Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How reliable is Leased Line connection?

Reliability of an Internet service provider plays a very vital role for an enterprise. We all are aware of the fact that in order to survive in today’s tough economic situation, internet services are considered a must. Though there are several types of web connections available today, a Lease Lineis known to provide an enterprise with greater reliability. These are basically high capacity private data lines which are dedicated to a single user, whether it's a business or an individual. One of the biggest benefits of a Lease Line is that it is highly secure and helps in facilitating a reliable link among various branches of a business.
Usually, a Leased Line Connection is associated with businesses that require dedicated internet services and who expect significant amounts of web traffic. Businesses that are expected to benefit most from an Internet Leased Line are organizations that manage a data center or a call center, where significant amount of internet traffic is handled on a regular basis.
Net4 in collaboration with it its ISP partners offer reliable Lease Line solutions to all types of enterprises. Net4’s network is multi-redundant and fully meshed, with connectivity to FLAG, i2i, SEAMEWE-4 and NIXI at all PoPs (points of presence).

How to find a professional Business Email provider?

Email Hosting services are of great importance if you are seeking to create a lasting impression on your potential customers. Though users have the option of going for free email services, it is highly recommended that they must select paid email services for business purpose. The importance of this service can also be taken from the fact that several companies have now started to go for professional Business Email solutions.
As there are several Email Service Providers now available in the market, choosing the most apt company can get a little tough for a business. There are certain aspects that an organization must look for in an Email Hosting service provider. The quality of servers being used is one of the prime factors that need to be thoroughly considered by the user. Good technical support is also among the important factors and must be assessed carefully by the user. Price is certainly one of the vital things that a user must always keep in mind.
Net4 India is one of India’s premier Email Service Providers serving more than 800,000 corporate e-mail accounts. The company’s BusinessEmail servers are hosted in its ISO 27001 certified Data centers. Net4 also provides its business customers with 24/7 technical support.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Importance of uptime in web hosting

In the field of web hosting, one of the most crucial factors that a user needs to consider is the uptime being provided. Uptime of a website plays a very significant role in the success or failure of the website. It is very crucial for a web hosting company to offer its users with maximum uptime guarantee, so that their business websites can flourish. One such website hosting solution that a number of businesses have started going for is Cloud Hosting. This is the newest form of hosting solution that has taken the hosting industry by storm.
Though Cloud Hosting Services are very new to the internet industry, they have certainly created a stir in the market. This web hosting is carried out from several interconnected servers that provide the website with an environment to have maximum uptime. This is because a website that is hosted through a Cloud Serverhas computing power of several inter-connected servers, thereby reducing any possibility of incurring downtime.
With more than 80,000 websites hosted on its servers, Net4 is regarded as one of the leading web hosting service providers in India. The company offers a wide a range of hosting plans, including Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Shared, Dedicated as well as Reseller hosting solutions.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

An overview on Data Centre solutions

As a business, it has become very crucial to maintain a lead in the industry. However, maintaining that lead for continuous period has become more and more difficult today. Running a Data Centre is among the most vital elements of maintaining a successful business. These facilities play a pivotal role in day-to-day operations of a business and hence have created a very special place. These facilities are mainly used to store data, computers, telecommunication devices, storage systems of a business. A data center is usually well supported by back-up power connections, air-conditioning for cooling servers, fire fighting equipments and environmental control.
Finding a quality Data Center in India is not that tough, as there are several big and reputed data center operators available today. Net4 India is among the most promising data center service provider that I can think of in the Indian market. The company manages 7 most advanced Data Centers in India,through which it offers server collocation, rack space, cage space, backup & recovery.
Colocation services are especially of great importance for businesses that cannot set up their own personal data centers. By taking colocation services they can outsource their server management to specialized companies like Net4, who have the technical expertise in server management.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Colocation: The best business tool

The emergence of Colocation Services in India has come in as a boon for all kinds of businesses. We all know maintaining and managing web servers is a specialized task and requires a lot of time. Most businesses do not have the required resources or the expertise to set up their own personal data centers. So in order to avail data center like services most businesses have started going for Server Colocation in India. This service basically allows businesses to house their dedicated web servers at a Colocationfacility. The service provider then goes ahead and manages these servers on behalf of the main organization.
Colocation in India has become extremely popular among small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have the resources to establish their own dedicated facilities, but still require data center like solutions. These facilities also provide them with the freedom to focus on their core job. Another reason why businesses are recommended to go for Colocation services is that these service providers can provide an enhanced level of security that they themselves would not be able to provide. This is also very crucial for businesses, since it is very vital to properly secure the business related information.
If you are also looking for most advanced Colocation Services in India, contact Net4 India.

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