Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What is Colocation and why has it become so popular?

Different types of Data Center solutions have now come into the market. Among them emergence of Colocation services is one that has taken the web industry by storm. This service has surely helped businesses in a great way and has made their operations very easy. It basically allows the user to place his web server in someone else’s facility. By placing his server the user can simply focus on his dedicated job, and let the operator of the facility manage the web server.
This service is basically meant for businesses that do not have the resources to manage their own web servers. It is also an ideal solution for businesses who do not wish to incur unnecessary costs of managing a server. Companies who offer these services offer their customers with a secure facility where they can house their servers with ease. Operators of these facilities go ahead and take all possible measures of keeping their client’s servers up-to-date and working.
Net4 manages most advanced data centres in India via which it offers a range of Data Center Services. These facilities offer a combination of complete data security along with effective management of servers based on best practices available in the internet industry.

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