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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Benefits of VoIP in your business

If the budget for your business is tight, VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol serves as the best means of communication. Basically, VoIP is a technology that enables users to call others with the help of the internet by transforming sound into digital voice. It keeps at bay the traditional phone calling system. In other words, using the services of VoIP providers will employ resources from your existing broadband and won’t see you spending separately for communication.

Business users can find a large number of advantages of using VoIP services. A handful of benefits have been listed below: 

Transportability: The best part about internet calling is the portability it offers. Since you won’t be working with a traditional device, you can rest assured of connectivity irrespective of your location. Calling through the internet gives the convenience of being in touch with users with the help of a simple broadband connection. All you have to do to make the most of this service is log in to your internet voice calling id and make calls. Cost is taken care of too while also being assured of accessibility over email. An additional accessory is a headset that should serve your purpose just right. 

Multi-Functional: One of the reasons why making voice calls wins hands down over the traditional phone system is the multi-functionality on offer. While voice calls are an important feature of this service, business users can also set up video conference calls within no time. Whether you’re touching base with your clients or colleagues, discussions, meetings, agendas and sending files can all be done seamlessly. You no longer have to worry about not being in touch with everyone or missing important meetings if you’re travelling out of town.

Cost-effective: Ask any business owner, and he/she will be more than prompt to tell you how important staying in a budget is for any company. With the ability to make voice calls across the internet, you are saving much money as compared to the traditional phone system. The cost incurred in frequent long distance calls is also taken care of with this technology, one of the most important reasons why business owners prefer switching over to this system. Companies that generally depend a lot on calls on a routine basis can in particular make the most of this service to expand their business.

Scalability and Flexibility: Whether it’s adding new phone numbers or simply using extensions, VoIP services allow you to do this with much ease. It doesn’t involve any extra money or time to set up all of this. What’s more, business owners have the flexibility to still use their traditional phone system along with an adapter. Similarly, a converter to make voice calls over the internet can be plugged to your computer to use this service. You also have the option to make calls with your very own voice calling number over the internet.

In this highly connected age, it only makes sense to adapt to advancing technology. Voice call services over the internet are just one among such growing tends. By employing the services of internet calling, you should not only be able to stay within your budget for your company, but also be tension-free in terms of connectivity.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

VoIP and its biggest benefit

Almost all businesses today are dependent on telephones for facilitating effective communication. While some businesses use this service scarcely, some use them extensively as it forms the basis of their businesses, such as a call center. As making long distance calls is no longer cheap, most businesses have started to look for other cheap alternatives. One option that businesses now have is Internet Calling. Wondering what exactly it is? These services are known as VoIP Services.   
VoIP is known to be very different from traditional telephone services, as it uses an internet connection to transmit signals instead of conventional telephone lines. The service quality of this Internet Phone is very similar to any normal telephone connection that is available in the market. Along with this the biggest advantage of using VoIP in India is that it enables its users to make huge savings on their telephone bills.
As there are several companies that offer dedicated VoIP solutions, finding the most suitable company will not be a difficult task. One company, which is known to offer high-quality VoIP solutions, is Net4 India. The company is renowned worldwide to offer exceptional VoIP solutions to its customers at affordable rates. The company also offers tailor-made VoIP plans to its clients through which they can make cheap long distance calls.
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