Thursday, 15 November 2012

Top 5 Reasons to go for VOIP

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Over the past few years the number of business users opting for VoIP has seen a tremendous rise. As an overview, VoIP for business is a great way to save on money and time using enhanced technology. And the hullabaloo isn’t just about nothing. Obviously, this new and emerging trend has much support and various advantages speaking in its favour. We’re listing out the top 5 reasons why you should go for VoIP: 

Simple Set-up: As much as you’d want to ignore easy set-up of call making devices, this is really something that can’t be overlooked. Much in contrast to PBX systems business VoIP services come minus the baggage of costly hardware. They aren’t too difficult to handle and operate too. With a plain internet connection that’s dependable, you are pretty much ready to get started. The options on offer are also varied – cloud PBX configuration, PC-connectivity, data transmission or IP handsets, you can easily make your pick. After choosing your option, you simply need your log in credentials from the ISTP. Even if you are using the services across a wide area in your office, setting up the hard lines will be effortless. 

Affordable: This is among the top reasons why business VoIP services are a hit. Imagine making not just long distance but international calls every day at an affordable rate. With calls to traditional phones costing you as less as a fraction of what you would be paying conventionally, VoIP-VoIP calls are more often than not free. So irrespective of your location, with a simple VoIP number at hand, you can make cheap calls and engage in endless discussions with both clients and colleagues. 

Function: Clearly, when it comes to functionality, business owners settle for nothing but the best. And there’s really no reason why professionals should compromise on something as basic as making voice calls. Generally, all VoIP for business services are feature-rich. You can personalise the plan you decide to go for while also customising the features on offer. You can choose a plan that meets your business requirements just right, instead of resting the buck on a fixed plan as seen traditionally with telephonic communication services. 

Choice and Development: Choice of providers on offer is very important when you are picking a voice calling over the internet service. In this respect, you are assured of being able to choose from among a sea of providers, allowing you to pick the company that meets all your business needs. Believe it or not, every VoIP service provider is hence upping its game to offer business owners nothing but the best. At the end, it is consumers who benefit from such practices. Bonuses, promos, subscriptions etc. are among the handful of goodies on offer. With support from a VoIP call center, professionals can sleep in peace over this new technology evolving at a really fast pace. Every new move in the technological department is only witnessing the quality of services offered by various companies moving a notch above the earlier offers. Upgrades to applications and server developments mean a positive road ahead. 

Security: With internet calling, users are provided with multi-layered security, much the need of this hour at affordable prices. Much unlike in traditional phone systems, businesses are safeguarded from attacks and breach to privacy.

There are many other reasons why business users, if they haven’t already should switch to VoIP. The aforementioned five should however, help you decide better.


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