Friday, 17 August 2012

10 tips to choose dedicated leased line services for your business

In the past few years it has been noticed that large businesses have migrated to dedicated leased line moving away from broadband. The reasons for this are easy to understand. Large corporations employ a large number of people, have many branches and achieve a lot of work over the internet. They transfer sensitive data over the web and they require secure and dedicated lines that they need not share with anyone.
Leased Line Services
Leased Line
Helpful Hints for All
The benefits of having an internet provider who rents out a leased line connection have become apparent to mid-sized businesses as well. Ten tips that will be helpful while considering a leased line can be listed here.
·         While considering leased lines first gauge the size of your business and decide whether you need a dedicated line or can do with a broadband connection
·         Take a look at your budget before you decide on going in for a leased line. Can you afford this expense at this juncture?
·         If your business is growing fast you may need this facility very soon. Is it worthwhile taking it straightaway?
·         Ensure that you have hardware that is compatible with the new technology.
·         Does your business transfer sensitive data? If yes, it may be sensible to go in for a dedicated line to ensure security.
·         Find out if the provider promises back up facility for you when there is an emergency.
·         Run an investigation to find out how reliable the company under consideration is.
·         Compare prices to see if the charges quoted are fair.
·         The provider should extend compensation if there is a failure.
·         Ensure there is customer support extended 24/7
Medium sized enterprises must consider the feasibility of opting for a leased line for all their communications.  Leased lines provide secure lines, fast internet and quick downloads. This facility will allow establishments to save time and keep in touch with the entire company.
The Small Print in the Agreement
An Internet service provider who extends leased lines generally charges rentals by the year. The financial liability for the company that takes it on is limited for one year. If at any time there is failure of services, the provider is under obligation to give compensation. Before signing on the provider a service agreement should be drawn up in which all these sticking points should be clarified.
When a leased line is signed for, payment is only for the bandwidth that is utilised. This makes it a cost effective move for the establishment. Before finalising the provider, doing a background check is a good idea. Talk to erstwhile and present customers to get an idea of the service level that can be expected.
Insist On Customer Care
Customer care is of great importance here. Glitches can arise at any time and you would wish to have a number that you can call in an emergency.  Back up services are essential and these need to be ready to take on the additional burden. Before the system breaks down, there should be alerts warning users of impending trouble.
As a user you should determine how much bandwidth will be needed by you. The provider will be able to give you an estimate if you provide them with numbers of people using the system and the connections that are made. 


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