Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Data Center & its purpose to boost your business

Everyone today is talking about the crucial role played by a Data Center in a business, but what exactly does it mean. If you are also looking for answer to this question, you have landed at the right place. It is basically a facility that is used to house web servers and other IT related equipments of an enterprise. It has speedily come up as one of the most sought after solutions that a business can take.
As businesses today are heavily dependent on data and internet, the need for such facilities has arisen to new levels. Almost every enterprise today relies on Data Centre Services. The main purpose behind taking services from these facilities is that it makes their data safe and allows them to work constantly.
Net4 India, which manages 7 Cisco-powered Data Centers in India, offers complete Data Center solutions to businesses. Its facilities are highly secured with IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), biometric scanning and CCTV surveillance. The company provides space in its centers in various configurations, such as Half Racks, Full Racks and Cage Space. Net4’s Data Centers in India are 24/7 monitored by certified staff and are backed by redundant power systems. 

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