Tuesday, 17 July 2012

10 Tips for Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider

Cloud Hosting
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The way people run a business has changed in the recent past. No one does all the work themselves but a chunk of it is outsourced to various agencies. Some of the back office projects go to a BPO company there by reducing some of the management responsibilities. If you want to reduce further some of the network operations within the office further, you can look at cloud server hosting.

Cheaper Options

Cloud providers have proved to be popular among businesses as they find that they do not need to invest in pricey software but at the same time can provide employees with the requisite tools. Choosing need to be done after some forethought as business owners have to decide which of the services need to be outsourced. This is because cloud hosting India providers bunch up various services into packages and charge for the whole.

The firms end up buying what they don’t need to since the providers don’t allow businesses to pick and choose.  Popular services will bundled with services that have hardly any takers thus ensuring these services find a market. To prevent this from happening to you, you can take certain precautions. The first tip is to look around till you find the product you need. There is no dearth for cloud service providers in the market and doing some research on the net will allow you to come up with a service that suits you most.

Check Prices

The second tip would be to match prices before you ink the deal. Remember that you are choosing cloud computing as a money saving tool in the first place, so why should you end up paying more than necessary?

Thirdly, make sure that the cloud computing services you choose are compatible with the hardware your business possesses. If the two don’t match, it is going to be double waste. There are plenty of companies that offer to lease out hardware that matches their computing services. The fourth tip is to look for companies that provide flexible packages. There are companies that provide customized packages but you need to look for them.

Read the Fine Print

The fifth tip - scan through the contract when you do find a suitable provider! Sometimes the devil is in the small print. You should not make that your undoing. Sixth is all about maintenance. Problems are bound to crop up at some time and when they do, someone must pick up the tab. If there is no one responsible, your problem will remain unsolved. 

The seventh tip is to clarify about the ownership of the data that comes out of the services.  You have to make sure that the private information that is generated concerning your concern is not sold to a third party. This is where the small print in the contract becomes vital to you. 

The eighth tip is to review the security setup the provider has.  Security should be vital for you since your data is at stake. Check whether your provider has the membership of Cloud Security Alliance.

Deciding when to outsource is the ninth tip. This may seem less important, but the success of the outsourcing venture may swing on the time you decide to go remote.

Finally, backup. Anyone who has lost all their data due to a mishap at the outsourcing location will tell you how vital it is to have all the data duplicated and safe somewhere.

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