Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Get your business a Seamless connectivity with Leased Lines

There may be a number of ways to access the Internet. But for a business, seamless connectivity is of utmost importance. That’s just where leased line services score over broadband connectivity. While broadband has many benefits for SOHO and private use, when it comes to large organisations and businesses, there are many reasons why the choice of a leased line is better.

What is Internet Leased Line?

The term means a committed line that provides straight connection to the web. Most providers do this by offering connectivity to their closest nodal point through an optical fiber cable, copper wire or even a radio link. Some services even use a combination of all these types. Here are some reasons why going for a leased internet connection is better off:

1.      Internet speeds, whether it’s for uploads or downloads is the same, much in contrast to broadband connectivity. The latter is typically optimized to provide better connectivity for downloads while uploads are much slower in nature. In terms of file sharing, mail servers, hosting websites, video conference, VoIP and other such services, symmetric connectivity is obviously critical to businesses and hence preferred. 

2.      In most cases, a broadband service provider shares connectivity with a fairly large number of users across a locality. So it’s more a matter of the best bandwidth you can get rather than a fixed bandwidth level. On the other hand, when a provider offers you a leased line of say 4Mbps, that’s precisely what you get. It is committed connectivity at its best, minus having to divvy it up with anyone else. 

3.      Leased line services offer users much in terms of bandwidth choice. So, you can actually select from various options. What’s more, reliability is definitely higher with a leased internet connection, guaranteeing performance at any cost. Parameters like jitter and latency are also take care of while also being easily monitored. Most service providers further wrap in SLA by default, giving users an added advantage. 

4.      Most internet service providers offer a much higher bandwidth with leased lines, not something broadband connections can boast of. Also, their unlimited plans allow you to make the most of connectivity at affordable prices. Running your own web servers, mail hosts and other such critical applications within an organisation also becomes easy with the permanent IP addresses on offer. 

5.      Finally, when it comes to the quality of services offered, a leased connection wins any day over a broadband connection. This makes it more effective for organisations to work with various services that may require heavy usage of the internet. Large businesses that have a huge workforce can further use this kind of an internet connection to formulate a virtual private network, making seamless work across branches effortless. 

There’s no denying that each type of internet connection has its own highs and lows. But for businesses high performance is among the best feature of an internet leased line. Almost certainly professionals can sleep in peace over smooth connectivity and jitter-free internet with the latter at hand.

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