Monday, 30 January 2012

Things to look for in Data Center operator

The importance of a Data Center has risen to a new level. These facilities are now present all over the world. Most businesses tend to compromise on Data Centre Services. This can really be very harmful if your business deals in crucial client information or if your business requires constant operations. As there are several players in the market how does one find the most apt service provider?
The user is suggested to pick a facility that has a reliable infrastructure. The user should make sure that a center has adequate power supply. The facility should also be backed by multiple power generators. The user is also advised to choose a location that is physically secure. A Data Center that has several security mechanisms also helps in preventing any type of unauthorized access. 24/7 management by certified staff is also among things that need deep consideration.
Net4 India manages the most advanced Data Centers in India. These centers offer its customers with all possible levels of availability, scalability and security. Through these centers Net4 offers its customers with a range of services, including server collocation, rack space, cage space, backup & recovery. Net4’s Cisco powered centers also offer its clients with multiple bandwidth options along with a range of other services.

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