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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Top 10 Benefits of a Leased Line Service

leased line services
Leased Line

The internet has grown to be an immensely powerful industry in the past few years. There are different types of internet connections available in the market today and it is clearly a fact that businesses find it difficult to sustain without a proper and an efficient internet connection. To address this issue, the web industry gave rise to internet leased line services. Also known as private line service, it was primarily meant for larger enterprises, this leased line service was digitized in the 1970’s. Over the years, this line services were used to connect the premises to ATM’s and connects customer premises to ISP points of presence. 

The important benefits of a private line service are:

Constant Connectivity: Communication crashes are quite uncommon when using a leased connection. The supplier charges only the rent and nothing for connectivity. Internet connections are offered constantly and at great speed. A leased line connection is solely dedicated to a single user meaning data security and high bandwidth.

Higher bandwidth Range: The amount of bandwidth used depends on the data used, user access, and the applications at any given time. The bandwidth is available 24/7 and the speed ranges from 64kpbs to 622 Mbps. The other benefits of huge bandwidth include data privacy, voice transmission privacy and complete security. 

Unlimited Data Transfer: Businesses can use the internet connection flat out, at all times. No extra charges are levied for additional usage of the connection and at no point in time the connection will not slow down. In particular, for businesses, network traffic will not be affected.

Huge Storage Space: Leased lines play a key role when an establishment is dealing with a huge database of staff and customer especially when the company wants the flow of information to be smooth and consistent. This is the disadvantage of a broadband connection since it cannot cope with these demands. A leased connection proves to be one good smooth pipeline for businesses that has to keep with the growing demands of the end users. 

Business Class Support and Faster Upload Speeds: A lease line connection service provider offer the best customer care support with 24/7 proactive support offered by technically knowledgeable staff. 

A leased line is usually symmetrical in structure meaning equal and high upstream and downstream services. This is best suited for video conferencing, terminal services, server hosting, VoIP and transfer of large data files. 

Improved Productivity and Cost Efficiency: With a leased internet connection, the requirement of faxing or dialing any number is no longer necessary. Companies those are keen on improving their productivity in a cost efficient manner will find a leased connection the best option available. It is common belief that the staff functions more effectively when provided with a leased connection. 

The other benefits of a leased connection are:
·         Protection from network crashes,
·         Cost effectiveness
·         In house hosting
·         Office speeds at home
·         High quality voice calls

A leased connection is not a feasible option for medium and small sized businesses but slowly and steadily this line service is gaining momentum and will soon become affordable for all types of businesses. A leased connection provides the best assurance in terms of reliability and flexibility for businesses across the globe.

Friday, 17 August 2012

10 tips to choose dedicated leased line services for your business

In the past few years it has been noticed that large businesses have migrated to dedicated leased line moving away from broadband. The reasons for this are easy to understand. Large corporations employ a large number of people, have many branches and achieve a lot of work over the internet. They transfer sensitive data over the web and they require secure and dedicated lines that they need not share with anyone.
Leased Line Services
Leased Line
Helpful Hints for All
The benefits of having an internet provider who rents out a leased line connection have become apparent to mid-sized businesses as well. Ten tips that will be helpful while considering a leased line can be listed here.
·         While considering leased lines first gauge the size of your business and decide whether you need a dedicated line or can do with a broadband connection
·         Take a look at your budget before you decide on going in for a leased line. Can you afford this expense at this juncture?
·         If your business is growing fast you may need this facility very soon. Is it worthwhile taking it straightaway?
·         Ensure that you have hardware that is compatible with the new technology.
·         Does your business transfer sensitive data? If yes, it may be sensible to go in for a dedicated line to ensure security.
·         Find out if the provider promises back up facility for you when there is an emergency.
·         Run an investigation to find out how reliable the company under consideration is.
·         Compare prices to see if the charges quoted are fair.
·         The provider should extend compensation if there is a failure.
·         Ensure there is customer support extended 24/7
Medium sized enterprises must consider the feasibility of opting for a leased line for all their communications.  Leased lines provide secure lines, fast internet and quick downloads. This facility will allow establishments to save time and keep in touch with the entire company.
The Small Print in the Agreement
An Internet service provider who extends leased lines generally charges rentals by the year. The financial liability for the company that takes it on is limited for one year. If at any time there is failure of services, the provider is under obligation to give compensation. Before signing on the provider a service agreement should be drawn up in which all these sticking points should be clarified.
When a leased line is signed for, payment is only for the bandwidth that is utilised. This makes it a cost effective move for the establishment. Before finalising the provider, doing a background check is a good idea. Talk to erstwhile and present customers to get an idea of the service level that can be expected.
Insist On Customer Care
Customer care is of great importance here. Glitches can arise at any time and you would wish to have a number that you can call in an emergency.  Back up services are essential and these need to be ready to take on the additional burden. Before the system breaks down, there should be alerts warning users of impending trouble.
As a user you should determine how much bandwidth will be needed by you. The provider will be able to give you an estimate if you provide them with numbers of people using the system and the connections that are made. 

Monday, 16 July 2012

10 Points to Remember While Selecting Dedicated Leased Line Services

Internet Service Provider
Leased Line Services
If yours is a small sized or medium sized enterprise, a corporate business or a provider of services then for your use it is very important to consider a leased line. To run web applications at very high levels, it is very useful to have a dedicated leased line. Besides providing increased security on the internet, the leased line also provides facilities for transferring data and availability of speedy services.
If you are looking towards a bandwidth that is exclusively fast then the best source to contact is the dedicated leased line provider. Leased line services guarantee speedy internet connection. For commercial operations that are professional, both these are considered as most ideal.
The package
Availability to the internet is offered at 100% and if there is failure in delivering services then financial compensation too is guaranteed. This is termed as SLA or Service Level Agreement. Clients are able to derive some peace of mind which can be passed on to clients in the process. Payment is made for just the actual bandwidth that is used thus making it a very cost effective option. If required the package of a leased line could include a number of static domain names and IP addresses.
The leased line can supply DOS migration, secondary and primary dedicated name servers as well as resilience options.  While looking for a provider of leased lines, there are a few things that need to be remembered. One of the first things to do is check the details of the company and the reliability, besides the independent reviews.  The next thing to do to find out if a service account manager is offered by the company if in case support is needed. Just an option of a phone or a helpdesk will do in such a case. 
Customer service
Another important thing that is necessary to find out is, if the backup facilities are implemented well and set in place. If in case disaster strikes, this can be very vital for your organization.  Should there be any issues then you will need to be provided with alerts too, which you will need to find out. To find out reputation of the internet service provider you can try to get an idea or read reviews on what clients in the present and past have to say about the leased line provider.
Your confidence can be best installed by the feedback received about the customer service and reliable services offered by the provider. This is possible only if you have been able to conduct extensive research in the process of selecting a lease line provider. It can be quite an expensive affair making payment for a leased line. Make sure that you will benefit from the same.
Compare service levels
To connect multiple offices together, to use the VPN and for connectivity with an external and internal server the dedicated leased line can be used for accessing the internet. Depending upon the users that are connected and the number of applications, size of the leased line can be determined to meet your requirement.
It is best to get in touch with a good provider of leased lines to seek advice on this matter and solve any of your queries. After an extensive research is conducted you can shortlist a few providers and compare their service levels.  All your needs should be well accommodated by the leased line provider. Adequate rewards can be reaped only if investments are made in a good and reliable leased line services

Friday, 8 June 2012

Efficiency of a Leased Line connection

Internet is one of the most crucial services that every individual or business requires today. The importance of this service has mainly grown as it allows people to connect with the rest of the world with ease. Through the past few years, the way Internet is accessed and connected has evolved considerably. Various new types of internet connections have come into the market. Among them using a leased line service has garnered a lot of popularity.
There are several benefits of going for this service. These lines are designed to offer dedicated bandwidth to users at all times. As this line is solely dedicated to a single user, it can ensure quick internet accessibility. Many Internet Service Providers in Delhi, Mumbai and other leading cities have started offering leased line solutions to its clients.       
Net4 India partners with its ISP partners to offer high-class Leased Line Services in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and other leading cities. Net4’s leased line network is multi-redundant and fully meshed, with connectivity to FLAG, i2i, SEAMEWE-4 and NIXI in all PoPs (points of presence). The company offers various bandwidth options, including N x E-1 (2mbps), DS3 (45 mbps), STM1 (155 mbps), STM4 (620 mbps) and others.
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