Monday, 18 March 2013

Optimizing Your Small Business Performance with Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting provider
Small Cloud Hosting

In an era of blazing technology, the growing demands of both businesses and customers have sky -rocketed with no guaranteed future for any computer device. The concept of cloud computing first came to be known as early as 1994 but scholars and IT experts have traced back the roots of cloud computing all the way to the 1950’s. With the economic climate taking its toll on the three variants businesses today, cloud computing technology has gained more prominence in small sized businesses. Cloud hosting services save time and money for small sized businesses. For decades, only large businesses entered “cloud” but now as cloud hosting benefits are becoming more tangible, small businesses are now moving into the cloud.

Tips to Optimize a Small Business through Cloud Computing:

1.    Project management: With a cloud hosting server, a small business will be able to manage the frequent upload of files. This is useful when a company has employees who travel frequently or who work as freelancers. In addition, a cloud computing system allows sending messages within a group, file sharing, and set email reminders. 

2.    Web-services Integration: Cloud computing technology quickly integrates with other business applications, be it in-house or third party. When it comes to website hosting, cloud server hosting has successfully replaced physical servers. Cloud hosting allows increase or decrease in the bandwidth and users end up paying only for the amount of computing power they use. 

3.    Access to backup technologies and data storage: Previously afforded only by large enterprises, backup security for data formats such as photos and videos have become affordable for small businesses. Email service continuity and uninterrupted data access even during periods of indolence is offered by cloud hosting.

4.    Accounts: Using a cloud hosted accounting system a company can keep track of its expenses and invoices. This allows users to access the service from anywhere in the world. Cloud hosted accounting system allows businesses to track the working hours of its employees and to monitor the invoices of its clients. 

5.    Analysis of Web:  A company can track the data about clients visiting its business website independently. Companies      can track what users are doing on their websites at a given second if they sign up for real time reporting service for a small monthly fee.

6.    Collaboration and Mobility: The latest innovations in cloud hosting services make various business applications more collaborative and mobile. Clients can access information in no time and working with a cloud host is easy similar to consumer applications such as twitter. 

Indian Perspective:
According to the findings of the third annual VMware cloud index, it was revealed that, in India, 50 percent of businesses have adopted cloud computing services that are 25 percent rise compared to 2011. Additionally, 30 percent of other small businesses are planning to adopt cloud computing technology in a span of 18 months.

Cloud services in India have its equal share of hold in the IT world and are rapidly growing into a fully fledged environment offering efficient solutions to businesses and clients. Cloud hosting India has changed the face of the web industry in a large way. Further, cloud services in India offer cloud services at affordable prices and have facilitated small businesses in India to utilizing various applications efficiently.

Heightened technology and remarkable innovations has enhanced access to quicker internet connectivity thus stimulating the growth of cloud hosting India.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

How does a leased line connection offer such high speeds?

Leased Line Connection
High Speed Internet Connection

Most business users today are on the lookout for internet connections that can live up their promise of better connections and enhanced speed. An internet leased line for website owners can be for this very purpose and more. High speed, advanced performance and seamless communication are just a handful of the upsides on offer. Besides, internet connections that are leased are also secure in nature, allow risk-free data services. Deploying leased lines to function with a router that works an intelligent component of the network is thus an effortless process. Below is a list of things that tell us just how a leased line connection actually works to offer such high speeds:

Connectivity: Robust internet speeds is just one of the many benefits of working with leased lines. Naturally the price of such connections is much higher, which in turn makes it all the more necessary that the provider delivers high quality of service. The ability to transmit data at high speeds comes naturally to an internet leased line. This allows business owners to work in an environment that is stress free and helps enhance productivity. The fact that you get complete support is also a reason to rejoice.

Instant Customer Support: In more cases than one, a leased line service provider is pretty prompt as far as customer support is concerned. Constant high speed connectivity allows the provider to connect seamlessly to users, which can be really great for an online business. Even in times of high traffic, the connection is such that issues can be sorted rapidly without much intervention. It is obviously much easier for users to get in touch with customer service staff for both tech and other queries. Troubleshooting on the whole is brought down largely due there being a singular internet connection.

Enhanced Equipment: Since nearly all equipment required for a leased line is offered by a provider, it is only inevitable that tasks are managed efficiently. A loop circuit positioned in the locality allows the router to work without any issues at high speed. In comparison to a conventional internet solution, users are offered greater advantage in terms of connectivity. Having a continuous online presence is completely easy with the high reliability the equipment provides.

Advanced performance: With leased line connection providers, users can rest in peace as far as superior performance is concerned. The media employed for communication by providers is well-rounded and detailed to the core. More often than not, it is tailored to allow sufficient guarantee of advanced performance to say the least. The fact that such lines incorporate fiber connections only makes them all the more advantageous. This by default allows users better performance along with higher speeds. In a traditional scenario, satellite or copper wires lack in this respect.

In addition to internet connection for file transfers and data transmission, leased lines also function well for video transmissions and all kinds of voice communication. And mind you, all this is offered at the highest quality possible. The service can thus benefit not just consumers but employees too since they can plan and organise their work in a better way, thanks to precious time being saved. For most expanding businesses, this kind of connection is really a great option.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Data Centre?

Data Center Services
Data Center

A data center is a physical perimeter where the most critical data systems of a computer network are stored. Here the key components of a computing infrastructure are located on behalf of an organization. The servers and storage equipments of the entire computing network of the organization are stored at this center. This needs adequate infrastructure and security options, both physical and virtual for its set up. Also, there is the requirement of climate controlling and dedicated computer management professionals while you set up this center for your business. There are many data enter India services, but before you choose one of them, presented here is a rerun of the reasons why one needs this kind of efficacious center. 

Manageability: To have a personal center of India means that you have complete manageability over your computer systems. You are not depending on shared spaces anymore. You can optimally manage your data at your behest without worrying about a data breach. Besides, businesses are on a perpetual growing stage. If your business is growing you will need the better manageability of your services through this vital center. In case of an issue on the server, your dedicated data professional will be able to manage the issue to your benefit. This optimum manageability is the key benefit of having a dedicated data center in India.

Cost effective: It makes sense to give the responsibility of hosting and managing your data to a dedicated datacenter in India. You do not have to spend huge amounts in order to construct a set up for hosting your computer components. The data center India will take care of all the hassles on your behalf. The annual fee that you are paying for this center is always much less compared to when you are setting up your own center of data and hiring professionals to look after it. The infrastructure factor taken care of, you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business. 

Security: Security of your data is one other point of concern when you manage your own center. But when you outsource your services to a data center their assimilated experts become responsible for the security of your data. You save on this account.  

Continuous uptime and security management: There are several factors to consider while operating a data center. For example, this center should be up and running even in the scenario of a power outage. The data center India should have comprehensive security systems involved in the protection of your data. Any kind of data breach effort should be encountered professionally. If you are setting up your personal center of data, these would have been the headaches that you would have to pay attention to. However, by outsourcing your data center requirements to a dedicated data center India; you do not have to bear the tension of the day to day running of the systems. All you have to do is to entrust the services with the data center services and stay in direct communication with a dedicated nodal officer for your system, in case any problem arises. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Business to VoIP Services

Business houses these days are using high speed internet connections called VoIP services in place of mobile phones. It is a very good tool that provides an edge to a business over others. The major advantage of this communication tool is that it avails a viable security for your data and an easy access of the company’s network to the employees. Therefore VoIP phone India services are becoming exceedingly popular. 

Business men and employees can make video conferencing by using VoIP services. This allows many persons to take part at a time. The persons can directly be called from the mail box.  This has also made VoIP calls to India from abroad via the international clients’ very popular and economical means of communication. Looking into the popularity of the VoIP calls many service providers are available and you easily can hire a suitable VoIP service provider.  There are many advantages offered by these elite services of VoIP. Top 10 reasons why you should switch your business to efficacious services of VoIP are given below:

No missed calls:  The calls on VoIP systems can follow you anywhere. The calls are followed automatically redirected on any gadget may be a mobile phone or voice mail.  This feature is very important because a missed call may be your potential customer whom you may lose.

Working together becomes easier:  If a call is not attended by one person it can easily be forwarded to the next one in the queue. Due to this facility the work of the organization does not suffer due to non availability of one person on his seat. Your clients are also not annoyed because their calls are not attended.

Automatic routing of your calls: You can decide which call is to be diverted to which desk. Similarly you can manage where the calls received after office working hours are to be sent to. This increases flexibility of working.

Free calls: VoIP service provider in India allows your already existing IP infrastructure to route your calls. This is a great benefit from VoIP phone India because you can use one network for your calls as well as data. This also allows your telecallers to use company’s infrastructure from their homes. If your company has more than one work site anywhere around the globe then VoIP calls to India can make much difference to your business because you are always connected to the company’s network without any communication cost.

Lowest call rates: At present there are many internet telephony service providers available in the market. This has created fierce competition and therefore the lowest call rates are now offered by the VoIP service provider. In fact combination of traditional and IP calls can be very cost effective in the present scenario.

Integrated voice mail, fax and email facility:  This makes a single point of contact for your business. Further not only saves your paper cost but also assist you to create a greener world.
Easy to use: Easy to use web interface which is available with these VoIP services makes the work easy. The commands are easy and use can have all the features of a PBX on your web interface.

You can call everywhere using your phone or computer: This feature allows unlimited flexibility to your work and your phone or laptop becomes an effective business tool. 

Your existing applications can be integrated: All your applications can be integrated with the VoIP system which dramatically is your capacity to handle calls.

No lock in period: You are free to buy whatever you want. You do not have any lock in period or initial investments to make.
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