Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Why cloud hosting is the best solutions for your online business?

The need of having an online presence for any business organisation have become highly important with the increasing use of Internet. Just developing a website and making it live on the Internet is not sufficient to build a web presence. It is essential to make sure that the website is running properly do that both the potential as well as the existing customers are able to access the site whenever they want to. This is where the need of good quality web hosting  steps in. There are several companies in the market offering web hosting solution at an affordable price. However, while choosing a company offering  web hosting solution one should be very cautious as the success of a website mainly depends on the web hosting services. Today, Cloud hosting has become one of the most preferred hosting solution for businesses.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a technique by which a website becomes operative and hosted with the help of multiple servers. The use of multiple servers help in the processing power of websites and a new server can always be added to upgrade the growth and production generated by viewers of the website. Cloud server hosting is the provider of computational data and software through a reliable computer network and not from any local server. The major factor that distinguishes cloud hosting from other types of website hosting is that it is cheaper and more reliable than shared and dedicated web hosting. In addition, cloud server hosting is easily scalable, and  facilitates in improved performance of the website, which is not always possible in case of shared hosting and dedicated servers as well fails render flawless functioning of a website. Cloud servers have unlimited space to provide hosting services with no interference in the performance and less than 60% of the resources are utilized in cloud hosting and performs at its best by saving electricity as well as money.

Why cloud server hosting is best?

Cloud server hosting is now a days more preferred by every business venture as these servers are secure, and the website sees no or very low downtimes. As it comes with various benefits it can be said to be the best solution for your online business. One of the common problem that is faced while using other types of web hosting services is the downtime of the website and which is the benefit provided by cloud computing as it ensures that the website runs seamlessly even when the servers malfunction. In addition, this type of hosting is cheaper but works in a much better way to help you achieve the goal you aspire to with your online venture. It also allows you to choose the operating system  and ensures flexibility, which helps in future expansion of your business. This type of hosting service allows you to access the server and your data stored in it from any place and at any time. In terms of performance, scalability, reliability and security, cloud hosting is without any doubt the best solution for your online business. Another unique feature of cloud server hosting service is that it supports multiple backup facility, which is beneficial for a business venture as there is no risk of losing important data.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Optimizing Your Small Business Performance with Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting provider
Small Cloud Hosting

In an era of blazing technology, the growing demands of both businesses and customers have sky -rocketed with no guaranteed future for any computer device. The concept of cloud computing first came to be known as early as 1994 but scholars and IT experts have traced back the roots of cloud computing all the way to the 1950’s. With the economic climate taking its toll on the three variants businesses today, cloud computing technology has gained more prominence in small sized businesses. Cloud hosting services save time and money for small sized businesses. For decades, only large businesses entered “cloud” but now as cloud hosting benefits are becoming more tangible, small businesses are now moving into the cloud.

Tips to Optimize a Small Business through Cloud Computing:

1.    Project management: With a cloud hosting server, a small business will be able to manage the frequent upload of files. This is useful when a company has employees who travel frequently or who work as freelancers. In addition, a cloud computing system allows sending messages within a group, file sharing, and set email reminders. 

2.    Web-services Integration: Cloud computing technology quickly integrates with other business applications, be it in-house or third party. When it comes to website hosting, cloud server hosting has successfully replaced physical servers. Cloud hosting allows increase or decrease in the bandwidth and users end up paying only for the amount of computing power they use. 

3.    Access to backup technologies and data storage: Previously afforded only by large enterprises, backup security for data formats such as photos and videos have become affordable for small businesses. Email service continuity and uninterrupted data access even during periods of indolence is offered by cloud hosting.

4.    Accounts: Using a cloud hosted accounting system a company can keep track of its expenses and invoices. This allows users to access the service from anywhere in the world. Cloud hosted accounting system allows businesses to track the working hours of its employees and to monitor the invoices of its clients. 

5.    Analysis of Web:  A company can track the data about clients visiting its business website independently. Companies      can track what users are doing on their websites at a given second if they sign up for real time reporting service for a small monthly fee.

6.    Collaboration and Mobility: The latest innovations in cloud hosting services make various business applications more collaborative and mobile. Clients can access information in no time and working with a cloud host is easy similar to consumer applications such as twitter. 

Indian Perspective:
According to the findings of the third annual VMware cloud index, it was revealed that, in India, 50 percent of businesses have adopted cloud computing services that are 25 percent rise compared to 2011. Additionally, 30 percent of other small businesses are planning to adopt cloud computing technology in a span of 18 months.

Cloud services in India have its equal share of hold in the IT world and are rapidly growing into a fully fledged environment offering efficient solutions to businesses and clients. Cloud hosting India has changed the face of the web industry in a large way. Further, cloud services in India offer cloud services at affordable prices and have facilitated small businesses in India to utilizing various applications efficiently.

Heightened technology and remarkable innovations has enhanced access to quicker internet connectivity thus stimulating the growth of cloud hosting India.

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