Monday, 1 October 2012

VoIP Buying Guide for Small Business

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VoIP Services

Businesses, in India, are replacing their phone lines with high speed internet connection, which they call VoIP, broadband phone or IP telephony. This is a powerful tool that helps to maintain a competitive edge. The company increases its productivity by simplifying and combining communication tools. VoIP services India secures your data and voice and enables the employees of your company to have easy access to the company’s network from anywhere.
People these days use video phones, wireless, desktops and pure IP based phones. Employees and businessmen make conference calls and a number of people are able to take part in a conference at the same time. They also make use of voice mail for these purposes. You can even get each voice mail emailed to you as an audio file attachment. You can directly call from your email, the person back or track miss calls.
Overseas Communication
By using VoIP you reduce your communication cost a lot. Both your personal and business as basic VoIP plans start at a very low monthly rate. You will not be required to pay any extra cost for additional features. You will be able to make local and long distance unlimited calls at very low cost. You will be benefited with features like call blocking, caller-id, 3 way calling and call forwarding.
The modem for VoIP comes free of cost as you will be reimbursed, its cost by the phone. The phone may charge you less for the services or may credit your account. VoIP providers can provide you overseas communications in the plans and make all your incoming calls free of cost. You don’t need a computer; you can plug the same into your phone or base station from your VoIP box.
No Charges for the Caller
Any VoIP service India allows 800 numbers of incoming calls for which you may pay a very low fix monthly rate. These callers need not pay any charges. The other service that this phone provides is a system that will call a few other numbers if you don’t respond to the call. It will finally reach your voice mail if there is no response from you.
You can carry the VoIP modem along with your home or office phone when you are traveling. If you plug it into a high speed internet connection, you can make and receive regular calls from any part of the world. You will be charged on local call basis. 
Convenience and Quality
Many businesses have saved a lot on their bills and enhanced their communication system with the help of VoIP without sacrificing on convenience and quality. Irrespective of the increase in traffic your internet speed remains the same.
You can make cheap calls from India to any part of the world. You can add as many extra lines with the help of VoIP and send multiple phone calls without any connectivity issues. There will not be any interruptions across your IP network.  This system will allow you to save plenty of time that you can devote to focus on what really matters for your business.

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