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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

10 points to remember while selecting data center for your business

Data Center Company
Data Center

Business today is highly competitive and undertaking a company requires more efficiency. If this is happening on one hand, on the other internet connections are growing at a rapid rate, spreading out businesses more geographically. Whether a company wants to cut costs or wants to optimize its resources, a data center proves to be the best option. Various reports, studies and statistics have put forth many important factors on how to decide suitable data centre services. Businesses small or large have many criteria to sift through in order to make a better decision for present and future of their company.

There are many data centers today with a multitude of facilities. The top ten factors to consider before selecting a suitable data center are: 

1.      Power: Data centers consume an enormous amount of power and a company should ensure that there is adequate power backup in the facility it chooses. Most data centers possess an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and a large generator. 

2.      Environment: Data centers consume more power to run both the datacenter server and to keep the server room cool. With numerous IT corporations making their way into the world power consumption is scaling peaks. To combat this, many alternatives are available today. For example, opting for green power technology such as biofuels, wind and hydroelectric provide good alternatives.

3.      Security: IT infrastructure requires heavy investment. Businesses should ensure that the data center service facility they select is adequately guarded in order to protect the infrastructure, data and facility investment. 

4.      Connectivity: Demand for fast connectivity between a company and data centers has been growing for a long time. It is important to select a reliable and redundant connectivity. Better connectivity offers higher bandwidth.

5.      Disaster Management: Be it natural disaster or man-made disaster precautions are best taken. Businesses should ensure that the datacenter server is protected from common disaster like fire. A data center with a gaseous automated fire system eliminates the fire threat with much damage to the capital investment.

6.      Support: Issues such as connectivity problems, power and access always linger around any business. The vendor must be able to report and solve business escalations quickly. 

7.      Cooling: The data center should have a good cooling system to maintain optimum moisture level for equipments to function effectively. 

8.      Neatness: A clean environment reduces hazards and increases the safety and the life of the equipment.  

9.      Accessibility: A good data center service provides redundant connections at affordable prices and allows easy access to the server.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Data center consolidation: benefits and costs

Data center consolidation is also called IT consolidation. It is the term used by organizations for the strategy they adopt for reducing their IT assets. Some of the technologies used by datacenter services are storage virtualization, server virtualization, data colocation, cloud data center, better capacity planning and using some automation tools, etc.  For data centre India IT consolidation is very important not only to reduce the size of the data centers but also minimize IT and overall operating costs.

Data Center
Many organizations and business houses have sever number of data centers though they can manage with lesser numbers. This may be due to various reasons. One of the reasons is that with the merger of two business entities more data centers enter into the network. Maintaining these multiple data centers for some time is okay because they support the systems and processes of the company. But after some time the companies find that have multiple data centers at their disposal.

The cost of maintaining these data centers is quite high because the staffs are to be deployed in each of them. The hardware assets are also underutilized. So it advisable to go for data center consolidation since there is multiple call centers and many of them are not fully utilized.  

Data center consolidation is a very popular strategy that is employed by data centre India promoting powerful economic benefits. There are many data center services which provide services for data center consolidation and the benefits of consolidation are being reaped by many companies.  Cloud data center and data center colocation are some of the technologies and strategies that are provided by these companies.

Colocation of data center gives cost savings to the companies because they utilize the shared data center infrastructure. The companies do not have to employ staff, resources and technology for their data centers and this brings them significant savings. Colocation also frees some of the company’s resources which can be utilized for other purposes. The companies that are short of accommodation can also save significant space which can later be utilized for housing of other office equipment and personnel. Another major advantage for the companies is that do not have to incur high costs on the maintenance of their data center equipment. They also save a lot on their power bills. But the best benefit is that the companies can scale up their requirement as per their growing business needs without incurring high investments in the required hardware for the data center.

Another advantage of the of the data center consolidation via utilization of data center colocation is the security of the data. Suppose a major hazard like fire erupts and all the assets of the company are damaged. In that unfortunate event all the data of the company will be destroyed and it will be impossible to recover it. But with data colocation the data is safe on the cloud computing system and can be easily regained. 

In short the consolidated cloud data center with data colocation has the following advantages:
·         Better Security
·         Better connectivity
·         Greater network connectivity
·         Savings on unnecessary power bills
·         Increased capabilities

Friday, 14 December 2012

Understanding How Outsourcing Data Centre Operations can transform your Business

The business environment today is very competitive and you may hence want to understand how to make your company all the more efficient. Whether you want to cut down on costs or simply wish to optimize your resources, outsourcing your data center operations can be helpful in many ways. After all, handling resources can sometimes be one of the most restricting factors for any business. 

Understanding data center services:
data center servicesData center India as an outsourcing resource is picking up pace for obvious reasons. The company you outsource your data to must be accountable for not just the implementation of services, but also their discovery and assessment. Being able to recognise and monitor inefficiencies right at the start can be helpful for obvious reasons. 

When a company also consolidates your data, it leads to better managed processes and lowered complexity. You can thus save on maintenance cost as well. What’s more, having virtual servers will help you bring down the amount of money spent on energy and other such things. When you outsource your data, you inevitably let your staff to maintain their focus on innovation and optimising their productivity. With a good data center outsourcing company, you have a wide array of options to choose from. Services offered include in-house maintenance, cloud services etc. 

Transforming your business:
Data centers inevitably see you spending maximum time running around. There are many data center India services that can help you achieve efficient IT decisions without any hassles. By using their seamless transformational functionalities, productive outsourcing capabilities of a company can give you maximum returns. Thus, you have enough time at hand to strategize your business plans while also being able to prioritise the tasks at hand. Further, it will also help you implement modern technology, rendering your business operations even more efficient, safe and speedy. What’s more, you can work at economical costs. 

Boosting your business:
What you must comprehend early on is the fact that a proficient company not only gives you a secure location to manage and store your servers, but also work in a tightly integrated environment. The control over your data is also much more. Most data centers that help you with outsourcing ensure that your back-ups are complete and regulated. A high bandwidth connection with this is only an added advantage. 24x7 monitoring services bundled with wholesome technical support should also be part of your package. Network and physical security are some other add-ons. High investment cost on your capital is something that is definitely taken care of. 

Along with all the above benefits, outsourcing gives you the option of co-location. Basically, co-location translates to you renting out a particular space to reside your servers alongside some servers of other companies. This aids in the making your business more flexible. You can upscale or downscale the incorporated technology as per your requirements. In the event of a growing business, you will really save a lot of money with this feature. 

A simple understanding of outsourcing data center services can thus help you rest in peace as far as your business is concerned.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ways to Compare Third Party Data Center Services Provider

data center services
Data Center

Today there is a great demand for outsourcing data services from data center. To manage such a center, is a very complex business. You need to get involved with processes, people and technology. It will cost a company a lot of money to manage it in-house. There are 3rd party data centers that will provide you their services by buying the equipment on your behalf. They will charge you for the usage of the equipment. Such a centre will be equipped with a dedicated team of people who will manage your equipment based on SLAS.

If you try to manage systems internally, it will be less cost effective to source the same. Third party providers spread their cost across a large number of customers and thereby pass on a large portion of the savings to their customers. It is better to rent a space rather than spend millions in building your own centre.

Services Provided To Customers
Enterprises get many benefits when they weigh what they get for their requirements from their service provider. The cost savings can be separated as indirect and direct cost. You save on owning the IT equipment based on the tenure of the project, cooling systems and building power backup. The collocation site will possess the facility to be connected via various network providers.

Your network redundancy, your percentage of space utilized, rentals, power consumptions and the entire infrastructure will be professionally managed. You will not need to take any stress as your business begins to grow. Service providers provide their customers value added services enabling them to run their businesses smoothly. Such services include shared services, storage options and securing the infrastructure completely.
No Issue of Data Breach or Downtime

A third party data center service provider will abide by the standards to avoid any data breach or downtime issue. Such an issue can also arise in an internal system. You can always control downtime by having a DR contract for your primary site. If you have a primary site in your city you can opt for a DR setup in your provider’s other city location. This is the benefit of taking on third party services.
Only you will know which provider will meet your needs better, if you look across for different suppliers. You should negotiate with them; scrutinize their history, especially regarding downtime. Only intelligent negotiation will earn you the best services.

How to Select the Right Company
When you are selecting a data center company, you need to look into several factors. Factors such as data base requirement, ram, processor, choice of server operating system, hard drives, number of server units etc. Even if you are setting up the hardware and software for your web server, you need to look into the same factors.

Before you handover everything to the company whose services you wish to hire, you should review their overall track record. You should check their customer service and service feature. A service provider who provides you prime features such as overall server security, data backup, sufficient bandwidth and continuous power backup will be perfect. He should also be professionally managed.

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