Thursday, 16 August 2012

How Hosted Exchange Works and How It Can Benefit Your Business

hosted exchange
Hosted Exchange Server

Exchange via a hosted service provider, such as Microsoft exchange is considered to be the most popular business email platform in the world. It has robust functions and is easy to use enabling organizations to operate efficiently in today’s digital, email-centric work environment. Small and medium size businesses make use of exchange server for their day to day functioning.

A hosted exchange allows you and your employees’ flexibility to enjoy the freedom of working at anytime from anywhere, while still being fully connected. With easy access to the internet, you can get all your calendars, folders, email contacts and your pertinent data. You will have right at your finger tips everything that you have set up in your Microsoft outlook. This can be easily accessed from wherever you are.
Works with Smart Phones
Your exchange hosting seamlessly integrated with any one of your mobile devices. It may be a Tablet, Windows phone, Blackberry, iPhone or Android. Exchange hosting allows you to work while you are offline. When you are able to plug in into the web, everything gets automatically updated. This type of exchange allows your employees, customers and partners to collaborate with one another conveniently with ease.  
You can schedule meetings quickly by viewing other calendars and make instant modifications and changes to appointments. This will save you a lot of time from sending mails or making calls. You can share emails, files and calendars and assign tasks to others. You can create shared to-do-lists that everyone involved in a project can access. All those who are on the loop will be able to access information. 
Economize On Your Expenditure
Exchange hosting will allow your employees to manage multiple mail boxes. You do not have to log out and log back in again. You can switch to different email address to one location. Your spam emails will be sifted and treated as junk messages. This will help you save time. You can also save a lot on money with hosted Microsoft exchange. If you buy your own you will have to invest a lot of money.
The exchange is cost effective. You have to pay a monthly fee. By outsourcing your IT to these seasoned professionals you will have fewer headaches and save more money. This exchange solution is fully scalable. You can add and remove mail boxes and pay only for the ones that you use.
Data Security
You do not have to make any major investments to cover the times when you have greater resource requirement. If you need to go beyond the standard 25 GB you will have no problem. You will not have to pay more for the same. With exchange hosting you will be provided the best security for your data and your IT team will have nothing to do for the same.
You will get redundant equipment infrastructure, nightly backups, advanced firewall and virus and spam protection. All of these will be housed in a top data centre. Thus exchange hosting makes the job of your employees and the entire organization works easier.

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