Monday, 22 October 2012

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: Enhance Your Business Productivity with Effective Communication

Organizations these days require flexible and cost effective tools for communication purposes. With the kind of features the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 has, performance and reliability can be achieved at new levels these days. 
hosted exchange server
Make Better Communication

The features help in simplifying the administration process, communications are protected and users feel satisfied since the demand for greater mobility is also met with great ease. Microsoft’s Unified Communications has come out with a cornerstone solution call the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 a platform for messaging which is completely reliable and flexible and helps in lowering costs of messaging by a huge fifty to eighty percent. 

Best Access to Communications to Increase Productivity
In turn it helps in increasing levels of productivity with the best access to communications in business and at the same time with compliance and protection capabilities it safeguards the business and manages risks in turn. The Microsoft Server Exchange also helps lowering costs related to information and technology. In any business, infrastructure of IT needs to be optimized for improving conditions of business, attaining greater agility etc. 

This server offers the flexibility to have the deployment tailored to suit your unique needs.  A simplified method is provided to ensure that email is made available to users continuously. Innovations have been made to the core platform that built on the Exchange leads to communication availability that is simplified and flexible.  

Advancement In Terms Of Performance, Reliability and Scalability
Many advances are delivered in terms of reliability, scalability and performance. As far as disaster recovery and high availability is concerned a unified and new approach has been made to reach new reliability levels since complexity is reduced and expenses of delivering continuity of business goes up to eighty percent almost. 

The other features include online box moves, Database Availability Groups which help in confident and easy implementation of resiliency to mailbox with database level failover and replication with management tools that are familiar with the Exchange. 

Infrastructure Tailored As Per Needs of Business and Technology
For options related to storage hardware, there is a greater choice, since it allows tailoring the infrastructure of Microsoft Exchange as per specific needs of technology or the business. Storage costs see a reduction of around fifty to seventy percent. Options for storage range from support to cheaper DAS or Direct Attached Storage from, SAN or the Storage Area Networks. 

With the large sized mailbox the employees are able to access the information required to conduct jobs in an efficient and quick manner without dedicated too much of time in inbox management and deleting the messages in the effort of remaining under the limit imposed.  The burden on the IT staff gets reduced due to the Exchange 2010’s administrative advances. Operational costs get reduced by fifteen to twenty percent. 

Delegation of Common and Specialized Tasks
The security model, the Exchange control panel that is web based and the capabilities of self-service have played a new role allowing you to delegate specialized and common tasks to users.
This provides them with fullest rights towards administration or increase call volume of the help desk. This new exchange server has been extended to the realm of voice mail thus enabling the most effective communications for business productivity.


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