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Monday, 18 March 2013

Optimizing Your Small Business Performance with Cloud Hosting Services

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Small Cloud Hosting

In an era of blazing technology, the growing demands of both businesses and customers have sky -rocketed with no guaranteed future for any computer device. The concept of cloud computing first came to be known as early as 1994 but scholars and IT experts have traced back the roots of cloud computing all the way to the 1950’s. With the economic climate taking its toll on the three variants businesses today, cloud computing technology has gained more prominence in small sized businesses. Cloud hosting services save time and money for small sized businesses. For decades, only large businesses entered “cloud” but now as cloud hosting benefits are becoming more tangible, small businesses are now moving into the cloud.

Tips to Optimize a Small Business through Cloud Computing:

1.    Project management: With a cloud hosting server, a small business will be able to manage the frequent upload of files. This is useful when a company has employees who travel frequently or who work as freelancers. In addition, a cloud computing system allows sending messages within a group, file sharing, and set email reminders. 

2.    Web-services Integration: Cloud computing technology quickly integrates with other business applications, be it in-house or third party. When it comes to website hosting, cloud server hosting has successfully replaced physical servers. Cloud hosting allows increase or decrease in the bandwidth and users end up paying only for the amount of computing power they use. 

3.    Access to backup technologies and data storage: Previously afforded only by large enterprises, backup security for data formats such as photos and videos have become affordable for small businesses. Email service continuity and uninterrupted data access even during periods of indolence is offered by cloud hosting.

4.    Accounts: Using a cloud hosted accounting system a company can keep track of its expenses and invoices. This allows users to access the service from anywhere in the world. Cloud hosted accounting system allows businesses to track the working hours of its employees and to monitor the invoices of its clients. 

5.    Analysis of Web:  A company can track the data about clients visiting its business website independently. Companies      can track what users are doing on their websites at a given second if they sign up for real time reporting service for a small monthly fee.

6.    Collaboration and Mobility: The latest innovations in cloud hosting services make various business applications more collaborative and mobile. Clients can access information in no time and working with a cloud host is easy similar to consumer applications such as twitter. 

Indian Perspective:
According to the findings of the third annual VMware cloud index, it was revealed that, in India, 50 percent of businesses have adopted cloud computing services that are 25 percent rise compared to 2011. Additionally, 30 percent of other small businesses are planning to adopt cloud computing technology in a span of 18 months.

Cloud services in India have its equal share of hold in the IT world and are rapidly growing into a fully fledged environment offering efficient solutions to businesses and clients. Cloud hosting India has changed the face of the web industry in a large way. Further, cloud services in India offer cloud services at affordable prices and have facilitated small businesses in India to utilizing various applications efficiently.

Heightened technology and remarkable innovations has enhanced access to quicker internet connectivity thus stimulating the growth of cloud hosting India.

Friday, 15 February 2013

10 Tips to Choose A Cloud Hosting Provider

There’s no dearth of cloud providers in the market, precisely among the many reasons why you should be making an informed choice. One wrong move and you could find yourself tearing your hair over inane things that could have been easily taken care of. Here are 10 tips that should help you choose a good cloud hosting provider:
Cloud Hosting
  1. Data transfer and speed: One of the most important factors before you choose a host on the cloud is the kind of data transfers the company offers. Usually, data transfers are affected by two things - the bandwidth that the cloud provider possesses and also its location. A local cloud host thus has an added advantage. You must also take into account the cloud server speed. An efficient host will allow you to scale your server effortlessly as and when you need to.
  2. Data compliance: The location of your data can sometimes make all the difference. This is mainly because the host’s location is not independent of the norms it is supposed to follow in a particular region. The best practices employed by the company for data storage and maintenance should further have met industry guidelines.
  3. Security: Similar to the aforementioned point, security isn’t something that should be overlooked. And you must remember that as a business, it isn’t simply hackers who are capable of doing much damage. You should have checked completely for security on following basis - data center, virtual server, network, cloud storage etc.
  4. Scalability: This is without doubt one of the most important things that really differentiates between a VP and a cloud server. In the event, your business would need you to constantly work with multiple servers in varying proportions or even up and down the server performance on an immediate basis, cloud services should be your best bet.
  5. Flexibility: The fact that technology is changing almost every day, the provider you decide to bank on must have the skill for innovation by default. Besides, the company should also be willing to make changes as and when necessary to the services it provides depending on the market demand.
  6. Know what you want: It’s best to have clarity right from the start about the kind of cloud server hosting that you may be looking for. What exactly should your server achieve is an important question that must be answered right at the beginning. You should have gone through various functionalities on offer like API support, high – volume support, scalability, backups etc. Having a checklist at hand will make your hunt all the more easy. Be upfront about your queries and ensure that you have them replied much before you decide to make a pick.
  7. Evaluation time: No, tests aren’t meant only for vehicles and other electronic items. Testing your cloud server hosting provider should come naturally to you. Check for the discounts on offer or even if the service is bundled with cost-free tiers so that new customers can complete the evaluation minus any hassles.
  8. Support: This factor is important particularly for those who would be working with cloud providers for the first time. Imagine being stuck in a crisis and having no one to call? Another thing that you must look up carefully is whether the provider you have zeroed down on makes way for free or paid support.
  9. Contracts and Agreements: There’s no reason why you should just glance through service level agreements. They’re meant to maintain transparency between the provider and the customer. Hence, ensure that you read through SLAs and contracts you are going to sign carefully. What happens when your provider does not match up to the maximum uptime promised? While every cloud host comes with its pitfalls of rare outages, check that your provider lends you a good helping hand in this respect.
  10. Load-balancing: Your service provider must be capable of balancing out the load during heavy traffic. Multiple zones for maximum uptime are rather useful in this department.
Cloud hosting in India too is picking up much pace and as technology evolves, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the service could become main stream. Having researched and reviewed the host you wish to go with, make sure that you keep all cost-related factors in mind too. More often than not, it can make all the difference.

Monday, 21 January 2013

5 Reasons why you should move Your Small Business to a Cloud server

Data breaches are sometimes unavoidable and even large companies fall prey to the hazard. Security of data for an online business is thus of utmost importance. Most business owners are hence wary of their data online with cloud servers. Reports however suggest that cloud providers are far more secure than managing data on your own on a physical server. Cloud server India is definitely an option that you can consider. Find below 5 reasons why you should move your small business to a dedicated cloud server:
Cloud Hosting Server

 1.    Stronger security: Going by the current ecosystem on the cloud, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a series of global networks have data centers online. The available cloud providers offer to host applications with security being the backbone. Video surveillance allows most users to gain complete control over their data, a key benefit for small business owners. Onsite data is far more vulnerable and unsafe. 

2.    Smarter technology: While keeping hacks and threats at bay, the technology incorporated by most cloud servers is intelligent to say the least. With innovative encryption, you can look forward to enhanced intrusion with minimum intervention. 

3.    Compliance: The fact that you no longer spend money on getting hardware and security that is compliant with each other, is definitely a feature to watch out for. You don’t end up spending as much money on maintenance of hardware too. For most small and even mid-sized businesses, this can make work far smoother. 

4.    Cost-effective: The fact that a dedicated cloud server is much more cost effective than having a physical device on location goes without saying. With the right equipment and the internet, you can save much on your finances. It’s important for you to know that managing employees is far easier too. All your employees can work remotely with access from the server, helping you save on valuable time too. 

5.    Focus on your business: The fact that you won’t be tearing your hair over mundane issues will help you really center all your attention on, well, your business. You won’t be fretting over IT issues and other hardware problem. You can rest assured about all your documents being completely safe in the cloud. Besides, unpredictable circumstances like a fire or electrical surge will not see you stressing out.

With adequate amount of research, getting an efficient cloud provider for your business is no longer a dream. Weigh the pros over the cons, and you will clearly see yourself veering towards the cloud. There is a sea of options that you can choose from and you don’t really have to spend too much time over it too. An online business can reap maximum benefits from such providers. Online research should let you make a choice from among a range of affordable bundles. All you need to do is get a fair idea and clarity on the kind of requirements your business would see. And yes, there are services for every kind of business. Additionally, the fact that you can keep your data in one central location is without a doubt a great upside.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Why are businesses turning to cloud solution?

cloud computing solution
The impetus obtained from the implementation of cloud hosting services cannot be denied. While awareness regarding the service is still not at its peak, the trend is almost certainly here to stay. Helping you stay up in the competition, such services allow you to run your business efficiently. There are many reasons why businesses are turning to cloud solutions. 

By far, the biggest advantage of cloud servers is that you don’t need to employ any physical hardware. Almost all your tasks are managed efficient by remote servers across the web. Whether it’s data, applications of simple files, access is easy and available from almost any location. In addition to this, you can use any device to access your server, yes even your mobile phone. All these factors automatically bring down your costs. You no longer need to spend money on maintenance of multiple servers. This is also time-saving. 

In many ways, cloud servers have drastically altered the basic business model. Earlier companies that ran a business online were required to employ workers to do much of the tasks at hand. Whether it was the production of goods or attaining consumer demands, a good workforce was inevitable. This is however changing with time. Employing computing services over the cloud ensure that you can effortlessly dispense services minus any manpower. Data can be easily outsourced to any desired location, allowing you to choose from many economical packages. Yes, it is quite possible to run your online business offshore and also monitor the job assigned. Utilising cloud server India offers many benefits in this respect. 

Ask any online business owner, and he/she will promptly tell you that his/her biggest insecurity is with regards to the safety of data. Nevertheless with cloud computing services, not only can you create and store data without any hassles, but also retrieve it efficiently. All this and more can be done without any fear of losing out on important files. Most service providers let you archive the data in a safe manner. In addition to this the delay otherwise seen in retrieval of files and data is also taken care of. You won’t have to spend huge amounts on upgrading and maintaining your hardware, which can be much of a relief in the long run. IT expenditures otherwise incurred would thus come down to a minimum. What’s more, a good service provider will also manage all your backups to avoid data loss in unavoidable circumstances. 

More often than not cloud service providers offer document management software over the web. This drastically lowers the restrictions faced by small and mid-sized businesses. A company’s marketing is thus no longer a hassle. This also makes it easier for business owners to communicate and interact with customers and parallel business providers online without any layers. On the whole, you are enhancing nothing but your business relationships if you look at the larger picture. 

Among other things, businesses working over the cloud can rest assured about the delivery of not just quality products but also services. Customer relationship management allows payments to be received smoothly too via cloud hosting services.
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