Monday, 30 July 2012

Reasons for Choosing Voice over IP - VoIP Advantages

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Business VoIP Services
Today VoIP is the most advanced internet system used in business transaction and communication. Imagine making a call to your business partner or to a customer. Think of the cost you will have to incur. Therefore VoIP is mainly developed to provide voice communication to any part of the world. This will comparatively be much lower in cost than you would have to spend on telephone.
VoIP is becoming an unequivocal necessity for business houses. Global mobile workforce and global business need voice data integration for business to update their communication and togetherness. VoIP is offering better and faster performances at lower costs. VoIP is setting the future generation in business and service communication and is the future of business telephony. This will help phase out traditional phones circuitry, PBX technology and legacy equipment.
Reduction in Telephone Bills
If you opt for VoIP for business, your telephone bills that account for national or international calls will be reduced to the minimum. Business VoIP not only solves this but many other problems connected to your business. If you compare the advantages of VoIP to any other technology, you will find it very beneficial. When you are communicating on the traditional phone, you will be paying for each minute of your talk time.
VoIP uses the internet as the source of communication. All you need is a broadband internet access, which has a decent speed. You will pay a reasonable monthly fixed amount for unlimited 24 x 7 to speak and communicate all over the globe. This is irrespective of how long you communicate daily. Your international calls expenditure will go down to 10%.
Set Up a Conference
When you are talking on a phone line, only two persons can talk with each other at the same time. But with a VoIP you can set up a conference with an entire team and communicate with each other. It is capable of handling more calls on one access line.
You can easily locate a VoIP call centre, open a VoIP account and get a caller Id voice mail, contact lists, extra-virtual numbers etc. Businesses that switch to VoIP can benefit by managing their overseas offices more effectively as they can be in communication at all times.
Cheap Software Packages
When you are using VoIP for your business communication, apart from a computer and an internet connection you will need a microphone. You will need speakers and a sound card also. You can easily download several software packages from the internet and install the same on your computer.  Two of the main applications are Net-2-Phone and Skype. There is no need to have a telephone set.
With VoIP, your business can be perfectly equipped for communication management. You can communicate with people in the most remote areas in the world. The best part is that you can have live conferences in a group on the Skype. You can even demonstrate the functioning of a new product with the help of VoIP and its application. 

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