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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

10 points to remember while selecting data center for your business

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Data Center

Business today is highly competitive and undertaking a company requires more efficiency. If this is happening on one hand, on the other internet connections are growing at a rapid rate, spreading out businesses more geographically. Whether a company wants to cut costs or wants to optimize its resources, a data center proves to be the best option. Various reports, studies and statistics have put forth many important factors on how to decide suitable data centre services. Businesses small or large have many criteria to sift through in order to make a better decision for present and future of their company.

There are many data centers today with a multitude of facilities. The top ten factors to consider before selecting a suitable data center are: 

1.      Power: Data centers consume an enormous amount of power and a company should ensure that there is adequate power backup in the facility it chooses. Most data centers possess an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and a large generator. 

2.      Environment: Data centers consume more power to run both the datacenter server and to keep the server room cool. With numerous IT corporations making their way into the world power consumption is scaling peaks. To combat this, many alternatives are available today. For example, opting for green power technology such as biofuels, wind and hydroelectric provide good alternatives.

3.      Security: IT infrastructure requires heavy investment. Businesses should ensure that the data center service facility they select is adequately guarded in order to protect the infrastructure, data and facility investment. 

4.      Connectivity: Demand for fast connectivity between a company and data centers has been growing for a long time. It is important to select a reliable and redundant connectivity. Better connectivity offers higher bandwidth.

5.      Disaster Management: Be it natural disaster or man-made disaster precautions are best taken. Businesses should ensure that the datacenter server is protected from common disaster like fire. A data center with a gaseous automated fire system eliminates the fire threat with much damage to the capital investment.

6.      Support: Issues such as connectivity problems, power and access always linger around any business. The vendor must be able to report and solve business escalations quickly. 

7.      Cooling: The data center should have a good cooling system to maintain optimum moisture level for equipments to function effectively. 

8.      Neatness: A clean environment reduces hazards and increases the safety and the life of the equipment.  

9.      Accessibility: A good data center service provides redundant connections at affordable prices and allows easy access to the server.
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