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Monday, 8 October 2012

10 Common Data Center Surprises for Your Business

Data centers offer more surprises that one can ask for. A few tips are available so that IT managers get prepared for certain nasty surprises so that downtime can be minimized.  The common surprises can help the professionals in IT to anticipate any kind of issues and help them get prepared with technologies that are appropriate enough. Besides this they get prepared with the best of practices and solutions.
1. Replacement of Servers by Data Center Managers
One common surprise is that servers will be replaced by the managers of data centers before the cooling systems and UPS is replaced by them. After 3 years, refreshing of server’s occurs and UPS systems are expected at times to last for years. This is an indicator that investments made in the infrastructure in today’s time can support the servers for many more generations.
2. It Is True That Predictions of High Density Come True
The other common surprise is that predictions of a high density come true. A few years back the average densities per rack were approximately 6 to 7.4 kW but surveys conducted recently have made predictions that in the coming three years, 12 kW would be the average density. This will put premium on UPS capacity and distribution of power that is adequate enough besides cooling as well to deal with increase in output of heat.
3. Data Centre and Water Do Not Mix
The other common surprise is that mixing of data center and water does not occur. Studies indicate the water incursion is the cause of unplanned outages to the extent of 35%. Valves could be leaky. Data centers can be made as no drink zones and accordingly valves can be maintained.
4. New Servers Are Power Hungry
The other common surprise is that as compared to the old server the new ones are hungry for power. Even if virtualized new servers are efficient the blade servers are more powerful and can consume a lot of energy as compared to the old servers. Inventories of servers get reduced due to server virtualization and consolidation which results in savings that are modest indeed. It is recommended that infrastructure supports cooling and also needs of power of new servers.
5. Unaffordable Downtime
Another common surprise is that the downtime is a bit unaffordable for many. Studies indicate that the outages at an average can be quite significant. Other studies also indicate that exceeding the capacity of the UPS and battery failure are the main downtime causes. If the right monitor and UPS is invested in and batteries maintained then the issues could be avoided.
6. Integration Is Imperative
Another understanding is that it is imperative to have integration. As per tradition managers of data centers have matched and mixed components from different vendors since the systems worked only tangentially with each other. With the advent of dynamic and intelligent technologies in infrastructure, in data center colocation there is a gradual change.
7. Mess Monitoring
The other common surprise is mess monitoring. Software platform of different kinds are used by managers of data centers as per survey for managing their physical infrastructure. It is recommended that for streamlining operations a single management and monitoring platform is used.
8. IT Department Runs the HVAC System
It is an understanding that the HVAC system is run by the IT department. As per tradition the data center managers and IT have worked alongside cooling and power increase support system facilities. Streamlining of the processes is being done due to increasing visibility of the DCIM solutions as well as control over infrastructure of building.
There has been an increase in management and monitoring of data that is actionable across the data center which in turn delivers capabilities in modeling that is real time. It is claimed that integration is imperative even if infrastructure and IT systems work independently for harnessing fullest capabilities.
9. Variations in IT Loads
Another common understanding is that there are variations in IT loads. To every industry there are valleys and peaks in usage of network.  If the infrastructure is scalable with controls that are intelligent enough to adjust then this ensures better operation anytime at the data center in India at all.
10. Reality to Have a Data Centre on Demand
It is a reality to have a data center on demand is another common understanding. Access to deployable, modular and integrated solutions of data center is accessible by today’s businesses. Whatever may be the issue, the solutions are just a phone call away, actually.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Why Data Center?

The IT industry has been seeing enormous growth in the recent times due to which the popularity of data centers too has increased a lot. Services available at the data centers are being considered not only by different sized businesses but also various individuals. It becomes inevitable that you select the right data center offering highest levels of security and backup.

 Data Protection the Main Focus
data center services
Data Center
For a genuine and high quality data center it is important to offer greatest levels of protection to the customer’s critical data. A good data center’s main focus is to protect the data which is the expectation of every customer. If in case there is a breach in security then it can lead to data theft which in turn leads to revenue loss for customers. 

At times there can also be repercussions of the legal kind too. It becomes imperative for data centers, hence to ensure to security measures are amply set in place. Cameras are used as part of prevention method to offer security. Customers have all the right to find out whether the cameras function efficiently, are in perfect order and also the number of cameras in place. 

Archiving Recorded Videos
Archiving of the recorded videos by the cameras will have to be done just in case a review is required. If at any point of time a breach of security occurs, then this certainly proves to be beneficial.  It is possible to find out which is the person involved in the breach and also when it had occurred.
Customers can also find out how the visitors are monitored by the data center. Things like whether visitors need to have key cards or identification with photos or whether they need to sign in, etc. Certain data centers may not have very high security measures and in such a case they should prevent entry of customers into storage spaces.  All modern data centers are using bio-metric access now a day. 

Utilization of Interior Stop Points and Checkpoints
As part of added security, interior checkpoints and stop points are well utilized by a good data center’s interior. A team member individually should man the security of the data center. For allowing parties to pass into areas of high security usage of biometric identification is also done by a data center of highest quality.  Retina scans and fingerprint scans are used as part of biometric measures by the high quality data centers. 

With such kind of security measures in place there is hardly any possibility of data theft or copying of data. At a good data center company, the members of the security team operate 24x7x365 days. If in case the security team does not offers services all the 24 hours then you will need to check out how the monitoring of the facility is done and how it is maintained otherwise.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

5 Easy Tips to Select a Data Center to Manage Your Business

To manage your business with a data center is easy provided you follow the five tips that are not too very difficult to follow. Once you have established your business, after a period, with growth in business, the requirements, related to information and technology, will also change.
Data Center Services
Data Center
Data center services or collocation services are now available which have made the entire process as simple and painless as possible.  Over a period of time, changes have been seen in data centers and the older ones are not being used or considered at all. The data center should grow along with your business needs.
  • Make Sure It Matches Business Standards And Requirements
Capacity of handling IT gets exhausted in larger businesses over a period of time and hence it becomes imperative to select collocation service that matches standards and requirements of business as of today. A step by step approach is taken by a good collocation service.
  • It Should Have An Effective Approach
Specialized services offered by it will help in effective integration of business data over a period of time. The data centers existing a few years back did not have an effective approach as compared to the data centers of the present times. Their approach is effective in upgrading infrastructure of the company thus including data virtualization, security, standardization, automation and consolidation.
  • Virtualization
Due to virtualization offered by data centers, employees are able to concentrate on key areas of business and expertise. At the same time, business capital and consumption of energy is also reduced. With virtualization gaining popularity already, it is estimated that a large number of organizations will have their operations virtualized very soon.
The other advantage of having a data center is security and automation offered. In the most efficient manner the employees are able to complete projects that are computer based. The required information and technology resources required by the IT team are provided by the data center. It does not matter what the size of your business is since this aspect is well brought in by the data center for the organization.
  • Consolidation Or Standardization
The main benefit of hiring data center services is cost reduction. There is no need on incurring expenses on tools, hardware, processes and software.  Capacity and performance of the company increases, aging equipment gets replaced and consolidation is handled well by the collocation facility. Smooth functioning of management is provided by the standardized computing platform for networking.
  • Virtual Systems To Keep Data Safe
The latest data centers ensure installation of virtual systems to keep data safe with the finest security measures offered. You no longer have to worry about threats from disasters and hackers by hiring services of a reliable and reputed data center.
At the time of selecting the collocation service, make sure you look into a few factors first like, reputation of the company, kinds of services provided, the cost factor, etc. Make sure it fits into the requirements of your business so that the best can be gained out of it. The services can be availed on contract or retail rental with networking connectivity which uses a cross connection and internet connection.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Outsourcing Data Centre Operations Can Boost Your Business

Data Centre
Data Center Services
A Data centre is a huge computer room with a controlled environment that allows you to store and manage your entire computer equipment including servers and networks. This centre provides you electric power with a guaranteed backup in case of power outage.  Apart from this the centre provides you with full technical support and monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entire year. You will also be provided with physical and network security and a high bandwidth internet connection.

If you intend to set up your own computer room, you will have to incur heavy capital expenditure, though IT may be your core business. Further you will have to incur daily high management cost, expenses on upgrading to the latest technology and employ professionals. It will be sensible enough to this service to a neutral data room or a centre.  

Co-location Helps

You can house your servers along with the servers of other companies at a co-location, which means that your server will be secure inside a cabinet separate from other companies’ equipment. You will be provided with flexibility in your requirement and technology depending upon how your business grows, without having to invest any further capital. Your annual fee will be much less in such an arrangement.

Data Centre services help you to reduce your over heads and allow you to focus on your main business operations without worrying about your IT Infrastructure. Co-location will give you increased connectivity and maximum up-time without the prohibitive cost. The high speed lines will provide you with increased bandwidth even during peak load time.

Freedom to Choose Your Carrier

You can choose your own carrier as per your needs or can be provided with your seamless transfer to alternate carriers when needed. You can enjoy the benefits of competitive prices and services. You can be assured that your data will be sent along the most reliable part and delivered as fast as possible. With BGP 4 routing your critical data will be re-routed over a different path with an alternate provider if one provider’s connection fails.

Your network will be secured and any unauthorised advances will be detected and arrested with latest IDS systems. The co-location provider will update the security systems at very high speed as and when needed. Your entire network will switch to an alternate site in the event of down time with your primary server.

Qualified Technical Support

With an outsourced Data centre India or in any part of the world be sure to expect the highest levels of dedicated service. Their professionals will monitor your network and prevent any problems that can arise. Problems will be detected and eradicated before they can cause any harm.

By engaging the services of a co-location carrier-neutral computer room, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of the best services without facing any functional problems and incurring heavy capital expenditure for your long term business. These service providers will supervise your entire computer operations and keep it free from any disaster.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Benefits of going for Server Colocation

colocation server
Colocation Server

Co-location is basically defined as hosting of web servers in someone else’s facility. The companies that offer this service basically offer its customers with a safe and a sound facility, so that they can physically place their web servers in them.
There are numerous benefits for businesses, if they go for colocation services, here are some of them:
  • Cost-effective: Colocation of servers is considered as one of the most economical methods of hosting web servers. The user does not have to spend any money on management and maintenance of web servers.
  • Consistency: It is considered much more reliable to host your web servers in a co-location facility, than in your own in-house facility. As these companies have their own dedicated technicians for server management.
  • Safety: These facilities are known to be much more secure, as the companies that offer this service takes care of all the security concerns of its customers.
  • Support: A colocation service provider usually hires its own dedicated staff to offer 24/7 support to its customers.
Server colocation has increasingly become one of the most sought after hosting solutions today, as it not only allows a business to reduce its hosting cost, but also helps them to dedicatedly focus on their core businesses.
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