Monday, 27 February 2012

Efficiency of a Data Center to Manage Your Data

As your business starts to how some promise, it is necessary that you provide your business with a stable business environment. This is where the significance of a Data Center arises. These centers have taken up a significant role in today’s modern business era and the services offered by them are truly unmatchable. The solutions offered by these facilities offer a business with an opportunity to work relentlessly.
This facility not only houses computer systems and other associated components of an organization, but also provides them with an environment to operate persistently. These centers offer complete power backup, total protection and full support to businesses. It is rightly said today that these centers add value to a business.
Net4 India is a leading web hosting service provider. The company also runs ISO 27001 certified (information security) Data Centers in India. Net4’s Cisco powered centers provide its clients with complete accessibility, scalability and safety. The company provides a wide array of services at these centers, such as server collocation, rack space, cage space, backup & recovery. Net4’s data centres are 24/7 monitored by industry certified staff. The company offers Data Center space in a variety of configurations, including Half Racks, Full Racks and Cage Space.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Understanding Data Center services

When thinking of incessant and redundant services, nothing comes closer than Data Center services. The services provided by these centers are considered very crucial to effortlessly run a business. These centers generally house web servers that store all the critical information of an enterprise. If you are seeking to build and keep up your own personal center, the first thing you need to know is that you will have to spend loads of money. Designing of such a facility also plays a crucial role and hence it is rightly said that it must be given a detailed consideration.
If somehow you are not in a position to build your own center, there are companies that offer these services to its customers. Taking services from a colocation facility is one of the most sought after options today. By taking services from these facilities a business not only saves on huge expenses, but also gets to have his servers managed by professionals.
Net4 India manages ultra-modern Data Centers in India. Net4’s Cisco-powered centers offer users with total accessibility, scalability and security. The company provides a range of services, such as Half Racks, Full Racks and Cage Space. Net4’s Data Centers are 24/7 monitored by industry certified on-site staff.

Leased Line: Adding value to an enterprise

It is considered next to impossible for an enterprise to have any type of operations without communication. We all know what role communication plays in a successful business. This is what a Leased Line Connection provides to an organization, non-stop and redundant communication platform. There are a number of benefits one can have with a Leased Line service. But before we go any further let us discuss in detail about the structure of Leased Lines.
These are fiber optic cables that are placed between two locations, preferably different branches of an organization. This fixed cable helps a business to communicate effectively within its branches. The main purpose behind installing this connection is to that it allows them to easily send information and data across all its branches. Though Leased Lines have various advantages, the biggest of them all is its ability to offer internet connectivity to its user. Internet Leased Lines have quickly come up as one of the most sought after web connection an organization can have. This service typically offers a very high speed Internet connection to a business.
Net4 India is a leading domain registrar and web hosting service provider. The company, in collaboration with its ISP providers, offers high-class Leased Line services.

Internet Leased Line: A gain for businesses

Almost the entire business world has started to find out the benefits of having a leased line connection. It has largely been considered as the most productive and encouraging services a business can have. There are end numbers of benefits a business can have with this service. So let us discuss in brief about why businesses are recommended to go for a leased line service.
It is a fixed fiber optic cable that is used to link several branches of an enterprise. One of the major advantages of this connection is that it can also be used to offer internet connectivity. Internet Leased Line is considered as the next generation of internet connections. This service is widely been regarded as the most efficient service a business can have for web connectivity. This service usually comes with a fixed cost which makes it apt for businesses that do not like to deal with fluctuating costs when it comes to internet connectivity.
Net4 India is leading leased line service provider. The company offers Leased Line services in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other major Indian cities. Net4 offers Internet Leased Lines ranging from 512 Kbps – n x E1/DS3/STM1, which provides users with assured bandwidth for business use.

Internet Leased Line: A high class solution for businesses

Individuals or businesses, who are seeking to take an internet connection, presently have several options available to them. Among those options, having an Internet Leased Line connection can be most productive for a business. This service is considered very advanced in comparison to a standard internet connection, as it has several advantages. So let us see why this service has hogged all the limelight.
An Internet Leased Line service provides its user with high-speed internet connectivity with dedicated bandwidth. The business that decides to use this service gets constant internet connectivity. As this connection offers its user with dedicated bandwidth, data security is guaranteed and the chances of data loss are negligible. Businesses that decide to take this service only need to make a fixed payment that takes care of all services delivered by the main service provider.
Net4 India is a leading domain registration and web hosting company. The company partners with its ISP partners to offer Leased Lines in India. Net4 offers several bandwidth options to its customers, such as N x E-1 (2mbps), DS3 (45 mbps), STM1 (155 mbps) and STM4 (620 mbps). The company provides this dedicated service in 11 cities, including Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh1, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.
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