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Thursday, 7 February 2013

10 Reasons Why to select VoIP for small business phone systems

As time has passed, VoIP services or Voice over Internet Protocol have also evolved. There are a number of companies that offer this phone system in affordable bundles. First and foremost, this technology keeps at bay the hassles of poor quality. Additionally, a VoIP service provider nowadays offers a sea of features which if nothing else, will surely help you boost your business. If you haven’t already given this technology more than a thought, we’re telling you precisely why you should. Here are 10 reasons why to select VoIP for small business phone systems.

VoIP Service connection
VoIP Services
  1. Cost-Efficient: Without a doubt, cost is the most important factor for any small business. A VoIP service provider will ensure that this very need of yours is catered to efficiently. You no longer have to worry about extensive phone bills that run into pages. VoIP calls to India in particular are rather cheap. You can easily choose from a range of packages that can help you keep your finances in check
  2. All – in –one: When you install a VoIP phone, you are automatically integrating a number of services into one neat bundle. So all your communication needs can be taken care of through one simple phone system. Whether it is voicemail, video calls, email, text messages, fax or simply transfer of images, you no longer have to worry about installing different hardware for each of these functions. Phone systems with VoIP competently manage all of these in one.
  3. Voicemails through email: One of the most sought after features for most business users is the ability to receive voicemail seamlessly. Yes, VoIP takes care of that too. Imagine your convenience at having your voicemails being received in your email inbox, and that too as a WAV file for simple access. No longer a dream! This is possible with VoIP technology.
  4. Network integration: VoIP phone India or for that matter any service provider offering this technology lets you effortlessly integrate you current network within the phone system. This can be really a boon when you are migrating from one phone system to another, VoIP in this case.
  5. Relocation: The next time you shift your office / business location, you no longer have to follow up with your telephone company to restore your services. With VoIP, you can keep the same number irrespective of your location in a completely stress free manner. The main reason for this is that the technology is powered by the web. So, simply have your internet connection in place and you’re ready to go.
  6. Effortless Call Diversion: Sometimes, even a simple task of getting your calls diverted can be a task for a small business, if the telephone provider is a laggard. But this will no longer be a issue, should you move over to Voice over Internet Protocol. Have your calls diverted to any phone, no matter where it is located across the globe.
  7. Management & Installation: Not only is a VoIP telephone system easy to install, but also effortless to manage. You gain complete control and flexibility over your business communication thus. What’s more, you can rest assured about the disaster recovery options being a breeze too.
  8. Access: A good service provider for VoIP will make it simple for you to access your digital recordings as and when you need them. The comprehensive report process should keep you smiling for parts too.
  9. Contacts: Maintaining, managing and accessing your contacts is now possible irrespective of the device at hand. Whether you have a desktop or a phone, you can easily gain control over contact accessibility.
  10. Remote Assignments: Probably the biggest advantage of VoIP is that it lets you deploy all your tasks remotely.
As seen above, VoIP services can really have umpteen benefits for small business phone systems.

Friday, 18 January 2013

5 Checkpoints to make your VoIP migration right

voip services
VoIP System

The IP or Internet Protocol Telephony and the VoIP or the Voice over the Internet Protocol has become very popular. This service is excellent in a phone call over the internet. The cost of making phone calls over the internet is surprisingly insignificant but its reach as well as dependability is very high. If you have the VoIP phone in your business there are a few things which you need to keep in mind. It is best if you avail viable advice from the one who utilizes this service to avoid mistakes.  

People consider Internet Protocol communication for making cheap calls to India. This advanced technology helps in gaining better returns for the investment. It helps the business in short and the longer term. The PBX system no longer tempted after the innovation of IP telephony system. This new generation solution, voice over IP for communication, has reaped innumerable benefits to many businesses. However, the 5 essential checkpoints to make your VoIP migration flawless are:

·         Ensure that that vendors do not befool you
·         Conduct an in depth analysis of networks
·         Ensure that there are no short cuts
·         Assure that the VoIP service and the IP PBX system are well managed
·         Assure that these services are organized confidently in an effective manner by your staff.

Some business has saved a lot of money on bills and enhanced their communication system with the help of VoIP. The internet speed remains the same in spite of the increase in traffic. You can make VoIP calls to India from across the world. You can add multiple lines with the help of VoIP and send multiple phone calls without any connectivity issues or interruptions across your IP network. Utilizing this system you will save plenty of time that you can devote to focus upon vital matters of your business.

Few VoIP India firms allow you up to 800 incoming call numbers at fixed monthly charges and your callers don’t have to pay any charges. Some other services also can be opted with this efficacious kind of calling. Plugging it into a high speed internet connection you can make regular calls and also receive calls in any part of the world and you will be charged the rate for local calls from your home location.

In view of the above advantages many organizations are using VoIP services in place of mobile and smart phones.  Armed with this tool a user has an upper hand over his competitors. This latest communication tool not only provides security for your valuable data but also facilitates the use of the company’s network by its employees. Therefore VoIP services have become the choice of millions of business houses.

Business houses these days are using high speed internet connections called VoIP services in place of mobile phones. It is a very good tool that provides an edge to a business over others. The advantages of this communication tool are truly unique providing an optimal ease of operation to the users. Therefore VoIP phone India services are becoming exceedingly popular.
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