queries solved with the helping hand of a good company. Most of your requirements should thus be taken care of.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Get your business a Seamless connectivity with Leased Lines

There may be a number of ways to access the Internet. But for a business, seamless connectivity is of utmost importance. That’s just where leased line services score over broadband connectivity. While broadband has many benefits for SOHO and private use, when it comes to large organisations and businesses, there are many reasons why the choice of a leased line is better.

What is Internet Leased Line?

The term means a committed line that provides straight connection to the web. Most providers do this by offering connectivity to their closest nodal point through an optical fiber cable, copper wire or even a radio link. Some services even use a combination of all these types. Here are some reasons why going for a leased internet connection is better off:

1.      Internet speeds, whether it’s for uploads or downloads is the same, much in contrast to broadband connectivity. The latter is typically optimized to provide better connectivity for downloads while uploads are much slower in nature. In terms of file sharing, mail servers, hosting websites, video conference, VoIP and other such services, symmetric connectivity is obviously critical to businesses and hence preferred. 

2.      In most cases, a broadband service provider shares connectivity with a fairly large number of users across a locality. So it’s more a matter of the best bandwidth you can get rather than a fixed bandwidth level. On the other hand, when a provider offers you a leased line of say 4Mbps, that’s precisely what you get. It is committed connectivity at its best, minus having to divvy it up with anyone else. 

3.      Leased line services offer users much in terms of bandwidth choice. So, you can actually select from various options. What’s more, reliability is definitely higher with a leased internet connection, guaranteeing performance at any cost. Parameters like jitter and latency are also take care of while also being easily monitored. Most service providers further wrap in SLA by default, giving users an added advantage. 

4.      Most internet service providers offer a much higher bandwidth with leased lines, not something broadband connections can boast of. Also, their unlimited plans allow you to make the most of connectivity at affordable prices. Running your own web servers, mail hosts and other such critical applications within an organisation also becomes easy with the permanent IP addresses on offer. 

5.      Finally, when it comes to the quality of services offered, a leased connection wins any day over a broadband connection. This makes it more effective for organisations to work with various services that may require heavy usage of the internet. Large businesses that have a huge workforce can further use this kind of an internet connection to formulate a virtual private network, making seamless work across branches effortless. 

There’s no denying that each type of internet connection has its own highs and lows. But for businesses high performance is among the best feature of an internet leased line. Almost certainly professionals can sleep in peace over smooth connectivity and jitter-free internet with the latter at hand.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Reasons to Go For a Leased Line for Your Business

A leased line connection offers connectivity between two locations located remotely for carrying data. Organizations do not own these lines but as signified by the term, payment for the leased line is done on a yearly basis. The payment has to be made annually once the charges for leasing are paid.
Leased Line Connection

Once the rent is paid up, there is no need to make any kind of additional payment. Many of the telephone companies place the internet leased line connection and also maintain them too. The reason why a large number of organizations have a leased line connection is due to the many advantages they offer.

Cut Down Costs

Larger businesses need to keep their channels of communication open and can hence cut down on costs with a leased line connection. If you have a business that is spread out at different locations then a leased line connection will be needed. In the case where rapid communications are necessary the leased lines are necessary to keep up to this between staff, customers etc.

Leased lines have the capacity of uploading files in huge numbers which needs to be moved between two destinations or offices. Crashes with respect to communication are less frequent on using a leased line. Huge expenses can be saved on having a leased line service. When companies have to deal with huge data base of staff and customers then it is important to have the leased line connection.

Faster Downloads

If your organization has many branches and if information needs to flow smoothly between these branches then the best option is the leased line connection! To cope with demands of such kind, the broadband connection does not prove to be such a great option.

Besides large companies, even the smaller companies can make the biggest benefit of the leased line service. Even some of the smaller companies require a higher bandwidth. Some business organizations have huge files to send to their head offices or need to keep up with the end user requirement using faster downloads.

High Speed Internet

Businesses can determine the bandwidth they require from the leased line to ensure smooth running of business. A smooth channel is provided by the leased connection with no blockages which generally occurs with a public network.

Internet in highest speeds is required by many of the companies these days and in such a case the leased line offered by a reliable internet service provider is most necessary. During the peak hours of the day the connection of broadband slows down. Besides this, during different parts of the day, the speed also changes.

Provision of Separate Router or Hub

A hub or router is provided separately from one part of the office, so that during all the hours the internet connection is always available. Both data as well as voice is transferred in a leased line connection which is secure, always available and not shared.

Trends in businesses are changing these days since even smaller companies are availing this service like multinational corporations. This internet connection is effective enough in keeping in touch with suppliers, buyers, customers etc online.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Benefits of Using a Leased Line

If you are a heavy internet user then, one of the best options that is cost effective is the leased line connection. It provides guaranteed bandwidth. Many of the businesses are going global these days and their sub offices are located in a number of locations.

Leased Line Services
While some of the locations are across the country, the other organizations have locations abroad as well. The leased line helps in connecting two destinations or locations. Even two different dealerships can communicate with each other without there being any requirement of picking up the telephone. 

Improve Cost Effectiveness and Productivity

There is no need to fax any document or dial any number when you have the leased line internet connection. Organizations looking towards improving their productivity and ensure a cost effective business will find a leased line one of the best options.  Network available is high along with greater internet speeds.

Employees within the organization become effective when they are provided with the leased line facility. There are a number of benefits of having leased lines. You can have the ability to build WANs or the Wide Area Networks and link LAN or the Local Area Networks. For operating internet protocols in house this is great option.

Huge Bandwidth Range

As far as bandwidth is concerned, there is a huge option available. The bandwidth ranges to 622 mbps from 64 kbps besides which the bandwidth connection remains accessible all twenty four hours. Voice transmission privacy, data privacy and complete security is provided by the leased line connection.

If you consider a contract, for example, for two to three years then the leased line provider also offer discounts as well. In case there is any issue arising, you need not worry since support is offered round the clock any day of the week, twenty four hours. 

Faster Movement of Data

Before considering the leased line service you will need to determine whether or not the provider is a reputed and genuine one. Alongside this, you will need to find out whether they provide adequate support as desired as well. These days the VPN and the DSL technology have gradually taken over the leased lines.

However there are certain advantages that can be found still for instance the leased lines are able to move data faster than DSL or Digital Subscriber Line, metro net or VPN Virtual Private Network. A fixed line is connected to your building in a leased line connection.

Constant Connectivity

An annual fee needs to be paid as rent. No charges for the connectivity and use of service are to be paid in addition. Connectivity is offered constantly and in great speeds to the internet or the host server at all times. Installation of a hub or a router is also done separately in the building which provides a gateway for internet access.

Staff starts functioning effectively, productivity of the organization enhanced, data is shared and connections between buildings and offices are possible with leased line connections. You can even share services, other data and have VOIP with this connection at no cost in addition and within the server.

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