Monday, 15 October 2012

6 Steps to Select Optimum Data Center for Your Business

Processing and data storage management are an important part of each and every business having a requirement of IT facilities and data centers, in all types of businesses. Centralized systems of IT are provided by data centers which require operational and power cooling system beyond parameters of the typical design. 

Data Center Services
Data Center
Density of cooling and power is more which makes it necessary to have improvements continuously. Optimizing the existing equipment’s performance, getting the outdated systems organized, prioritizing replacement etc is the main goal of any redesign or design of a system. 

Evaluation of Existing Facilities
The existing facilities evaluation is necessary with proposed improvements in targets to reduce use of energy and emissions of carbon into the atmosphere. There are a number of reasons to improve a data center’s performance at a data center company

Increase in Resilience and Reliability
When there is continual supply and in IT services the downtime is zero then it results in better resilience in any business. When both reliability and resilience is increased it results in greater facility use and accessibility. For the future there is better adaptability. 

In operations the data services and applications are critical. If nobody is allowed easy access to the system of electronic funds transfer or it is not possible to send an email then there is no point. If there is failure in facility then business aspects can get affected.

Greater integration of all components of the system
If the facility existing data center India is assessed then it will lead to better integration of all the components of the system. Implications of power demand and cooling need to be best understood besides systems of management behind each and every process for increasing the potential of data processing. To achieve the best of results a holistic approach will be needed in all data center system aspects.

Enhancing Operations
If data center’s performance is enhanced it allows future expansion and lots of flexibility. Energy and operating costs decrease and there is decrease in greenhouse emissions of gases besides anticipating a carbon economy in future are the benefits. 

Keep reviewing and improvise accordingly
In a normal operation consumption of energy is 35 to 50 times more by data center facilities and adds to the carbon dioxide in the environment as compared to office spaces that are similar sized. It is not uncommon to have demand for power, more than 100 w/sq. for IT equipment as a move is made towards the future. There is only going to be a rise in capability of transfer and data storage requirement.  

Understanding the assessment process
It is necessary to identify whether the driver for making the improvements in the budget, the servers that have been overloaded or the corporate policy for saving energy, management of systems and energy use analysis will prove to be beneficial for businesses. 

Process of assessment can be best understood first in a data center colocation including where utilization of energy is done, current operation of the system, etc and then determine where all the facility of management, systems supply and management can be fully optimized. 

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