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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Top 10 Benefits of a Leased Line Service

leased line services
Leased Line

The internet has grown to be an immensely powerful industry in the past few years. There are different types of internet connections available in the market today and it is clearly a fact that businesses find it difficult to sustain without a proper and an efficient internet connection. To address this issue, the web industry gave rise to internet leased line services. Also known as private line service, it was primarily meant for larger enterprises, this leased line service was digitized in the 1970’s. Over the years, this line services were used to connect the premises to ATM’s and connects customer premises to ISP points of presence. 

The important benefits of a private line service are:

Constant Connectivity: Communication crashes are quite uncommon when using a leased connection. The supplier charges only the rent and nothing for connectivity. Internet connections are offered constantly and at great speed. A leased line connection is solely dedicated to a single user meaning data security and high bandwidth.

Higher bandwidth Range: The amount of bandwidth used depends on the data used, user access, and the applications at any given time. The bandwidth is available 24/7 and the speed ranges from 64kpbs to 622 Mbps. The other benefits of huge bandwidth include data privacy, voice transmission privacy and complete security. 

Unlimited Data Transfer: Businesses can use the internet connection flat out, at all times. No extra charges are levied for additional usage of the connection and at no point in time the connection will not slow down. In particular, for businesses, network traffic will not be affected.

Huge Storage Space: Leased lines play a key role when an establishment is dealing with a huge database of staff and customer especially when the company wants the flow of information to be smooth and consistent. This is the disadvantage of a broadband connection since it cannot cope with these demands. A leased connection proves to be one good smooth pipeline for businesses that has to keep with the growing demands of the end users. 

Business Class Support and Faster Upload Speeds: A lease line connection service provider offer the best customer care support with 24/7 proactive support offered by technically knowledgeable staff. 

A leased line is usually symmetrical in structure meaning equal and high upstream and downstream services. This is best suited for video conferencing, terminal services, server hosting, VoIP and transfer of large data files. 

Improved Productivity and Cost Efficiency: With a leased internet connection, the requirement of faxing or dialing any number is no longer necessary. Companies those are keen on improving their productivity in a cost efficient manner will find a leased connection the best option available. It is common belief that the staff functions more effectively when provided with a leased connection. 

The other benefits of a leased connection are:
·         Protection from network crashes,
·         Cost effectiveness
·         In house hosting
·         Office speeds at home
·         High quality voice calls

A leased connection is not a feasible option for medium and small sized businesses but slowly and steadily this line service is gaining momentum and will soon become affordable for all types of businesses. A leased connection provides the best assurance in terms of reliability and flexibility for businesses across the globe.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Top 5 Benefits of Leased Line over a Broadband connection

There are scores of ways to access the Internet, and going by the usage, broadband as a line of connection is far more popular. While broadband works fine for home requirements, organisations and businesses demand better connectivity options. A large number of business users are now thus opening up to the benefits of leased lines. The fact that a lease line provides direct connectivity to the internet in a dedicated manner is without doubt one of its best advantages. Listed below are the top 5 benefits of leased line internet provider over a broadband connection:
    leased line company
  • 1. An internet service provider offering a leased line allows users to work with the same upload and download speeds, generally known as symmetric connectivity. In contrast, broadband connections are better optimised for downloads over uploads, making them inconvenient for business users. Activities like file sharing over a remote location, web hosting etc. are well taken care of with the former. While on speed, you may also want to know that leased line internet connection providers offer communication that is not shared amongst multiple users, giving you optimised bandwidth. Broadband on the other hand is designed to offer the best bandwidth available and not the promised bandwidth. You also have a better choice of bandwidth options in the former, while the latter is restricted in terms of packages. Moreover, the possibility of using and choosing higher bandwidth is only there with a leased line.
  • 2. Performance parameters like jitter, lags and latency are easily monitored with a leased line, so also the backbone network offered. Service providers can offer SLAs that are satisfactory and promise performance guarantee. They are thus more reliable. What’s more, the Quality of Service is much better with a leased line internet service provider in comparison to broadband. This makes it far more effective to work with convergent services such as video, audio and others.
  • 3. The fact that a leased line internet provider allows communication and connection via multiple media is definitely an upside. Most providers employ either a combination or any one from among fiber, copper or radio links, making network connections seamless. The provided optical media communication is much more dependable and users can look forward to enhanced fault tolerance along with better performance and monitoring. These can be really important factors when you are working with higher bandwidths.
  • 4. Most internet leased lines are bundled with the choice of unlimited usage, allowing business owners to add multiple services like VoIP, video, heavy applications etc. at their free will. The fact that broadband internet service providers make do with billing can be really restrictive in terms of usage. Leased lines also come with a pool of permanent IP addresses, allowing organisations to freely work with their own mail and web servers.
  • 5. Business owners can effortlessly leverage a leased line to create a Virtual Private Network across remote locations. This makes the line of connection much more effective.
Just like leased lines, broadband connections too pack in their own benefits like mobile access to the web, wider exposure and reduced costs. But, what really makes leased lines a preferred choice is the fact that they are committed to high performance at all costs, and rarely will you see links that are down.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Top 5 Benefits of a Leased Line Service

For a business, without a doubt, an uninterrupted internet connection can male all the difference. With the evolution of technology, there are many ways in which you can access the internet. Among the many options, a leased line service certainly scores brownie points for the various benefits offered. At least, if you compare it with broadband connectivity, you’ll find that if you run a large business this type of connection has many advantages. Following are the top 5 benefits of a leased service.

Leased Line Connection
  1. More often than not, a broadband service provider will share the connectivity offered to you to with many people in a particular locality. Your connectivity thus boils down to the best bandwidth you can avail of instead of a promised bandwidth level. A leased line on the contrary offers fixed bandwidth. The dedicated connection will ensure that you aren’t sharing services with any other company/ business.
  2. Primarily, everything in an online business boils down to the internet speed offered. With a broadband connection, the optimisation of internet speeds is mainly tuned for downloads and uploads work much slower. A leased line connection on the other hand coughs up download and uploads that work at pretty much the same speed, adding to your connectivity. Obviously, you benefit for services like mail servers, video conferencing and hosting your website which can be rather critical to your business.
  3. Another upside of a leased line connection is that you can choose from a range of bandwidth. The choices are varied. Dependability on the connection is also much higher and you can rest assured about the performance of your website. While being to effortlessly monitor the connectivity, internet latency and jitter too should not be much of an issue. An efficient service provider includes SLA in the package too.
  4. An internet connection that is leased in nature also guarantees higher quality service at least in comparison to broadband. Organisations can thus function in a more effective manner and tasks that require high internet usage are no longer a hassle. With businesses that employ a huge workforce, a leased provider can help build a fully functional virtual private network. This will allow smooth operations between various branches of the company.
  5. Broadband connections generally don’t have much in terms of high bandwidth to offer. A leased service will however pretty much take care of this aspect effortlessly. The unlimited plans offered by the latter will help you make more economical choices in terms of the bundle you choose. Besides, whether you wish to run your own web server or simply applications that are important, permanent IP address provided by a leased connection will see you smiling more often.
Dedicated internet connectivity that gives you direct access to the web should only be more beneficial to your business, if not anything else. What a leased service does is that it gives you connection to the internet through their nearest nodal point via cable or wire. Some companies may do so through an internet link.

Monday, 4 February 2013

10 points to remember while selecting dedicated leased line services

India is one of the few countries of the world where leased lines are available for business communication. These lines are the latest in business communication technologies and are fast becoming popular. Here are the 10 reasons, why you should be switching over to leased lines for business communications.
Leased Line
  1. Exclusivity: Everyone attempts exclusivity. In business communications tool, you can attain exclusivity by the use of the leased line. These symmetric telecommunications systems provide an exclusive connection between two distant geographical locations through a permanent line. The line is exclusive with no other user, unlike conventional telephony that facilitates multiple connections with a single line, by a process called switching. In leased connections, the whole matter is simplified to a single end to end open circuit, thereby promising effective and speedy communication between two nodes.
  2. Much less voice jitter: Since lease connections are exclusive ones, therefore there is a significantly less voice jitter in the connection.
  3. There is no telephone number in a leased connection: A leased connection does not have a telephone number. You can make direct calls by just picking up the telephone. This makes leased connections highly effective business communication tools.
  4. They can be long distance or short distance: The leased connection can be both in the house like in an apartment complex or a hotel connecting two points located in the same city. In either ways, leased connections are highly effective to carry out business or personal communications.
  5. Single fixed monthly rent: The cost management option of the leased line is its ultimate benefit. The user only has to pay a single monthly rate for the use of the leased connection, and there is no limit on usage. Use as much as you want, but the final cost remains the same. This feature has made leased connections highly popular among businesses that do not have to calculate extra expenditure beyond a certain limit.
  6. Different speed limits: A leased line connection is available at different speed limits. The speed you choose determines the amount of rent you have to pay for using the leased connection. From low speed connections, to medium and high speed connections, leased systems are highly manageable. Low speeds include 64kbit/s, 256kbit/s, 128Kbit/s and 512Kbit/s. Medium speeds include the T1 and the E1 connections at 1.544Mbit/s and 2.048Mbit/s respectively. High speed connections carry the speed of 2, 4, 8 or 16 Mb/s. You can always switch over from one connection to another according to your convenience.
  7. High uptime: Leased line connection providers can promise up to 99% uptime guarantee, thus enabling business communications to carry on uninterrupted 24/7/365.
  8. VoIP and data transfer: Businesses who want to opt for VoIP connections can also opt for leased connections. Video and voice calls can also be transferred through leased lines.
  9. Internet connectivity: High speed broadband connectivity is also possible through a leased connection. For heavy users, this can be of great cost saving opportunity as you have to pay a fixed monthly rate despite heavy usage. 
  10. Connectivity: The leased line connections are established either through Wi-Fi, telephone lines ADSL or through OFC.   

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