Saturday, 6 October 2012

Why Data Center?

The IT industry has been seeing enormous growth in the recent times due to which the popularity of data centers too has increased a lot. Services available at the data centers are being considered not only by different sized businesses but also various individuals. It becomes inevitable that you select the right data center offering highest levels of security and backup.

 Data Protection the Main Focus
data center services
Data Center
For a genuine and high quality data center it is important to offer greatest levels of protection to the customer’s critical data. A good data center’s main focus is to protect the data which is the expectation of every customer. If in case there is a breach in security then it can lead to data theft which in turn leads to revenue loss for customers. 

At times there can also be repercussions of the legal kind too. It becomes imperative for data centers, hence to ensure to security measures are amply set in place. Cameras are used as part of prevention method to offer security. Customers have all the right to find out whether the cameras function efficiently, are in perfect order and also the number of cameras in place. 

Archiving Recorded Videos
Archiving of the recorded videos by the cameras will have to be done just in case a review is required. If at any point of time a breach of security occurs, then this certainly proves to be beneficial.  It is possible to find out which is the person involved in the breach and also when it had occurred.
Customers can also find out how the visitors are monitored by the data center. Things like whether visitors need to have key cards or identification with photos or whether they need to sign in, etc. Certain data centers may not have very high security measures and in such a case they should prevent entry of customers into storage spaces.  All modern data centers are using bio-metric access now a day. 

Utilization of Interior Stop Points and Checkpoints
As part of added security, interior checkpoints and stop points are well utilized by a good data center’s interior. A team member individually should man the security of the data center. For allowing parties to pass into areas of high security usage of biometric identification is also done by a data center of highest quality.  Retina scans and fingerprint scans are used as part of biometric measures by the high quality data centers. 

With such kind of security measures in place there is hardly any possibility of data theft or copying of data. At a good data center company, the members of the security team operate 24x7x365 days. If in case the security team does not offers services all the 24 hours then you will need to check out how the monitoring of the facility is done and how it is maintained otherwise.

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